Seeing Spots: DIY Inspiration Board

Guys, I’m seeing spots and I’m loving it! Not sure what I’m talking about? Take a look at these images and tell me if you’re seeing spots too!

93698bd0ccc79dae7349a7e1dcea620f-1 IMG_1293 639e6c2d932ab35b3661676f97069bcb -1 271c9b5ec27330155ad20c01ca7500d3Ahh…obsessed yet? Yeah, I hear ya. I definitely have been loving this trend and I knew I had to incorporate it somewhere into my space.  I wanted to use it to create an inspiration board in my work area. My idea for it was to make a live version of Pinterest. I went straight to my favorite fabric site and found this fabric and ordered it!

Large_0290678It’s an extremely lightweight fabric mostly used for blouses. Don’t want to leave you thinking you could make a pillow out of it because it’s too fine for that but it is on sale for $3.99/yd. right now! If you’re interested in other spotted fabrics check out this post from Brittany Makes!

Once I got my fabric I hit up Target for a cork board, Beacon Fabric for a strip of brass nailhead trim, and grabbed my spray adhesive.

DSC_0073To attach the fabric to the board I sprayed the entire front with adhesive and laid the fabric over it, pulling it taut.  Then I sprayed the frames edge and wrapped it around to the back.

DSC_0074DSC_0075I snipped some of the fabric in the back on the top and bottom in order to attach the command strips to it as well.

DSC_0079The next part was adding the nail head trim. I love the strip! It makes life so easy because you don’t have to sit there and hammer in each individual nail. I laid the strip right along the edge of the board where the frame started and just went all the way around. Adding the nail after every fifth nail.

DSC_0077When I got to the corner I just bent the strip until it popped off and then went in the other direction.

DSC_0078Once I made it all around I simply hung it up and added my inspiration! I love having this because now I don’t have to hoard magazines! I can simply cut out any images that I am currently crushing on whether it’s home decor, beauty or even great recipes I want to try!

DSC_0018DSC_0017DSC_0019Do I have you seeing spots?


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