A Shower for the Shower

Happy Monday to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. If you’ve been following the past few posts then you would know that this weekend was my cousins bridal shower. It turned out really great except for all of the rain!! The good thing is that it was held inside so it didn’t really affect us until the end when everyone was packing all the gifts into the cars. I wanted to share some photos from the event and a few updates!

Rock Candy for Place Setting Cards

Amazing cake my unbelievably talented 18yo cousin made!!

And of course what’s a bridal shower without some toilet paper wedding gowns! Too much fun!!

I’m so happy it turned out so well and she loved it all which was the most important part! So I wanted to share a few updates. You may have noticed the & symbol with the moss letters. I ended up buying a sheet of styrofoam, printed the symbol out to the size I wanted, traced the symbol and then used a knife to cut it out. All I did after that was add the moss but instead of hot glue I used spray adhesive.

Another little project I threw in the mix were the table numbers, you know since I had sooo much moss left over! My cousin bought some cute wooden numbers from Michael’s so naturally I covered them, attached them to a dowel that was spray painted green and stuck it into the centerpiece. When I cut the moss I cut more than needed so that I could cover the sides easier.

I love having such a fun reason to craft!


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