Pantry Organization

Alright today is the day that I take you all to a deep dark place. My pantry. Now I must be crazy to do so because it’s scary. Mind boggling even. But I like to believe that everyone everywhere has a spot just like this. You know that place where things were once nice and neat but then you just started tossing objects in like under your bathroom sink or your shoe closet. Ah, the dreaded bathroom sink, don’t get me started on that! So without further ado here it is. Oh boy…

Oh yeah, those shelves are dipping. When I first moved in this was just your regular empty closet. I took some measurements went down to Home Depot and had some plywood cut to fit to make the shelves. So clearly after all this time it’s pretty clear it needs a facelift! When I made that trip to Ikea a few weeks back that was exactly what I kept in my mind. Of course I could have gone to the container store and spent a fortune on containers but I figured Ikea was more within my budget. So I purchased a slew of jars trying to keep in mind what I wanted to store like flour, sugar, etc.

The other great thing about organizing my pantry was being able to throw out more than half of what was in there because, oh hey, look at that you expired 3 months ago. I was also able to take things out of its boxes and save lots of space like rice and cereal. I was also able to organize my paper goods which has been very helpful. I used baskets to hold things like snacks (granola bars, trail mixes…) Here’s what it looked like when all said and done. I’m not completely finished because I want to label the containers but I love how clean it looks which forces me to keep it that way! Have you recently organized a space that was out of control?


2 thoughts on “Pantry Organization

  1. Nice work. I need to start organizing my pantry. If I posted a picture you’d go running for the hills. I can find nothing in it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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