Introducing Miss Kelly!!

She’s finally here! The time has finally come but before I reveal my new favorite piece of furniture which I have dubbed the name Miss Kelly I feel the need to tell you about my total freak out at 5am yesterday. Now if you read this post from yesterday you know that I was searching for a piece to replace my crap goes here to die kitchen table.

I was so focused on finding a piece for so long that when I spotted this one I jumped all over it. It wasn’t until yesterday morning that I sprang out of bed at 5am and thought “Crap, how the hell am I going to fit that in my entrance!” I had major anxiety all day about getting it into my apartment because of the length and the very narrow hallway I have that requires a quick turn.

Once the old kitchen table was out my bestest friend in the whole wide world Angelica helped me haul Miss Kelly up the stairs and into my teenie tiny hallway and guess what? IT DIDN’T FIT!!! My fists flew in the air! Tears started to well in my eyes! My feet started to stomp! Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. Within seconds I discovered the most amazing thing, we could stand it up and slide it right into the door. IT WORKED!! Such relief! Once it got into the kitchen I was so incredibly happy. I don’t think wood has ever made me this happy (that’s what she said). So without further ado, here is my new crush and remember the color my camera captured is so incredibly off from what it actually looks like but still so pretty!

How about a before and after transformation? Sure, why not!

Now there are still a few little fixes I need to make like attaching the little spike thingy that’s missing on the bottom right and I also need to clean the brass hardware on the fixed pieces. For all the info on how I transformed Miss Kelly click here!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to show how I got the existing hardware to shine like pretty jewelry for Miss Kelly!

So what do you think? Have you ever painted anything such a drastic color before? Do you want to now? I love hearing from all of you and don’t forget Made2Style now has a facebook page so check the sidebar and like us to get updates on new posts!

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15 thoughts on “Introducing Miss Kelly!!

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  2. What what! I got a shout out! Miss Kelly is amazing and looks more amazing now that she’s back together with her jewelry on!!

  3. I was going through old Transformation Thursdays and found you. This green is so pretty! Usually I would hate those old pulls on stuff but you’ve got me thinking I would like them if the furniture was painted!

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