Burlap and Lace Desktop Caddy

With summer winding down and school starting next week I have been setting up my classroom for the new school year and enjoying every minute of it! Once it’s all done I will certainly be sharing pictures but in the meantime I wanted to share a desktop caddy I made for a friend of mine for her new classroom. I have seen images online of reusing old cans for storage and being no stranger to that I worked along the same lines.  The first thing I did was get my hands on a lazy susan. The one I used was donated from my cousin who wasn’t using it. Then I just started saving any glass jars I had. When I went to Ikea recently I purchased some small condiment jars and a white planter. I also bought some baby food jars in case I needed them.

Once I finally had them all together I played around with how I would place them on the susan.

I got that black container from Target to hold Post-its in as well. Once I had an idea I took them outside and got to work on painting them. Why did I paint them? Because I have a spray painting addiction and I want to spray paint anything I get my hands on!

For the large  glass jars I used Rustoleum Heirloom White and I simply sprayed inside the jars lightly, allowed it to dry and then sprayed a second coat. For the lids of the condiment jars I used Brilliant Gold and for the Post It holder I used Champagne from Krylon. Of course I had all of these colors so it was a matter of what I thought would work.

For the lazy susan I primed and painted it white and then for a little fun and contrast I used a Martha Stewart stencil that I had and some old sample paint from Sherwin Williams. Notice a trend here? This was definitely a “work with what you have” project!

Once the paint was dry on all the pieces I sprayed a water based poly acrylic to seal everything so that the paint stays put. I let it all dry for 24 hours.

Now for the next part I don’t actually have pictures but I used burlap that I already had and using this method like I’ve done before I just wrapped the burlap around the jars and then added some lace on top that I purchased at Joann’s and secured it with a drop of hot glue.  I used velcro to hold down the  smaller pieces so that they don’t fly off when it spins it!

Here’s how it turned out!

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