Shadow Box

This past weekend my cousin and I took an unplanned trip to Ikea, one of my happy places! The intention was to purchase some containers for my pantry but of course I found a few other items to take home.  One of those being one of the great and cheap picture frames that they sell. My intent was to fill a spot on my gallery wall with a little pop of that pink color that is on the roman blinds.  It was a super quick and easy project.This is the frame I used.              LOVE RIBBA.

When I was attempting to clean out my craft closet I found a box of hearts from a Valentine’s Day project and knew I had to get a frame for them.

I first went looking for some white card stock to attach the hearts to but when I went looking I came across this shiny fabric that I bought from Mood last month.  I didn’t have a purpose for it but it was so pretty and was in the remnant bin for cheap so I bought it for a moment like this. I just cut the fabric a few inches wider than the opening.

Next I just began folding all the hearts in half and placing them in their spots to get an idea of where I would glue them.

Then I placed a little line of hot glue on the crease and started gluing them down.

Once they were all on I just opened the hearts up, closed the frame and hung it!

Easy peasy!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Here’s this weekends jam…oh baby baby!

Usher – Scream


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