{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

I remember in my rebellious stage of life I had this “I hate trendy things” attitude and now that couldn’t be any further from the truth! I love trends, I love following them, I love being a part of them, I love all things trendy! There I said it! One of the biggest trends happening for what feels like forever is the trend of GOLD! I get way too excited for anything gold and my trigger finger can literally spray paint anything gold that comes my way! That was clearly the case when it came to my next project.  I have been ogling the absolutely gorgeous bar carts from Social Society forever now but with the price tags of no less than $500 it just wasn’t happening.  Then of course Target came to the rescue with their Threshold bar cart.  

Target Bar CartThere were so many things I loved about it.  It’s simplicity, clean lines, size, shape…it was perfect in almost every way.  Even the price was something I could deal with ($130) although I did wait for quite awhile to purchase it hoping it would go on clearance…never happened.  I decided to buy it before I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of one anymore.  Now there were 2 things I just wasn’t feeling about it and that was the brass finish and the dark wood shelves.  But alas I am the girl who makes the best out of what she has and that’s exactly what I did! There is nothing that a can of spray paint can’t fix, right?  With Brittany’s helpful post about finding the perfect gold spray paint I decided to go with this brand. 

I removed the shelves, which easily unscrewed from underneath, taped the wheels and got to priming and painting. Here is how it looked before.

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

And then the process of the makeover. I started with one thin coat of primer.

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

Then the second thin coat. I used Zinsser’s oil based primer.{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart HackAnd then I continued in with the gorgeous gold. 2 thin coats, allowing for drying time in between coats. Here’s a shot of what that started to look like.  I love the gold color. It definitely lives up to its description of warm honey gold.

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

Now before we move on I had to decide what I would do with the shelves.  I had a million ideas running through my head.  Find a pretty print and decoupage it onto the shelves (no)…paint the shelves (no)…add glass (maybe) but then I realized that you would see the brackets on the sides that held the shelves in place.  So I decided what is more glam than mirrored tops! I went to my local glass and mirror shop and had them cut me some mirrors to size.  The shelves themselves (say that 5 times fast) had 1/4″ pieces of wood on each corner to screw into the bracket.  The guys just removed those pieces and glued the mirror on top of the existing shelves.  The mirror was 1/4″ itself so I didn’t end up losing any height and the shelves sit perfectly flush with the cart. WIN! And without further ado here is what she looked like when I put the mirrors in! 

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

And where she sits now in my kitchen…

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart HackKeep in mind that I do not have a kitchen table in my kitchen.  I got rid of it when I realized I was only using it to hoard junk and I replaced it with this beauty! Because of this I didn’t want to clutter the top with glasses and bottles and what not.  I also went out to TJ Maxx and scored this awesome nailhead trimmed linen bar stool chair.  I justified spending the dough on it because it is also the perfect height for when I need to do clients makeup in my home. Since I have a traveling chair I need something for my own space right?? Ha, I can convince myself of many things! Anyway, the chair sits right next to the stool and offers a great little space for guests to sit while I prepare dinner! photo-2

I am also not a huge coffee drinker (despite having worked at Starbucks for 8 years) so having the coffee maker on the bottom shelf doesn’t bother me. 

photo 2-1

photo 1-1


And in the bigger scheme of things…

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

So there you have it! I am pretty in love with this little area.  And good news, the bar cart has finally gone on clearance! The last I saw it was down to $90! My Target has sold out of it and sadly it is still full price online but maybe if you’re lucky you can get your hands on one! The mirrored tops came out to $20 each so altogether it cost me $170.  Way better than the $500 price tags I was seeing!! 

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack





31 thoughts on “{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

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  2. Hey Cindy! Loved this bar cart makeover. Over at Sylvan Park Life blog we do a weekly Mid_Week Must Have List and bar carts make the list this coming week. Needless to say when I stumbled upon your bar cart makeover I was super impressed. I directly linked to your blog, and would love to share the other must haves with your readers as well. So enjoyed your creativity and stumbling upon your gorgeous blog! Have a great Easter!

  3. This looks amazing! Can you share what brand and color of spray paint you used? I am looking for a good gold spray paint and can’t seem to find one!

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    • I had the mirror place glue the mirror on top of the wood or else it would need to be a thick piece of mirror which would cost more! They just used a really thin piece and it lays slightly above the rim of the cart but not even noticeable!

  5. Great execution; it looks beautiful. I was able to get the cart on sale but was wondering what color gold spray paint you used. I bought the Krylon metallic gold and tested it on another item and it looks too pinkish to me. Could be the lighting. Would love to know what you used. Thank you!!

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  7. Hello, You did a really great job on redoing this bar cart! I have wanted this target bar cart for a while but didn’t want to spend over $100 bucks on it. I found a similar one for $5 at a yard sale and plan on re-doing it. May I use your photo with a link to your blog for my post? I am going to feature some great bar cart makeovers to use as inspiration on making over my own. Thanks,

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