Bathroom Cleaning

I’m back today to share some of my bathroom organization.  The truth is keeping the sink storage area organized can be quite a challenge especially since most products are all different sizes and some spaces can be really tight.  I have 3 designated areas for storage and I was doing a terrible job of utilizing them!




First things first: PURGE! I like to pretend I am moving and I am only allowed to keep the things I absolutely need. It’s so easy to think you’ll use that product or you might need that lotion one time but you don’t so toss it! I really needed to get better use of the storage so just like I did with the kitchen sink I took everything out and only kept what was necessary. 

What bugs me the most is that I cant make the under sink area look organized but at least I have only what I need and I put most used item up front. The suspended tension shelf is a great way to create more space in a small cabinet. I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.


In another cabinet I placed things like hair and body products that I do not use often but that I do use and also cosmetic bags. I thought about getting baskets but then I realized that all of these things are hidden by a door and rather than having to scrummage through a basket to find what I need I would rather just stand them. 


After all the purging it allowed me to completely free up the other storage area I had. Now I finally have a place for all my travel makeup that doesn’t fit in my travel case as well as my palettes! So excited about this!


Have you started getting rid of any unused items in your home?


4 thoughts on “Bathroom Cleaning

  1. I totally agree that every 6 months or so you have to throw out or donate whatever you aren’t using regularly. I have moved 3 times in 4 years and it really cuts down on clutter. Great tips, I need to go buy one of those extension rod shelves!

  2. Every time I watch an episode of Hoarders, I do a major clean up…last time was my closet..threw out all my, what my nieces called them, “so 2003” clothes…yes, that’s what they said when I bought the bag full of clothes to their house to see what they wanted before giving it to goodwill

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