Gradient Dot Art

When I was planning out my bedroom makeover in my head I knew I wanted to create some kind of art work for above my bed.  I knew I wanted it to be metallic and I wanted circles involved because of the whole “everything in my room is a rectangle” fiasco. It wasn’t very long after I thought about making something that I came across this picture on Pinterest:


I also saw a picture on Instagram that gave me the idea of using different sized circles so I headed out to Michael’s and grabbed my supplies. I purchased silver metallic paint, gold metallic paint, and a creamy white metallic paint.  I also purchased a 30×40 canvas, using a 40% off coupon. Oh and let’s not forget the foam circle stampers which came together in a package.


Now the next set of pictures were taken in my living room, at night, with my iPhone, so I apologize. There also aren’t many photos because I wasn’t really sure how it was all going to play out. I pretty much just winged it!

The first thing I did was grab some paper plates and poured out my paint. I mixed the pearl color with the silver because I wasn’t a fan of the silver on it’s own.  Then, starting with the largest foam sponge I randomly began dotting the top of the canvas (make sure you don’t overload the sponge with paint). I continued doing this with all the different colors. I just wiped the sponge on a paper towel in between color changes. I kept the large circles pretty close together, overlapping some as well.


Next, I moved on to the middle size sponge and did the same thing. This time I just spaced my circles out a little more because I was trying to create the illusion that they are starting to disappear into thin canvas air. Once I did enough of those I grabbed the smallest of the sponges and dotted those bad boys here and there.


And that right there is my gradient dot artwork! A friend of mine suggested adding some 3D elements to it which I am not opposed to just not sure what to do yet.  I also think I might want to paint the sides. I did hang it and all but that won’t stop me from taking it down and messing with it. I mean, am I ever really done with a project?

DSC_0021DSC_0005If large canvases scare you, you could always try this out on drawing paper and use erasers to create your circles or even a q-tip and simply frame it!



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