Beach Theme Party

For the past few weeks my cousin Martha and I have been planning a big birthday bash for her sisters 30th birthday party.  I would normally Instagram pictures of projects I was working on except that this party was a surprise.  You see the birthday girl has had her hand in throwing all of our 30th birthday parties so when the big 3-0 came her way we knew we had to make it big! She had always said she wanted a beach theme party so we went with it and since her birthday isn’t until July she didn’t suspect a thing! We held the party at her mother’s newly built home (she thought she was going there because there were going to be workers at the house and someone had to be home…silly girl!)

Since all of the cars were going to be in the driveway I knew we would have to surprise her before she pulled up so I created a sign along with the rest of the decor while Martha worked on the food.  The sign idea almost didn’t work because we didn’t have enough guest at the house yet before she arrived but luckily it worked out (the one time she’s on time!!)  Here are some pictures from the bash!



She was completely surprised and it turned out great! Stay tuned this week on how I made some of the decor!

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