Organizing Your Shoe Closet {Boot Edition}

The other day while driving I was stopped at a light and looking around when I noticed it…leaves were starting to change color. Now I am a lover of summer but there is something to be said about the Fall. The smell in the air, pumpkin patches, apple picking, Sunday football, and my absolute favorite – Fall clothing! With that said I knew it was time to start organizing my boots which always manage to lay on their sides and no matter how I stand them up they fall over and look sloppy. Now as you all know, I am a woman and like most woman I have A LOT of shoes. 3 closets worth of shoes. I am in the process of organizing them by types. With that it was time to work on the boot closet. The idea being to have my boots stand up straight and stay that way. How did I manage to make that happen? A tension bar and pant hangers! The first thing I did was choose the closet, empty it out and insert the tension rod. I placed it roughly 20″ from the ground.

Next I grabbed the hanger. Now there are different type of pants hangers, the most common being the ones with the clips but the last thing I wanted were marks on my boots so I hit up Ikea with my cousin this past weekend to purchased these babies.

They are lined with a very soft strip of felt so I just placed my boots together, clipped and hung.

Since Uggs are so thick I just hung them from the two inside parts.

I love how organized they are and that they all stand tall which helps to keep their shape.

Are you excited for Fall?


3 thoughts on “Organizing Your Shoe Closet {Boot Edition}

  1. Great idea! Maybe you can come and organize my closet! Lol
    My daughter uses the noodles ( those long tubes that are used in the swimming pool) she cuts them to fit in her boots so that they stand upright. Very creative ladies.

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