DIY Cake Tiers

Next weekend we’re throwing a bridal shower for my cousin who will be getting married in June. To help bring the party to life, Michelle (bride’s sister) and I have put together some really fun decorations that I want to share with you before the big day. Of course I had to call up the bride to be and make her promise not to check the blog until next week! The theme is a tea party and the first thing we wanted to do was to make cake tiers for the macaroons that she ordered. We wanted every table to have a 2 tier stand and the bigger dessert table to have 4 three-tier stands. That would cost a lot of money if we had to purchase or even rent those so leave it to some DIY chicks to make the best of this situation! In order to get this done we went out to the Dollar Tree store and purchased candle holders. We also bought three different sized clear plastic plates. These were purchased at Christmas Tree Shop at $2.99 for 10. The last thing we needed was a good primer and spray paint in whatever color you want your tiers in and polyacrylic sealer. Oh wait, one more thing…gorilla glue! Since the candle holders were glass it’s important to use a good primer. The primer I use in a situation like this is Zinsser Oil-Based Primer. There is nothing this primer won’t cover!

Here are the candle holders that we used and primed. Click here if you want to purchase your own!

I sprayed two super thin and even coats (more of a mist than a coat, and I always kept my hand moving and my nozzle around 8-12″ away). This is even more important to do when you’re working with glass because you never want to over spray and have drips. While these babies were waiting to dry we started priming the plates.

Notice that M on the table? I’ll show you tomorrow what I was doing with that! So now that everything was primed and dried it was time to start painting. Here are all the colors we chose to use.

We figured out how many of each candle holder/plates we needed for each color and sprayed. It’s important to shake the cans very well, even as you’re painting because sometimes you might get a little something you weren’t planning on like this…

Good thing we bought some extra holders in case something like this happened!

Once everything was painted and dried we sprayed the polyacrylic sealer and then we set the pieces up to glue together. 

All we did next was glue the bottom of the holder to the large plate and then apply glue to the top to attach the next plate.

The one thing you’ll notice about gorilla glue is that in order for it to really work you need to clamp the pieces. Since clamping wasn’t really an option I relied on my pantry and other items.

We let those sit out for about 2 hours before trying to handle them and once they were all dried they were ready to go.

They are currently being stored for the big day. I can’t wait to show you how they look on the table!!


4 thoughts on “DIY Cake Tiers

    • I’m sure you could but I didn’t…I probably should have but I’m not really certain what I would have used! We just had some macaroons on them and I had sprayed them weeks before I actually used them.

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