Bathroom Organizing

At the beginning of the summer I had a big “Things I want to get done this summer” list. Each day I would wake up and say ok today is the day I will _____! Then there would turn out to be some marathon of some trashy show on TV and the next thing I knew I was saying, “Well, I have the whole summer to get to that.” Well, summer is over! And those things I wanted to get to are breathing down my neck so it’s time I make things happen.

One of the first things I needed to do was remedy the situation in my bathroom with my makeup storage. I had purchased one of those little cabinets with a basket when I first moved in and thought that it would be great to hold my makeup bag, brushes, blow dryer, etc. and while it was, the makeup situation was starting to annoy me. I’m sure you know what I mean. You go into your bag to get out the eye liner that you need that you neatly placed on top yesterday but now has somehow made it to the bottom of the bag and you have to dig for it. Yeah. Well I came up with a solution for that, at least I thought I did. It was a good one but now I’ve changed my mind. I had originally purchased utensil containers from Bed Bath and Beyond and used one for my everyday makeup, only the essentials and one for hair things (ties, clips, bobby pins). 

It was working for awhile but now it just seemed overcrowded and there are definitely things in there that are not essential! FYI: A great way to store your makeup brushes is to throw some pebbles in a vase and stick them in! They stand right up and it’s great for when you need to dry your brushes after cleaning them. The one thing that was bothering me about this set up was that everything was out in the open, it looked to cluttered and I hate cluttered. I had looked into getting some acrylic makeup organizers like this one:

But this baby goes for $165 on Amazon! Insane, right? So I worked with what I had until the other day when I was helping out my friend Kate in her classroom and came across these 3-drawer acrylic storage cases that she bought. She told me she got them at the Container Store and that they were on sale so naturally I got in my car and brought them home.

And in case you can’t read that it was $8.99. Sure beats paying $165! The original price is $12.99 which is still a steal if you ask me. So the next thing I did was pull out the things I needed to store and made sure to put away anything I didn’t need into my travel case. The great thing about these is that I am now able to store my bronzers/blushes and such that I couldn’t fit into the other containers.

Another fun tip: If you have a teeny tiny bathroom sink that doesn’t allow for much room place a cutting board on top to give you a flat surface to work with or on any size sink for that matter!



The great thing about these is that they really have a lot of room for being so small. Of course you can use them to store pretty much anything you want. Cotton balls, q-tips, they can be used in garages to store screws and nails. Makeup is just what worked for me and what I needed. Now, what to do with these fellas…


2 thoughts on “Bathroom Organizing

  1. Crack, I went to Ikea yesterday and did this… so much easier now to find things!! thank you 🙂 and btw i think we have the same rocks for the brushes 😀

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