The Drama of the Kitchen Backsplash

Today I am going to share the drama that was my kitchen backsplash.  Let’s start with a little backstory shall we.  To do that I have to fill you in on my living situation.  I am a second grade teacher at a private school and the school I work for owns the house that I live in.  The house is actually broken into 4 separate apartments and I live in one of them.  I’m lucky enough that I get to pretty much do what I want in this space as far as painting and all that goes. When things go wrong all I have to do is contact the maintenance guys and they come over and fix it. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Now about 1 year ago I had asked if it would be at all possible to get a backsplash put in the kitchen.  At the time there was nothing on the walls. I dreamt of a beautiful glass subway tile but I knew that was way out of any budget I could be given so I found this cute glass mosaic tile at HD on sale for $5.99 sq/ft.


I was told yes but that it wouldn’t be right away, probably not for another month since the guys were working on a lot of projects.  Well, that month turned into “They won’t get to it until the summer,” which turned into “October is looking like it might be a better time for them,” which then became “After the winter break,”…catch my drift? It just kept being put off and I so badly wanted to just DIY it and submit my receipts but at the same time I didn’t want to piss anyone off. So January rolls around and it looks like the ball is starting to roll on the install! I get a text saying that they are at HD and they no longer carry the tile I wanted, bummer! So I went searching online and came across this tile.

photoIt had the glass but also some stone which I liked.  So in my mind this was the tile I was going to be getting. Fast forward another month or so and still no word on the install.  Then I get an email saying to go to the tile store at the bottom of my street…”there’s a tile store at the bottom of my street?” and pick the tile for my backsplash.  This. is. so. exhausting. I wasn’t married to the glass and stone and in all honesty could care less what went up, it’s an apartment, I just wanted something! So I went in the store and apparently they were expecting me and I was told that I was given a generous budget. Hmm, someone must have been feeling bad for making me wait so long. So when they asked what I wanted I asked, “Do you have any glass subway tiles within my budget?” and they pulled out these gorgina 2″ x 16″ tiles.


So I chose the color I wanted and left feeling very happy. I guess waiting almost a year was worth it!

Now, just when you think the story is over there’s more to it. So let me show you what the area looks like. This is a super old and dark photo I was lucky enough to find since I never took a “before” shot.

photo-5 When I was told the guys would be coming to do the tiles I had said that I wanted them staggered like bricks to the head maintenance guy.  The day of the install came and I was sooo excited all day and when I got home I opened the door and felt a big whomp whomp.  This was what I saw…

photo-4Why are the stacked? Who stacks tiles? I was pretty disappointed.  I had an image of what I thought it was going to be and it wasn’t that at all.  I decided I wasn’t going to judge it until it was all done. Nor was I going to complain about free tiles! I started to find that the more I stared at it the more I was beginning to like it.  I even went on Pinterest and searched stacked tiles and the photos that came up helped me feel a lot better about it.  I feels very modern to me now and once the grout was put in and I put all my stuff back I found that I actually love it.  It’s completely different from the ordinary and not what you would expect and that is what I love about it.  The guys said after searching online they read that long glass tiles should be stacked rather than staggered. It took forever to happen but now I finally have something to look at other then a white wall! 






I find it to be a very clean look. What are your thoughts? 


8 thoughts on “The Drama of the Kitchen Backsplash

  1. What a process, that sounds so annoying . . . but it came out beautifully! I love the tile you chose, and the stacked look is actually really neat. Love it!

  2. Did you hire my husband??? Hahaha. I kid. Sort of.

    I think I would have freaked at first too but I really do like the stacked look. It fits very well with your kitchen. It’s all fancy pants now! I’d say it’s worth the wait but it would have been equally awesome a year ago. 😛

  3. Hi, LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen backsplash tiles. Do you know what brand/number they are? If you can please send me a picture of the box if you have it. Thanks. Rosa

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