Beet & Feta Salad

I have had a love relationship with beets my whole life. 


I remember first eating them at my aunt’s house when I was just a little girl.  My mom has always pickled beets and I swear I can eat the entire container. They aren’t your typical vegetable and if you’ve never tried them before I highly suggest you do! A popular way of serving beets is on a bed of lettuce with goat cheese but I personally despise goat cheese. I am a lover of all things cheese, the smellier the better but me and goat cheese just don’t get along. Something about eating cheese that smells like a petting zoo just doesn’t do it for me. Now if we are going to talk about cheese that I can eat with anything (and pretty much do) that would be feta. Saying I love feta would be an understatement. I have been eating feta probably since the moment I was able to eat solid foods! So when I was craving beets the other day I decided to roast some up with feta and made an orange and rice vingear dressing adapted from here.

I started by cutting the stems off of the beets and placing them in a shallow roasting pan that has been lined with kosher salt. The idea of salt roasting helps to keep the juices from the beets from oozing out.

IMG_0879Roast them for about an hour at a temperature of 425°. You’ll know they’re done when you place a fork in it and there is a bit of give. Once you’ve taken them out allow them to cool. When they have cooled down just add a tiny bit of pressure to the skin and it will peel right off.

IMG_0889Then chop these babies up in small chunks and make your dressing. For the dressing I used

3/4 cup orange juice
1 T. rice vinegar
zest of an orange
1 small shallot, minced
kosher salt
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

IMG_0888Pour it over your beets and enjoy!



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