Tray Table Makeover

About 5 years ago I attended what is called the Ultimate Family Yard Sale. It’s held on an airport lot and people can rent tables to sell their stuff or you can go to buy.  I had gone one year to check it out and then ended up coming back the next year to rent a table.  When I was walking around scoping out the tables a tray table totally caught my eye.  It turned out the table was not for sale it was just there to hold items that were.  Lucky for me, I’m a smooth talker and convinced the woman to sell it to me. I had so many ideas for it but like a lot of the furniture pieces I own it made its way into the pile and I forgot all about it.  Fast forward to now. I was looking for a little side table to place next to the upholstered chair in our living room and the tray table came to mind.  I knew it would need a little freshening up so I gave it a fresh paint job and a new top.

Tray Table Makeover

I used Zinsser oil based primer to start with.Tray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverTray Table Makeover

Then I used Rustoleum’s Champagne as the color. 

Tray Table MakeoverTray Table Makeover

The bamboo base in the tray was not really working for me so I went to my local glass and mirror shop and had a mirror cut to size. Easy peasy! Glad to have finally put the table to use!
Tray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverIf you missed the post on how I painted that fabric chair from pink to blue you can check it out HERE!
Do you hoard furniture like myself? No? Just me huh…great. 😉


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