{Beauty Tip Tuesday} Make Your Lips Pop

Beauty Tip Tuesday BannerBig lips are all the rage right now. Between Kylie Jenner and sucking lip plumpers it seems like everyone is walking around looking like Lisa Rinna these days! If injections aren’t your thing you can always try overdrawing which when done right can really add the appearance of plumpness! If you’re not comfortable with the lip liner then there is another little trick you can try to help draw attention to your lip and make it stand out. It’s as simple as a little highlighter right on your cupid’s bow. Where is your cupid’s bow you ask?
Make Your Lips Pop

It’s the little v at the top edge of your lip.  Adding a bit of highlighter to this area will make it stand out and draw attention to it making the area appear larger. 

Make Your Lips Pop

If you don’t have any highlighters (we can’t be friends) then you can always use any shimmering eye shadow!
Give it a try and see what you think! 



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