DIY Makeup Vanity

Hope all you east coasters were able to stay warm during the so called “blizzard.” I enjoyed the extra days off building snowmen, making snow angels and even going sledding. Hopefully this is the last of winter and the flowers can start growing now. Ok fine, wishful thinking!

Today I am here to share a project I have been DYING to make! This one is strictly for the ladies! I’ve wanted a makeup vanity since forever! When I lived in my apartment there just wasn’t space for it and it wasn’t until we redid the guest room that I noticed the perfect spot to have one. Ladies, you are going to love this! The furniture itself is all from Ikea. The rest of the items needed can be purchased at your local hardware store. 

To create the storage part of my vanity I purchased two Ikea Alex 5 drawer units and one table top in high gloss white (47×23). After recruiting some help to put the drawers together, I had this. 

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Because of where the bed comes out to I couldn’t center it which is why it is pushed all the way against the wall. You can imagine how much that urks me but I have some ideas on filling that space to the right. Now the next part is the fun part. It requires a little bit of electrical work but I promise you can totally do it. Here is what you’ll need:
Ikea Stave Mirror
2 Ikea Musik Wall Lamps
2 Extension Cords
3 Packs of Crystal Clear Round Light Bulbs
Wireless Remote Light Switch or Power Strip
Wire Cutters (not shown)

Wire Caps (not shown)
Electrical Tape (not shown)

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Since the lights are meant to be hardwired we need to convert them to be plug ins. The first thing you need to do is remove the socket part of the extension cord.
With your wire cutters you’re just going to snip it right off.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Next, using the wire cutters or a wire stripping tool you need to remove some of the plastic coating and expose the wires inside. If you’re using your wire cutter be sure not to cut the wire, just the plastic coating.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleOn the back of the wall lamp you will notice three wires, black, white, and yellow. You will be using only the black and white wires. The yellow is the ground wire. You can wrap the end of that with electrical tape.

Now on your extension cord you will notice that one side (wire) is smooth and one side is rigid.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleTaking the white wire, you’re going to wrap it around the wire with the rigid side. Once it’s all wrapped, cap it with the wire cap.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleNext, take the black wire and wrap it around the wire with the smooth side. After this your lights should work once you plug them in! 

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleOnce you’ve removed the yellow wire you can use some pliers to try to remove the piece of metal that is on the back.  Since you want your wall lamp to sit flush against your wall you’ll want it as flat as possible.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Repeat these steps for the second light.
Using electrical tape to hold everything down and making your marks you can now screw in your pluggable lights! Just hang the mirror and then place your lights on either side. I plugged the cords into a power strip and just hit the red button when I want to turn the lights on. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. I’m so happy to finally have a place to organize all my hair and makeup products and tools.The drawer units allow for so much storage it’s crazy!  I’m not even close to being done organizing it all but I don’t mind spending all my time here! 

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Makeup Vanity

Do you love it as much as I do! The best part is how affordable it is. The mirror and lights will cost you less than $80 which is great considering similar mirrors and lights like this one go for $400! If you decide to make one, which you 100% should, I’d love to see it! 

I’m currently working on a little gallery wall to go above the vanity as well. Stay tune for that!




168 thoughts on “DIY Makeup Vanity

  1. Hello, do you find the linnmon table too small since it is only 47″ long? Do you have enough room to fit your chair? Would you recommend the larger size 59″ linnmon table with the 2 alex drawers instead?? Thanks soo much!

    • It’s not small at all! I think it you went with a 59″ it would be extremely long! I have 19″ of space between the two alex drawers. The chair I currently use has arms that are wider than that so I can’t fit it inside but it isn’t a bother. Ikea sells a clear chair that fits perfectly inside. I think if you went to the store and grabbed a 59″ top you’d see how long it is!

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  3. We made this on Sunday! Thank you! I love it! We replaced my 10 yr old varinty with this one! Im a makeup artist and have lots of makeup to store. The drawer space is awesome!
    I need a new chair I hear it wad purchased on overstock do you remember what style or name of it was? So glad you posted this d.I.y.! Thanks

  4. This is so cute! I’m moving in less than a month, thinking of building this myself! The lights might be a bit advanced for me though, but love the aesthetic the general set up gives either way! 🙂

      • Quick question, how did you manage to put the table top and the drawers together? Did it come with screws or something already?

      • The table top just sits right on top of the drawers…it doesn’t slide or anything. If you wanted to you could probably put some type of grip underneath to stop it from moving but I haven’t had any issues

      • I literally just laid the tabletop right on top of the drawers but in order to avoid any slipping I put some double sided tape on top of the drawers just to have some sort of grip and it works perfectly. The tabletop has never shifted and I almost always grab it and use it to pull myself closer with my chair!

