Block Letters

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Onto business though, I’m back with another fun project for my cousins bridal shower this weekend.   This was something that was inspired from a Valentines project from Stories By Me.
Here is a photo of the inspiration:

Here is the finished version:

In order to complete this project we headed out to Home Depot
and purchased some beautiful Douglas Fir in 4x4x8 and had the lovely man cut it into 4″ blocks.

Then it was just a matter of gathering all the other supplies.

4 – 4″ blocks
Scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
Foam Brush
Sanding Block
Antiquing Top Coat
Photos (Image Sixe 4×4)

* * *

1. Print letters onto scrapbook paper.
I cut the 12×12 sheets to fit into the printer and used Print shop
and a grid to make sure that the printed letter would be the the middle of the 4×4 shape. Then I cut the letters out.
I also cut the rest of the scrapbook paper into 4×4 pieces.

2. Slather on some Mod Podge and place the paper with your letters on.
If your paper hangs over you will want to cut it once the glue is dry.

3. Add photos that you printed to the sides and back.
Use the same technique as #2. You may need a credit card to spread the photo and flatten out bubbles.

4. Once dry, use a sanding block to sand around each paper/photo.

5. Using any kind of distressing substance (antiquing top coat…stamp pads) antique corners.
I used a top coat. Just brush it on and wipe right off. Sorry, no pictures!

6. To secure it all just add another coat of Mod Podge and let dry. Viola!

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19 thoughts on “Block Letters

  1. they came out great!!! btw, ryan’s dad made something kinda similar (not nearly so fancy, obvi!!!)….basically, a kind of picture puzzle. he had four cubes, four different pictures, cut them into fourths and glued each one onto a different face of the cubes…cute idea for kids!

  2. I am wanting to try and make this for a wedding shower gift and was wondering when you said you used the mod podge to secure it together did you make the blocks stick together or use it as a top coat over it all? Also do you think it would work if I used die cuts as the letters or letters that were stickers or should I stick to printing the letters?

    • Hi Rachelle,

      So I used the mod podge as a top coat all over each block. I also kept the blocks separated and you can totally use die cuts!! You can pretty much mod podge anything onto the blocks!! Good Luck, they’ll love it!!

      xo Cindy

  3. How did you do the grids to make the pictures exactly 4×4 and the letters the right size also?… What don’t did you use?


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