{DIY} Glitter Vase

This might be the easiest project to add a pop of glam to a plain old glass vase! Wanting to add some more gold accents to my space I took a round vase that I already had and added some fine gold glitter to it! This can be done on pretty much any vase, even mason jars! Oh the possibilities and colors!! All you need to accomplish this is a vase of your choice, painters tape, mod podge, a brush and any type of protective finish.

The first thing you need to do is decide where you would like the glitter to be and tape off the rest. You can always of course get crazy and glitter the whole thing, eliminating the tape altogether!



Next just brush on the glue to the section you want to glitterize. Yeah, I made that word up.


Sprinkle on the glitter and then tap the vase to remove the excess glitter.



Quickly peel the tape off before the glue dries so that you could keep a straight line and then add some new tape over all the exposed glass. Take the vase outside and spray a nice coat of your protective finish so that no glitter with sprinkle off.


Once it’s dry take your tape off and insert flowers! DSC_0054


The perfect touch of glam!


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