A Little Instant Replay & Facebook Info

So I have come up with this genius idea! Ok, it may not be genius but I think it’s pretty neat on my part. I have been blogging for quite some time and M2S has really picked up on its readers sooooo…I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to do some replays of past projects that I have done for those who are new here and may not have had the chance to go through the archives. Of course for those folks who have been with me since the start (I love you) it’ll be a little refresher for you.  I have decided to dub Fridays as Flashback Friday where I will pick a favorite/popular post of mine and repost it each Friday. Not sure how long it will go on for, maybe until I forget but I think it should be a good time!

On another note I wanted to mention this awesome (major sarcasm) news I happened upon having to do with Facebook. It turns out that if you are a fan of Made2Style, or any page for that matter, there is a very slim chance you will receive my posts on your news feed. It turns out that as a page owner whenever a post is written and published on Facebook it only reaches 17% of your fans. Which means as of right now when I update my status to let my fans know that there is a new post up, only 54 of my 318 (and growing) fans actually receive it (GRR)! Oh and if I want all of you guys to get my updates on your News Feed I have to cough up $10 for every status update! This is the case for any page that you may have “liked.”

Now, there are two things you can do to keep receiving updates. The first is heading over to the Made2Style page and clicking on the little drop arrow next to the wheel and then click on “Add to Interest List” and then “New List“.

Then you just want to make sure that you select the blog and then name it. I named it Blog here. You can add other blogs to this list as well if you have other blogs that you follow through Facebook.

Once you hit done you’re all set and if you look over to your left sidebar there should be a tab now called Blogs (or whatever you chose to name it). If you don’t see it just click on the more button and it should appear. By doing this you can now click on the Blog tab you created and keep up with new posts! 

Did that just confuse the hell out of you?? Well another thing you can do is click on the link below that says Subscribe and enter your email and you will be guaranteed to receive an email every time I write a new post! I hope this was helpful and BOO Facebook!!


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