  5. I am planning on getting the same size linnmon top and two drawers but to make more room for stuff, i am thinking of pulling the alex drawers a little outsde the table top. So basically the table top would sit half way on both drawers. Have you thought about doing that? I haven’t seen anyone do it and i am wondering if there is a problem with balance or sturdiness if you don’t put the draws directly under the table top. Please let me know if that would work cause i haven’t had the chance to go to ikea yet.

    • When you say pull the drawers out more I assume you mean to the left and right not the front correct? I’m pretty certain they sell an even longer table top. You could pull the drawers out on the side because the top would still sit securely I would just be careful not to pull them out too much…you still need support for the top.

  6. Yeah i mean pull out to the left and right. They have a longer one but its not only longer but deeper. this one is 47 x 23 and that one is 59 x 29. I want it to be more like 55x 23 because its gonna be in my bedroom. thanks for the response im preety certain ill do the linnmon- alex combo.

  7. also is there a gap behind the alex drawers to the wall? cause i dont see a gap but according to measurements the table top is 4 inches deeper than the alex drawers

  8. I love this!!! Could you please tell me the name of the small lighted mirror? I am so going to try and recreate this!

  9. I tried doing the lights and I’m not sure if the bulbs aren’t fitting correctly but also when I did the wiring and plugged it in the power on my wall went out please tell me what I’m doing wrong thx

    • Are you sure that you matched the correct wires together? I don’t know what would cause that to happen! Also make sure the wattage of the bulbs are not too high that might be the other issue!

  10. Thank you so much for this!i have been looking for a vanity for so long but most are very expensive with 1 or 2 tiny drawers or no storage at all.thank you so much for sharing your awsome idea!

  11. Love this!! One question… How do the cords hang after you mounted the lights to the wall? Do they hang down the back of the mirror? I hate seeing cords lol

    • I had to actually go check because I couldn’t remember off the top of my head! So they go straight down under the light fixture and behind the table top. You won’t ever notice it though bc you’ll most likely have things on your vanity that will block them and it’s only like 3″ between the bottom of the light and the top of the table!

  12. I’ve been dying to make a vanity came across this and you are for sure my inspiration! ButI don’t think ikea makes this set anymore 😦 online and at the ikea by me they have the alex but its 9 drawers high. Any other suggestions?

  13. I just bought the stuff to make this and can’t wait to get it together. How did you attach the table top to the drawers?

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  16. Hey! I love these lights and I followed your instructions and double checked that I used the right wires and I bought the same bulbs as you and it didn’t turn on when I plugged it in! Not sure if you can help me out?

    • I ended up hooking everything up to a power strip instead and I placed it under the desk so when I want to turn on the lights I just hit the button on the strip with my foot!

  17. hey I’m actually about to go out and purchase all these things to make this vanity table! BUT how much did this cost? like the ENTIRE project (drawers, table top, mirror and lights, etc)?

  18. My husband made this for my daughter and she loves it!! Wish I could share a pic. Thanks for the step by step instructions!!

  19. Hi, so I found the 5 drawer ALEX unit at IKEA $79 to be 14 1/8 x 27 1/2 and the tabletop high gloss white to be 47 1/4 x 23 5/8. The drawers are longer than the tabletop. Do you have this same problem?

    • Hi Cindy…I don’t have that problem. In fact my drawers are a little less than 23″ deep so the table top is slightly deeper. I wonder why the ones you found are 27″. You could always use that space in the back to hold all your makeup organizers though 😉

  20. Girl! I literally just ordered everything on here! This is so beautiful and inexpensive. I’ve been searching for months for a cheap way to build a vanity and I found it with just one click. Thank you so much!

  21. I totally need this in my life! the townhouse I’m moving into has a vanity area with a mirror built in before the walk in closet. I plan to measure the length of the mirror to see if these lights would work. I’m sorry if I missed it but what is the length of the lights and have you thought about running the light fixture across the top?

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  24. Absolutely IN LOVE with this!!! Thank you so much for the idea, I’m redoing my room and have been looking for an inexpensive vanity and I found it thanks to you! Quick question: where is your table top mirror from? Thank you!!

  25. Do you have any advice for someone who can’t hang things? I rent a house with adobe walls and they are really hard to drill into. Can I just place this on top of my table? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

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  27. Hi!

    I’m having trouble finding these light bulbs. Do you think the clear work best or should I go with frosted bulbs? My husband thinks the clear will reflect too much and cause glaring?


    • I found mine at Home Depot. I personally love the look of the clear bulbs but I will say when I place my stand up mirror in front of me the light does create shadows on my face that frosted bulbs may not do as much!

      • Good to know, I appreciate the help! 🙂 My Ikea was out of the stave mirror, so I am going with the plain Kolja mirror. My husband is trying to figure out a way to maybe put the mirror and lights on a piece of plywood that way it’s all together to hang on the wall. We currently live in an apartment so don’t want too many holes but need it functional too. I can’t wait to see the final product! If you have any suggestions I am open to any ideas 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah! I ordered the chair on overstock but I since have replaced it since the arms don’t allow me to push it all the way in. If you search white leather desk chair you should come up with similar options!

