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Today I’m blogging about something that is super important to me and I wanted to share it with all of you because A. you rock and B. why not?  Hair and makeup are a huge passion of mine. I can spend hours on end recreating makeup looks and different hair styles.  I am constantly trying out new products and always learning new ways to keep my hair as healthy as possible. I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I grow back gray!! UGH! I hate it! While it’s not 100%, it’s a good 70% grow back which means that every 3 weeks I need to color my hair. All those chemicals can really do some damage so it’s really important for me to take good care of my locks.  After doing some research I found the easiest and all natural way to help keep my hair not only strong but shiny and soft with coconut oil. I’ve had a lot of friends ask me what I do so I thought I would share it with all of you guys. Let’s start with the product I use which is an organic extra virgin coconut oil that I purchased on Amazon. The extra virgin oil is important to get because it’s not processed.


This stuff is crazy versatile. Not only is it great for cooking but also for hair and skin. Coconut oil can be absorbed better than any other oil out there and helps to strengthen the hair follicle which in turn helps to stimulate growth. You will literally notice a difference in the feel of your hair the first time you try it. So let’s get started! Here are the steps I take, I try to do this at least once a week. Hope you enjoy my mug!

Coconut Oil Mask-

First, I part my hair down the center and clip each side.

Untitled - Sign

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Working with one side at a time I take a 1″piece and rub the oil into it starting from the scalp all the way down to the ends.

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I continue to repeat this (1/2 tbsp. of oil to 1″ piece) until all of my hair is covered.

Coconut Oil Mask 9

Coconut Oil Mask 8

Coconut Oil Mask 5Coconut Oil Mask 6

If you have a shower cap I would suggest putting that on top of the towel to help hold in the heat.  Keep your hair wrapped for 30-40 minutes and then shampoo regularly.  I always do 2 shampoos to make sure it’s all out! You’ll feel the difference right away but make sure to keep up with it, it’s really a great thing to do for your hair!


Coconut Oil Mask 10

Depending on the lighting my hair can look very red…clearly this is one of those times!



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239 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Hair Mask

      • i ahev done these treatments but never with a towel because i didn’t know this answer, hahah thank you, you have saved many shirts of mine(:

      • It won’t burn if it’s sufficiently wet. Microwaves require moisture to work properly without burning. So long as the towel is damp- never ever dry!- it will be fine. To do a dry towel you’d need to also put a cup of water in the microwave as well.

    • Thanks but I have to say the lighting from the windows and also the white background and black top made it look so red lol It is actually more of a violet color. It’s from Goldwell and the color is 4V!

  1. wow – you have beautiful hair! I’ve just recently heard of using coconut oil, I started this week and love it already. I only put my hair in a pony tail and throw it in a bun once I have coconut oil in my hair and then wrap my bun in saran wrap and either sleep with it wrapped or put a blow dryer to it. Would one method work over another or will it work the same way?

    • Thanks so much!! I’ve only used the blow dryer in my hair. I’ve never spent the night with it in but I can imagine your hair must feel like silk!! As long as you allow your hair to absorb the oil either way is great but not sure if one is better than the other. I definitely want to try sleeping with it but I’d be too afraid of leaking!

      xo Cindy

    • I use Organix but I have also used Scruples White Tea…I would recommend checking and making sure the ingredients don’t say sodium laureth sulfate-that’s the bad guy!

    • I am a big fan of Wen cleansing conditioner. My mother ordered it for me off an informercial LOL. I think you can get sample sizes of Wen in Sephora stores. Try it out!

    • Hi Chloe,
      No, definitely not lol I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week (I have quite thick hair) so I do it only once a week! You can definitely do it more but I probably wouldn’t do it more than 3 times a week. You certainly feel the results!

      xo Cindy

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  3. great, thank you so much for the info and tips, I’ll try this as soon as I get everything, I also use argan oil from pro naturals to keep my hair soft, shiny and healthy.

