Fabric Strip Backdrop

If you weren’t blinded by the amazing dessert table that I posted a picture of yesterday then you may have noticed the cute strips of color in the background. It’s a very simple project that packs a big punch. I should also give a lot of credit to my family for all the amazing desserts! Besides the macaroon every piece of dessert was homemade and sooo delish! Now for the backdrop! Once you know what your color scheme is you can just hit up the fabric store and find some cheap fabric in your coordinating colors. The fabric used was purchased at Joann’s fabric at $6.99 a yard and 40% off! Once you have your fabric you’ll want to cut your strips. Don’t let this stop you it’s actually really easy! As long as you have a little snip you just grab each side of the rip and tear! The fabric will tear completely straight because of the way the seam is.  I wanted the strips to be 2″ long so I just laid the fabric and made my cuts at 2″ and then tore.

The next step would be to create a little slit at one end to help you when you hang. If you have a rotary cutter it makes life so much easier. If not, you can use scissors. A rotary cutter will allow you to cut more than one strip at a time.

Once all your fabric is cut it would be helpful to separate them by patterns/textures so that you can decide how you want to hang them.

When you have figured out your pattern it’s time to add the strips to your string. To do this just place the fabric with the slip in front of your string and from behind loop the bottom of the strip into the hole.

Just keep the pattern going until you have filled the width that you need.

And of course I have to give a big shout out to my cousin Michelle who weaved each and every one of those 76 fabric strips!!


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