DIY Fall Wreath

During a recent outing to one of New York’s biggest yard sales in Stormville I snagged myself a grapevine wreath for $1! I also got some other great deals like a $3 hand sander, a very pretty vintage gold necklace and a tray table which I am going to be redoing.  Can’t wait to get started on that project but first thing first I need some eye candy on my very gray door.  I went to Michael’s and got all the materials I needed.

The floral pieces were all on sale for 50% off and the little leaves were my own so this project cost me close to nothing.  The first thing I did was open up the fall berry sprigs by simply pulling them apart and then I placed them around the wreath and secured them with floral wire.

Then I moved on to the…hmm…not sure what to call them.  How about flowy fall foliage.

I continued adding them and securing with the floral wire but I made sure to have some pieces sick out for effect.  Finally, I used my hot glue gun to attach the leaves and then hung her up.

I love how it came out but I may end up buying some more berry sprigs and filling the space in a little heavier to cover the actually grapevine wreath itself.  It certainly puts a smile on my face when I come home.  Now if only it felt like fall outside!

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