Gold Leaf Canvas & Gallery Wall

Thanks so much for all the great feedback on the vanity! Getting ready for work in the morning has certainly become so much easier and definitely a bit more glamorous 😉
After putting the vanity together I had a ton of empty wall space above it that desperately needed to be filled.  I had a bunch of prints that I loved and wanted to frame but I also wanted to try my hand at some original art work. Now I am no artist but I do enjoy a blank canvas and a paint brush. I wanted my canvas to have some texture but wasn’t sure what to use so I asked the art teacher at my school and she was awesome enough to give me some modeling paste.

Gold Leaf Canvas ArtThis stuff is like plaster! It’s so thick and did exactly what I was hoping it would! I simply  took a small paint brush and with no rhyme or reason just spread it all over the canvas.  I concentrated on laying it on thick.  I wanted there to be a decent amount of texture when it dried.
Gold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtAfter letting it dry (about 2 days) I whipped out my paints and got to it.  For this project the colors I wanted to work with were black, white, pink, and gold (all acrylic.)  I worked in layers when painting.  First with black, then pink, next white, and finally gold.  You can really get a good idea of the texture once I laid the black paint down.
Gold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtTo add a little more texture I took an old stiff paint brush and ran in horizontally across the canvas creating a dragged look on the paint.
The next step was adding some gold leaf. Make sure your paint is dry before you do the next step. Using my gold leaf adhesive pen I drew in where I wanted there to be gold leaf. 
Gold Leaf Canvas Art I let the adhesive dry enough to be tacky and then laid the sheet of gold leaf on top. Then using a paint brush, I dabbed it down to adhere the gold leaf and swept away any excess.
Gold Leaf Canvas ArtI continued this in all the spots I wanted there to be some gold leaf. When I was finished I repeated the same steps on another canvas.  I kept the process the same but used more of some colors and less of others just to keep things similar but not matchy matchy. I also placed some gold leaf on the edges of the canvases to give it a finished look.

Gold Leaf Canvas Art The next step was putting up my little gallery wall.  I used this method to decide where everything would go. Recycled cereal boxes can come in real handy!

DSC_0340The majority of the frames were pretty light so I ended up just using command strips to hang them and nails for the ones that needed a little more reinforcement. Here’s it all finished!
DSC_0343DSC_0356DSC_0347Oh right, don’t mind the robe wearing crazy cat lady in the mirror! I still need to add a little something to the left of the canvases but for now the space finally feels complete!
Do you think you’ll try your hand at some original artwork?


5 thoughts on “Gold Leaf Canvas & Gallery Wall

  1. I like how you used cereal boxes to plan your layout. Great idea! I also love the colors you used and the texturing technique. I just made some original art on gallery wrapped canvas (using Speedball gold leaf sheets and brush on adhesive). It was a total mess but worth it. Stuck with basic geometrical shapes using painter’s tape and it came out nice.

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