Spice Up Your Life!

Anyone else in love with As Seen On TV products? Snuggie…check. Shake Weight…check. Those awesome Debbie Meyers green bags…check. Whenever I pass that section I swear I want to buy all those products because yes, I do need to slice my can with that extremely sharp knife! When I saw the commercial for the Swivel Store spice rack I had to have it! By the way, no one is paying me to talk up this product I just got super excited after I was able to organize my spices and wanted to share! I love organizing my space and making life easier for myself so of course I am going to love something that is going to help me do that. Here’s a picture what my cabinet looked like beforehand. You’ll notice you can’t see many of my spices…hence, my issue.

*Pictures are a little unfocused due to low light and unsteady hand. Didn’t notice until after I uploaded them.

I began by taking everything out and then going through all the spices that I had. I had some doubles, some were pretty empty and others were expired. Actually, many were expired so I was happy that I was able to do this because I knew what I needed to replace.

Once I knew what I was keeping I just started adding them to the rack and then I used one of my wire baskets to hold some other spices that didn’t fit.

Once I got it all in I did my little happy dance!

It’s the little things in life that seriously make me happy!


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