Wine Cork Initials & Place Card Holders

For my cousin’s bridal shower I decided to make some cork initials to add to the decor.  I’m lucky enough to have an uncle who owns a restaurant so getting a handful of wine corks was fairly easy.  If you are not so fortunate you can purchase some here or do what I would do and just start getting saucy every night! 

To start this project you will need corks (duh!) The amount of corks all depends on your letter but I would estimate around 60 corks per letter.  You’ll also need a hot glue guna print out of the letter, card stock and thick craft sticksI was going to be making an E (for Elizabeth) an F (for Frankie) and an ampersand. 

I started with printing out the letters that I needed and then tracing them on top of white card stock. By applying some pressure I was able to create a crease in the card stock which I then cut out.

Wine Cork Letters

I decided that I wanted the width of the letters to be 2 corks so I started hot gluing 2 corks together and testing out how I wanted them. I also alternated which side of the cork I was using.  I wanted there to be some variation in color.

Wine Cork LettersWine Cork Letters

Once I had all the twos together I started gluing them down onto the card stock shaped letter.

Wine Cork Letters

When I was finished I realized it needed more stability so this is where the craft sticks come in handy.  Just hot glue them onto the back. 

Wine Cork Letters

For the ampersand I happen to have a cork board in that shape so I used that and instead of wine corks I used a mixture of wine and champagne.  They took about 2 hours for all three but it was totally worth it! 

Wine Cork Letters

Wine Themed Bridal Shower l

Another quick project I did were the place card holders for the guests.  The supplies were pretty much the same thing.  I printed the cards myself and with a sharp knife (and careful eye) I sliced a line in the cork.

Cork Place Cards

Next I placed a dot of hot glue on the back bottom of the cork.  The point of that is so that when it hardens it will stop the cork from rolling over.

Cork Place Cards

Then just slide your card right in!

Cork Place Cards

Cork Place Cards


Now go grab yourself a nice glass of vino and get to drinkin’!!


5 thoughts on “Wine Cork Initials & Place Card Holders

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  2. Your photographs of your projects are great. You take them from every side so nothing is left out in the details. I am new to your website, but really want to try the no sew Roman shades. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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