Beauty Tip Tuesday: Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Beauty Tip Tuesday BannerHappy end of summer! I know, so depressing 😦 It’s ok though because Fall has so many great things to offer like fattening food and lots of couch stewing! So I have to say this whole Beauty Tip Tuesday seems to be a huge hit and I’m so excited you guys like it! And also a big thanks to all the love on my video, I can’t wait to make more! Today I thought I would kinda cheat and repost a beauty routine I absolutely love. It is also one of my top viewed posts and has been featured on BuzzFeed as well as tons of other blogs and websites. It’s all about that coconut oil!

After all the sun and swimming we’ve put our hair through these past few months it’s so important to take care of our tresses.  My most favorite hair mask to use is coconut oil.  I do it about once every 2 weeks but you can do it once a week if you want! I’m going to repost my step by step photos and also leave a link to the original post which has over 150 comments/questions/answers, so if you have any questions you can check there and might be able to find it.  Hope you enjoy and definitely give it
a try, it’s amazing what coconut oil can do for you!
Coconut Oil Mask-Coconut Oil Mask 1Coconut Oil Mask 3Coconut Oil Mask 4Coconut Oil Mask 9Coconut Oil Mask 8Coconut Oil Mask 5Coconut Oil Mask 6You can leave the oil in your hair anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight! When showering, I like to do two shampoos to make sure it’s all out!

Coconut Oil Mask

Original Post



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