Fall at Home

Happy Hump day! I say that with a lot of enthusiasm since this week is draaaaging! But I come to share some pictures of the casa and some “Fallness” I added. Yes, today Fallness is a word. It’s a good word. Nothing tickles my fancy more than decorating for seasons/holidays and Fall is no exception.  I kept things rather simple only because I’m still transitioning a lot of my stuff and trying to decide where I want things. I have about a million ideas in my head but have been limited to one space at a time which is definitely a challenge for me but it’s a good one, it keeps my ADHD under control! With that said, I’m inviting you inside to our living space where I kept the majority of the decor. It’s currently my favorite space since it’s one of the only finished spaces in the entire house. Of course nothing is truly ever finished to me because something can always change but for now it works! So let’s start with the entry way, it’s red. Red people. In case you aren’t aware, I hate red. When I lived at home and discovered HGTV I decided to paint my bedroom red and while it was the most awesome room ever it was also the year 2000 and now it’s not so it’s time to move on.  It’s on the list and I can’t wait until it’s gone but for now I embrace it. Why? Because love makes you do stupid things. Ok, enough chit-chat…




I’m planning on doing a full house tour soon.  I’m currently shopping around for a good wide angle lens. Once I get it I’ll be going picture crazy! Check back tomorrow where I’ll sharing this years Fall wreath! My favorite one so far! 


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