  4. great! Actually I bought pure virgin coconut oil from a woman in a Fiji village. They really use it for everything there – cooking, all over their bodies, hair… I’ve been meaning to start using it. This is awesome! I am definitely going to try this out…

  5. I have it in my hair right now! I am soooo excited! I am an over-processed blonde and really want to have my hair back the way it used to be!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Nothing would happen. It’s ok to use shampoo with sulfate in it I just recommend getting one without it because sulfates can dry out your hair and the whole point of the treatment is restore moisture and shine! Sulfate essentially is what makes shampoo produce the thick lather that you get and it’s not great for curly hair or color treated but really it’s not the hugest deal if you continue using what you already have 😉

    • If you color your hair, sulfate-free shampoo is recommended, because the color won’t last as long with sulfates. It strips the color.

      • Tried it and it is amazing!! Leaves my hair soft and shiny, which is hard since I have thick, frizzy hair. Thank you so much for the advice!

  6. Do you put this on the top of your scalp too? Just curious. The pics look like you just massaged the oil in the two different parts but not on the top scalp. My hair gets oily really easily and most the time I don’t even condition the top of my scalp so just curious.

    • I put the coconut oil all over, scalp included! I think there is a worry that if you have oily hair this will make it oiler but that’s not the case. It’s simply a treatment and as long as you wash it out well enough it will only leave you with super soft and shiny hair! If you’re concerned, you could definitely skip the scalp!

  7. Thanks for the great post, slept In mine overnight and my hair feels amazing! About the scalp, I have read if you massage into your scalp it will promote hair growth.

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  9. Wow your hair looks gorgeous, I’m going to try! My roommate just bought a jar of coconut oil and it looks like I will be dipping my hands in it! lol! Feel free to check out I have a lot of good DIY’s and fashion trends that I think you’ll love! 🙂

    • It doesn’t necessarily make it grow faster but if you take good care of your hair and it is healthy then it will grow! Coconut oil helps to maintain healthy hair so it helps to aid in that!

    • Nothing makes hair grow faster. That’s up
      to your set biology. I suspect this would help hair from splitting though. That would help as you’d need to trim less.

  10. Hello! I saw your post and decided to try the coconut oil treatment. I have VERY thick, long hair. I probably used about two big spoonfuls of the oil for my hair. I wrapped it in a towel for about an hour then shampooed my hair THREE times to get it out, but the next day when my hair was completely dry it seemed very oily. Even after I washed my hair again it still seemed oily. Now, a week later, all the oil is washed out but my hair seems no more shiny/softer than before. What did I do wrong? The oil was expensive and I’m sad it didn’t work as it was supposed to. It seems nothing works for my hair.

    • Oh no! I’ve never heard that before! It doesn’t sound like you used a lot at all so I’m not sure why that happened. I would recommend using maybe a Tea Tree shampoo to really help wash out the oil. Also try just starting at the nap of the neck and down rather than your scalp if you’re finding this to be an issue. I hope the next time around is better!

      • That happened to me also. You HAVE to use conditioner to get it out. Conditioner has an emulisfier in it that binds to the oil to wash it out.

    • I have naturally a little on the oilier side hair. My hair is only a tad damaged at the ends so when I do coconut oil masks like these they do NOT come out unless I use harsh shampoo (which I refuse to use.) It also makes no difference to my hair as well. But there is a lot more you can use that coconut oil for! Such as the best make-up remover, facial lotion, helps acne, and eating everyday promotes hair growth and weight loss.

    • I had the exact same problem as Christine. I have extremely thick, long hair too. I did the instructions exactly, washed it out now two times, and it’s still so oily, greasy and gross. I’m not sure what I need to modify to get better results! I’ll definitely try going from the nape of the neck and down rather than from the scalp next time, but it’s actually that part of my hair that’s greasy and not the scalp area at all. So weird! Thanks for the blog post, anyway! I’m sure it’s a good treatment for my hair; even if it looks greasy right now. (I also refuse to use any mainstream shampoos/conditioners, only all-natural, so that may be why it’s not washing out as well too).

      • Update: I used 3 parts baking soda/1 part water for shampoo along with 1 cup water/3 tbsp. apple cider vinegar for conditioner to wash it out with a couple drops of tea tree oil, and it worked. Hair feels and looks amazing!

