Closet Organization

Hello and Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here and I am more excited than ever because I am going to be heading up to Toronto to see my family this weekend! I had originally planned on flying out yesterday but then realized my Back to School night was today so whomp whomp, I had to cancel my flight and now I’m road tripping it with my family.  8 hours of back seat fun with the fam…should be interesting! Of course you can follow all of the shenanigans on my Instagram.

I have also been working on my new wreath for the season and I’m hoping to have it done and the post up by tomorrow but considering that I haven’t packed yet I wouldn’t hold your breath! But good news! I am sharing some tips on how to organize your clothes for when it’s time to switch out summer to fall clothing over at The Joyful Organizer today! Head on over and check it out! 


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