  28. I just wanted to let you know that my fiancé used this blog post, bought every single thing on it (including the wireless remote, so cool), and gave it to me for Christmas. Now I’m the happiest little twerp that’s ever walked the earth !! Now I have my dream vanity and I’ve never been more surprised by this man. I can’t believe he managed to get everything from ikea / Home Depot into this house without me seeing. Thank you SO MICH for being his inspiration !!

  29. Wow! What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I will make my own vanity! I love how it looks so nice and functional.

  30. i was just wondering what the total cost spent would be (withouth the desk) on supplies. And thank you so much i have always wanted a broadway style vanity diy!!

  31. Hi! So I just recently finished with my vanity lights from IKEA but we couldn’t find 25 watt bulbs so we got 40 watt. As soon as I turn it on it feels hot. The Musik lamps say the max wattage is 40 so is it normal that they feel kind of hot?

  32. Just curious, all the Ikea furniture that I have bought in the past tends to scratch very easily. Do you have any issues with that on your design? Does the high gloss prevent that or should I invest in some type of custom plastic cover for the table top? Thanks in advance!

  33. Thank you so much for sharing this! I drove 2 hours to Ikea just to recreate this gorgeous vanity. I followed everything you did to a T and it came out beautiful. This was my dream vanity, and I thank you for showing us how to make it!!!

  34. Just a thought. That metal tab you are removing is for ground.. which if any of the electrical in the lights grounds out – you want to go there (preferred) instead of through you (not preferred). You can modify that by using a 3-wire extension cord for the project or just buying 3-conductor wire from Home Depot or Lowes. As far as getting the mount flush – thats a little harder. You could get a small chisel and work a pocket into what you mount it onto account for the tab and wire. Another option would be finding a “gasket” or “o-ring” so it mounts high enough. You could probably hack something up to accommodate this.

    Anyhow – nice project.. hopefully my wifes vanity will com out as nice..

    • There is a part of the back that sinks in so I just tucked it in there and the actual wire that goes to plug in hangs at the bottom but it’s so close to the top of the table you don’t ever see it plus my makeup products hide it!

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  36. Thank you so much for such simple directions on the vanity mirror lights! My husband is an electrician, and I’m certain to blow his mind using your instructions. 😉 Btw, did you finish the ensemble you were going to put together on the wall above the vanity? I’d love to see your ideas!

  37. went and got the stuff for this yesterday and put it together im in love! Would have never known without your help! Thanks for the great post(:

  38. hi, can you tell me the exact measurement of the top? I’m planning to do the same vanity you did. Thanks!! I love how you did yours. It’s simple!! 🙂

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    • Really! Ok well my suggestion would be to buy the supplies and once it’s all in front of you it might start to make sense. If not Partick Starrr also has a video on YouTube that is very similar! Hopefully that helps!

  41. I just wanted to thank u for this post…ive been searching for the right vanity for months!!! I only spent $172 and it looks so pretty!!! I wish I could send u a pic….i even flipped my old vanity chair, spray painted it gold and added fur!! Thanks again u r awesome. Oxox

  42. I love love love this idea it’s simple and sooo pretty 🙂 canny wait to try this 🙂 but where did you purchase the remote ?

  43. What are the measurements for your Alex drawers? I can only find one that is 14 1/8″ x 27 1/2″. That would be too long for the way I’m building the vanity.

  44. Hi! I have been dying to get/make this vanity for so long, so thank you for making this post. Is the table top the same depth as the drawers? Does it hang off at all? Thanks!

    • It does hang off a bit but I made it hang off in the back so it sits flush in the front and I used sticky command strips under the table top to avoid it from sliding around!

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  46. Can you please find the link to the wall lighting. I can’t find it anywhere, I’m in the USA by the way. And I need everything for my vanity. Great job by the way!

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  48. i’m so glad you made this blog, even two years from when you made yours it’s helping because this is exactly what i wanted but didn’t know where to get the drawers and table top. if you could help me, i would appreciate it! i don’t live near an Ikea and the table top size you used isn’t available for shipping. 😦 so, i was wondering if it mattered what size table top i get? because other sizes are available for shipping.

    thank you so much!!

    • Aww thanks! I’m so happy you found me! The table top size shouldn’t matter as long as you don’t get it smaller because then you won’t have enough room for your chair and legs it fit comfortably! If it’s longer then you can just adjust the drawers to hold the top plus you’ll have more counter space!

  49. I know this post is 2 years old but I’m LOVING this vanity! I have a question though. How was the lighting for photography or videography? Was it as good as natural lighting and show the true colors of things or was it like any other bathroom lighting and was yellow tinted?

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