Polishing Hardware

I’m back to show you guys how easy it is to clean up your already existing hardware. When I started working on Miss Kelly I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep the hardware or replace it. I wanted it to be gold and shiny and it was far from that!

Cleaning them up was much easier than I had originally thought. When I was at my local hardware store getting all my supplies I grabbed a bottle of Brasso which is a metal and brass polisher.

The instructions on the bottle say to soak a cloth or sponge with the product and apply it to the metal and then re-polish with a clean cloth. I tried that…it took a very long time and a lot of elbow grease. I knew I didn’t want spend all afternoon doing this so I grabbed a container and tossed all the hardware in and soaked them in the Brasso.

By the way you will definitely need to wear gloves while doing this and a face mask because the smell is major! The only way I can describe it is like 10 women getting their hair permed at the same time. Nose hairs will burn and eyes will tear.

After letting it soak or a bit (maybe 5 minutes) I started pulling them out and cleaning. I should warn you though, when I opened the lid all the hardware was blue! I freaked for a second but it was fine.

Rather than using the cloth I used an old toothbrush. At first I was worried that it would scratch the brass but it didn’t and it made life so much easier. After a good scrub I used a dry cloth to clean and polish and they were beautiful. Almost like new!

Major improvement and I love how they look against the green.

Have a great weekend!!


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