      • It seems that different hair types have different experiences! I’m g=so glad you were able to find a solution that worked for you because it really is great for your hair! I may have to add your mixture to the post for anyone else that may have trouble getting it out!

      • Hi there, I’ve been reading all the post and thought maybe I could help. First let me say that I have not tried this with the coconut oil, but I will and let you know.
        However, when I was younger, I did real mayonnaise hair mask (wrapped in Saran Wrap while doing stuff out in sun,(I was very young lol))
        And to remove it in one shot I used tomato sauce. (Quite the hair salad, haha)
        Worked every time!…. and although the tomato sauce is acidic, it didn’t seem to strip the goodness, because my hair always felt amazing. You can also use tomato sauce if your pup gets sprayed by a skunk. Hope this helps and I will try the coconut oil this weekend and let y’all know. I’ve recently become obsessed with the stuff so thank you for your blog. 😊

    • I suspect the shampoo you used was simply low in detergents. Most for colored or treated hair either has very little detergent or none.

  11. Hello- thanks, I will try this. I have fine, curly hair, so it may be disastrous as my hair gets easily weighed down if I put too much product. Hopefully not. Do you actually put it on your scalp or just your hair?

  12. Im about to try the coconut oil now but I was also researching last night on shampoos. I use garnier’s fall fight and im wanting something better. I was originally planning to buy mane n tail next, but then I saw where yall were talking about sulfate free shampoo. Which do you think would be better, mane n tail or a sulfate free shampoo. My hair is pretty long but im trying to get it as long and strong as I can before next year (im donating my hair next year).

    • Hi Jessica! So sweet that you’re donating your hair! I would definitely use the sulfate free shampoo. As far as the mane and tail I believe that the conditioner helps aid in hair growth so maybe use the sulfate free shampoo and the mane and tail conditioner…best of both worlds!

      • Great idea! Why didnt I think of oh and the coconut oil was awesome!I loved it! It made my hair actually do better against the Alabama humidity. It didnt frizz up as bad . Thanks for the tips 🙂

  13. Hi there! What a wonderful natural treatment. I will be trying this on my unruly curly locks. Do you start with clean dry hair? Or can I start with dry hair that has products in it? Thank you in advance.

    • Applying heat to the hair helps to open the cuticle of your hair which in turn helps the hair to absorb the treatment. You don’t have to apply heat if you don’t want to!

  14. I have very thin, baby fine hair. One side is curly, the other side wavy, and all of it is frizzy. I call it natural hag hair lol. I began using coconut oil last summer when bleaching left it feeling like straw. I use it once a week, and I have learned to NEVER put it on my scalp! I did a couple of times and was left with extremely greasy hair. After trying a spagillion different shampoos I had to use original dawn dishsoap to get un-greasified, and then my hair felt worse than straw!! I LOVE this treatment, just not on my scalp lol! Sorry about my novel lenghth reply 🙂

  15. Hey I wanted to give a report on your advice about using a sulfate free shampoo with mane n tail conditioner. I use organix ever straight brazilian keratin therapy shampoo and it smells like coconut!! I loooooove the smell! I am obsessed with it! I like the conditioner alright but I think next time im going to get the conditioner that matches my shampoo. I just dont personally like the smell of mane n tail or the fact that I have to use alot to get it on all of my hair. But thank you so much for showing me the road to hair heaven. I very much appreciate it!

  16. Ive used this treatment several times and made my hair feel fantastic and look great. But i recently went to the salon and got my hair colored. Will this be okay for fresh colored hair or will it strip it ? I just want to be sure before i attempt it . Thanks! 🙂

  17. I make coconut oil sugar scrubs all the time now (yay for licking your fingers afterward!!), but hadn’t tried it on my hair yet, so I was excited to find this!
    I have a naturally oily scalp (i only shampoo 1-2/week, condition less than that, otherwise my hair is heavy & greasy) so I did this (am currently doing this) everywhere but the scalp. It feels good and smells amazing. I love it even without finishing!

