Lanyard Link Bracelet

I don’t know what it is about me but I have this crazy desire to make things I can easily buy. Call me crazy but if I can get a hold of the materials I always want to try to see what I am capable of doing. That didn’t change when I came across this on Etsy.

Seeing the lanyard brought me back to my childhood and I knew with some guidance I would easily be able to make this. The first thing I did was hit up Joann’s for the links. I ended up finding a necklace and also purse handles…sounds strange huh? Here’s a picture of what I mean:

See? Purse handles! So I grabbed my wrench and pried the links apart until I had as many links as I wanted.

To be on the safe side I would add a cloth around the wrench so that you aren’t putting the metal right on it and risking the chance of scratching the link.

The next step was starting the King Cobra stitch. I referred to this video to refresh my memory and used turquoise lanyard that a friend of mine had lying around cause who doesn’t still have all their lanyard from childhood? For this project you need 2 pieces of lanyard. The first piece should be about 3x’s the length that you want your bracelet to be. The second piece should be about 5x’s the size of the first piece. My two pieces pretty much measured out to 1 ft. and 5ft.

Before I got to the end of the cobra stitch I needed to create a loop at the end so I simply took one of the two middle pieces and folded it up and put a band around it and clipped the other piece with scissors.

I continued the stitch on top of the loop until I was at the length I wanted and then I cut off the lanyard that was sticking out. Once that was finished I flipped it over and continued the stitch on the other side to the create the “King” part of the king cobra stitch. You pretty much are following the video to create the cobra stitch and then when you are at the length you want you turn the stitch over and do the same stitch on top what you already have. That’s what makes it nice and thick looking.

Once the stitch was done I just put a drop of hot glue down and created a knot on top and cut the extra lanyard. For the next one I make I will most likely place a piece of felt on top of the knot so that it doesn’t become irritating on my skin if it has any pointy parts.

Then I just slipped the loops into the links that were opened and rocked it!

I can’t wait to try the different links and colored lanyard! Are you rocking any trendy bracelets these days?


7 thoughts on “Lanyard Link Bracelet

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