An Early Start on Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is right around the corner and I certainly can not wait to pack away all my winter clothes and crack the windows open! For now, I will stay cuddled under the blanket and wait for the snow on the ground to melt. This past weekend I decided to get my butt into gear and do some early purging! My victims were under my kitchen sink and kitchen junk drawer! My first goal was to tackle the kitchen sink cabinet and toss anything I wasn’t using and find a place for everything. It’s so easy to just throw things wherever there is room when you take something out but if you designate an actual spot for those items then it helps you keep things organized. I just started by taking everything out and sorting through what I had.



By the way, this thing on the right is a great tool to have under the sink because it allows for more space. Just make sure you use it right unlike me who was just tossing things in it!


I wiped it all down and placed everything in its right spot. I placed all kitchen and bath cleaning supplies in the top rack and the bottom rack holds items that I don’t use as frequently like oven cleaner, oxi clean, plant food.



It’s so nice when everything has a place! Speaking of which let’s move on to the next task at hand…the junk drawer! We all have them. Those drawers that just manage to get filled with things you probably haven’t needed ever like “oh yes, let’s save those chopsticks for when I learn to make my own sushi.” Who are kidding, you don’t make sushi!! Anyway, whenever I think about organizing I immediately think of the mecca of organization – The Container Store. They sell these amazing “everything organizers” which of course I got my hands on!


You can also find these on Amazon and they are awesome because they have a top drawer that slides and allows for even more storage. If you’re anything like me then your drawer looks a little something like this…


You know, chock full of goodness (crap), so much so that your crazy glue explodes?


I ended up throwing so much stuff out. I also found the right place for more than half of the stuff in there that when I started to put it all back I had so much extra space!



It makes me so happy to have these spaces cleaned out! Next up, making better use of my bathroom storage. That’s right, if you haven’t used that spray gel, you’re not going to so toss it! I’ll be back tomorrow to share what I did in there!


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