  18. My hair keeps falling off it scares me! but thank you for the awesome tip! 🙂 Just a question, how often do you do this coconut oil treatment to see the result fast? 🙂 Thank you!

    • Lol autumn is normally the time when our hair sheds so don’t worry too much! It would be good to try to do it once a week but after using it just once you’ll feel how soft and shiny your hair is!

    • After a serious illness, and again after multiple major surgeries, I began losing my hair at an alarming rate. What was left, that literally strung across my now semi exposed scalp was dried out to the point it looked totally dead. I looked truly awful and before long was so embarrased to be seen in public, and was told not to wear a wig over hair in such bad shape. I did everything my doctor suggested; everything anyone suggested before it was over! I bought shelves full of products, took the best organic vitamins I could find, ate healthy, did yoga… but my hair just kept getting worse, and kept falling out. Tons of medications I’d had to take had also aged my skin 30 years. I was ugly… really ugly. Then, I found coconut oil! It is a miracle! AND HERE’S SOMETHING YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW YET ABOUT IT… it is the ONLY cooking oil that not only doesn’t convert to fat in the body, it BURNS FAT, revs and resets your metabolism for better energy and stamina in the daytime, effortless weight control, great sleep at night, fantastic topical and internal skin moisturizer. Today my hair is thick, soft, and shiny. I have a jar of coconut oil in almost every room of my house for one purpose or another! lol. And with a little tweaking (like adding salt or sugar for a great natural scrub), you’re going to be amazed at what all this wonder product can do… for your whole family. No 3in1 oil for that squeak? No problem! My jar kept disappearing (I found it in some strange places at times!) So, everyone has their own jar in our house now to do with as they wish (It doesn’t leave oil stains on fabric so it’s quite safe to… experiment and play!)

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  22. Hi, I do this too. I love how your hair is cut though and was wondering if I were to go to a salon and ask to get my hair cut similar to yours what would I ask for?

    • Hi Jade! So my aunt cuts my hair and what she does is flips my head over and pulls it into a ponytail and then right at the bottom she cuts straight across. This creates a head full of layers…this look I have here is after it’s grown out a bit. You can show them the picture and just ask for long layers. It’s a pretty common cut so they should be able to handle it!

  23. I’m a huge fan of the coconut oil. Another thing to try for those annoying greys without damaging your hair…henna! It looks like you can find a shade pretty close to what you have now. It’s messy, but it’s worth it. I’ve been using it for 8 months now after years of dying my hair, and one incredibly damaging fiasco. My hair isn’t falling out anymore, and it’s sooooo much healthier.

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  25. Pingback: Coconut oil can be absorbed better than any other oil out there and helps to strengthen the hair follicle which in turn helps to stimulate growth. Working with dry hair one side at a time, take a 1″ piece and rub the oil into it starting from the scalp

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  27. Nice post. Coconut oil is rich in proteins that can makes scalp healthy and promotes healthy hair growth. Coconut oil also contains saturated fats and unsaturated fats these can boosts us hair follicles to faster hair growth. Coconut milk also helps more in the growth of healthy and lustrous hair. Coconut milk is high in proteins compared to coconut oil, it makes your hair softer, shiny and repairs your hair damage.

  28. What can I do my hair is breaking a lot and its to dry I don’t want to get a hair cut I want to know how can I use the coconut oil please tell me how can I avoid my hair from breaking out

  29. I have oily hair, but still needed a conditioner at the same time to protect my color treated hair – and the Shielo Color Protect line works perfectly. Even if you do not put color in your hair. It makes my hair shine and the shampoo is not heavy. This is one of the first shampoos that has really worked for me, and the Shielo conditioner did not leave my hair oily at all.

  30. Is it rite to use honey wid olive oil as I’ve heard dat if u use honey den ur hairs will become white. i really loved the

    remedies for increasing hair volume they really work,,,,,Gd tips and easily available….I didn’t try this as I am using

    Hibiscus pack…Nice 🙂Easy Hair Care

  31. Will this help me for hair growth? And also, how do you only wash your hair 2-3 times a week with out it getting greasy looking?

  32. Hey Cindy! I used to have long hair but then I cut it! And I totally regret it 😛 So, I’m planning on using this for growing it out! When you used this, did you noticed hair growth? And if you did, how long did it take? Thanks!!:)

  33. I’ve been using Coconut oil hair masks, and using Coconut oil and Olive oil for a hot oil treatments, and they work so so so so well! I have pretty dry hair naturally too.

  34. Hi Cindy, great post! You obviously know the importance of using heat when applying a hair treatment like this. We’d like to send you one of our Hot Head microwavable heat caps for you to try. Email us if you’re interested 🙂

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  36. I had a hysterectomy last month and my already thin hair started falling out in clumps. I’ve been conditioner only for a year already and was doing no poo for years but found out the vinegar/bs combo was too much for my desert home. Dryed my hair badly. So I’m gonna try this and see if I can get my hair stronger and slightly fuller. I haven’t dyed in years and noticed since the hysterectomy the hair that is growing back is silver. Not that I mind cuz it’s pretty but I just turned 34… I didn’t think I’d grey this early.

  37. I am wondering what kind of shampoo and conditioner you use? I have tried so many kinds for my dry hair and can’t find a great one.

    • Yes, I’ve put it in the mircowave a few times before and I’ve also done the blow dryer as well but you should still wrap it before putting the blow dryer on…you don’t want to have direct heat on your hair, defeats the purpose of the mask 😉

  38. I noticed you said you use wen. I used it for a very short time. I have very curly and thick hair. It made my hair very voluminous which in my case was huge. Do you have any recommendations for my hair type. Also when you use the oil do you apply it to dry hair?

    • Hi Breanna, you can try Redkens Smooth Down shampoo. I hear it’s great for thick curly hair or Fekkais Essential Shea shampoo, it’s sulfate free. And yes, I always apply the oil to dry hair!

  39. I actually heard bout this a couple of weeks ago and tried it tonight, I colored my hair red and bleached on the tips, a bit ombre, and what I noticed after using coconut oil for the first time, it STRIPS the colors sooo much, I was really surprised. Though, I love how smooth and silky it gets.. but, my colors… T_T
    Did it happen to you too?

    • That never happened to me but red dye can be very tricky. I’ve done a deep red before and you notice right away how quickly the color bleeds and fades, it’s a hard color to maintain. Since that happened to you I would recommend just putting it on your ends where your hair was bleached. That part always dries out first so masking it with the oil every once in a while would be great for it!

  40. Absolutely great, I’m definitely going to try this after I buy some coconut oil. 🙂 Can’t wait to get home from work. Oh, and thanks for the step-by-step guide, I really appreciate it.

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  42. Fantastic post on coconut oil masks. I’ve done this for my hair since I was a teen, I learned from my grandma and mom. I highly suggest that people read their brand’s label to make sure it says Virgin Coconut Oil “Unrefined or Expeller-Pressed or Cold-Pressed” in order to retain all the coconut oil’s beneficial properties because when it is Refined, it breaks down some of the proteins in it. Also, just from personal experience, my hair seemed lackluster when using a Refined formula causing me to switch back to Unrefined.
    Also, for people seeking faster growth, try adding a few drops of Jamaican Black Castor oil to your coconut oil mask. If you have a dry scalp or dandruff you can add a few drops of tea tree oil, or peppermint oil or sweet almond oil too. And remember, everyone’s skin reacts differently so it’s important to start small and make adjustments until you find the right balance for your hair =)
    You can find great quality coconut oil at affordable prices at Target, Walmart and Whole Foods and Asian groceries too. I’ve used Filipino brands and Spectrum, Jarrow and Nutiva too with good results. To wash it out, I use Dr.Bronner’s castile soap in peppermint, it removes all the residue for me and it’s easy to find at Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods.

  43. Do you rinse this out in your bathtub? I know coconut oil can eventually clog your drain – just wondering if you did anything to prevent this. 🙂

  44. Your hair is Gorgeous by the way… but i was curious after you take your shower and rinse it all out do you blow out your hair? Im assuming not but just wanted to make sure! Thanks again

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  47. Hi, guys.
    While I see that this treatment worked for many of you, I feel the need to share my experience so that anyone considering trying this for the first time will know to beware and attempt at your own risk. For whatever reason, it appears that a coconut oil hair mask is NOT appropriate for all hair types.

    I tried it today and had HORRIBLE results. 😦 I have medium-thick, medium-coarse, naturally curly hair. It is somewhat (but not extremely) damaged from straightening with a flat-iron every 2 days or so (with heat protectant spray.)
    My experience: I applied the oil exactly as described in the instructions, wrapped it in a warm/hot towel, covered with shower cap, and gave it some time to penetrate before washing it out in the shower.

    To my surprise, as soon as I washed out the smooth, luxurious-feeling oil, my hair was left completely stripped of moisture. Even in the shower it felt extremely coarse, rough, and tangled. I rinsed with sulfate-free Organix keratin shampoo and did THREE rinse-and-repeats of various ultra-hydrating conditioners. When i stepped out of the shower I was shocked to find a HUGE gob of fallen hair in the drain.

    After allowing it to air dry, all I can say is my hair is severely damaged. I am baffled as to why this would happen, but my hair is undeniably dry, brittle, wiry, and rough like straw. It looks the way it would if I were to use a cheap box hair dye, skip conditioner, and blow dry for 2 hours. It’s just plain disgusting and extremely damaged.

    Now clearly I am the odd one out, because the OP’s hair is absolutely gorgeous, and so many commenters had good experiences with this treatment, but I just thought I would warn you guys to do a strand-test before attempting this, because somehow it apparently has the potential to be tremendously damaging. 😦 I am in the process of trying to repair with other store-bought moisturizing hair masks. Ugh.

    Be careful & Good luck!

    • Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that! That’s so interesting though, I’ve heard people say that they had a hard time getting the oily feeling out but nothing like this! Are you sure the coconut oil was extra virgin? Hopefully the problem will work out and your hair will get back to normal!

    • I wish! I straightened my hair but that photo was taken a few days after doing the mask. I don’t like to apply heat to my hair right after doing it, I feel like it defeats the purpose!

  48. I love how my hair is now since using cocunt oil. I have the dam irish frizz. Just what I noticed is I cant sampoo it out or bam dry hair again. Any suggestions?

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  51. I add honey to the coconut oil and use it for a hair mask…I too pop a wet towel in the microwave and wrap my head in it and put a plastic grocery bag on my head….I have 2B curly hair that is thick and coarse and this works like a charm for me…just wash it out and condition after and bam gorgeous hair!

  52. I can’t seem to find coconut oil anywhere (I live in Brussels)! But I saw a coconut cream, do you think it’ll work?

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  54. If I washed
    My hair twice and it still didn’t come off then I must have used too much oil , would you agree? My hair was very greasy and it looked wet for two days 😦 I think I used way too much

  55. I have only used coconut oil on my hair once, and I did like the results. (I was actually using it for a dry scalp). But, someone warned me that you shouldn’t rinse the coconut oil out of your hair and down the drain because it solidifies again and can clog drains. Have you ever had a problem with this? I would love to do this about once a week, but I don’t want to do anything to clog my drains!!
    I know my daughter does ‘oil pulling’ (rinses with coconut oil) and she spits it into the trash for this reason. Advice?

    • Well I have been doing this forever now and I have never had any issues. I imagine that as soon as hot water runs down the drain the oil would liquify again until it is out of the pipes.

    • Well I color my hair every 3 weeks and I’ve been doing this for years now and I’ve never had any issues but some people might react differently to it.

    • You know I’ve never had that issue before! I know that any type of heat will turn the solidified oil into liquid so running hot water through the pipes should help that.

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  58. This looks like a great idea! One BIG question though… I know you mentioned the lighting but your hair seemed to lighten up a lot! Does the coconut oil treatment change the color of your hair at all? I color my hair and just want to make sure before I try it.

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  60. I was recently telling a friend how amazing coconut oil is for hair! She recently moved from the Northeast (our home region) to the west, and I advised her to use coconut oil for dry hair! It works so well, I want to run off and do it now 🙂 I found this @ Affimity, and I am going to reinforce my words by sharing this with her! It really makes your hair oh so soft and beautiful! Thanks 🙂

  61. I read this last night & couldn’t wait to try it. I just did this and my hair feels amazing! I’ll definitely be doing this more often. Then i used a 7-in1 argan oil heat protection before my normal styling. Thanks

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  63. I appears everyone does their differently. Some every night, so 3 times a week, some once a week. However, no one ever saying anything about massaging the scalp for 3 minutes. I thought why not it can’t hurt. I notice my hair is thick, I tired it once before and saturated my hair with it, not knowing you can spray your dry hair to dampen it and then put it on. I guess there are tons of ways to do it and all benefit. Some say not to microwave and some say to heat over a water in a glass on the stove. Anyway I also noticed my hair grew faster. Now I am back to using it more often and hope to have longer hair soon. Right now transitioning from short to long.

  64. I have done this a few times and about to do it again! I have long curly hair w highlights.. it’s thin- but I sure have a lot of it! 🙂 I recently read some people put a couple of eggs w the coconut oil… not sure if whole/yolk/whites.. heard anything? Thoughts?

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  68. I just did this to my hair tonight using Trader Joe’s coconut oil. My hair is amazingly soft and shiny! Thank you!!

  69. I had a question on the hot towel… I have 3C type curls and I was wondering if I decide to leave the oil in over night should I just apply the oil and skip the hot towel step completely or would it do some extra good to use the hot towel and just remove it before I decide to lie down?

  70. Does is lighten your hair cause I just dyed it and and don’t want it to change but I want my hair to grow fast!

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    • That’s really up to you! You can do it once a week or once every two weeks. Some people do it twice a week but I’m too lazy for that many times ha! Even if you did it a few times a month your hair will thank you!

  75. I just dyed my hair a lighter color all around and my hair is so dry and rough because of the bleach. How often do you do this treatment? Thank you in advance. 😊

    • Hi Laura,
      It really depends on you! You can’t really overdo it but if your hair is feeling super dry I would try maybe twice a week and then you can always do once a week or once every 2 weeks.

  76. a note on coloring hair verses letting it take its course to gray. I spent so much having to color my hair every month due to the fast growth of my hair. I eat local and use holistic products so I am already on the healthy path, but found that the coloring was really making me feel poisoned – even the allergy free bothered me and again my gray would show up in a week. I decided no more hair dye. After 6 months I went to my hair stylist who cut my hair to best suit the gray coming out. My gray is up front all around my face lol. The back is golden brown/dark brown so it is odd on how to style it.
    My hair is super fine and wavy-curly. So the cut is awesome but it is still fly away. So this process is not only great for my hair, it is inexpensive and natural. I have celiac so gluten in hair products is a real pain to keep with and this makes it better knowing exactly what is going on my scalp and in my hair.
    A note on gray hair is there is a way to have it colored via foil where you only do it every 6 months and it grows out and looks as if it is your hair. Love my stylist. She is a barber (her father owned the shop and left it to her) and a stylist. It really works to help me deal with social events while going gray. 🙂 . Thank you for this great recipe. It works. I put it on in the morning and do house work on cleaning day then shower and shampoo it out in the afternoon. I do this every week on my cleaning day. It works.

    • As often as you feel you need it! You can do it twice a week, or twice a month! I would start with once a week or even once every two weeks if you don’t have the time!

  77. I am a big user and believer in coconut oil. My question, applying it on dry hair…. For example,mafter the day is done, I would apply. However, I have hair product in my hair like haire cream for curls and a bit of hairspray. So, I’d apply coconut oil over this and continue with hairvtreatment?

  78. Love it! I do this but never thought of the towel to wrap it! Awesome! Ty! Have you tried adding essential oils to the coconut oil for a little extra healthy hair benefit? Type depends on hair needs! 💚🥊😎Your Safety Guru Nena(find me on Fb for free tips on healthy living).

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