Nursery Part I

The time has finally come! I’m so excited to start working on this baby’s nursery I can’t contain it! Since we decided not to find out the sex the space is going to be very gender neutral. So many people have asked me, knowing I love interior design, how I would work on the nursery without knowing the sex. Honestly, my whole house is gender neutral! I love to keep a clean palette and then add pops of color here and there. With so many options out there it’s been hard to decide but I created a mood board to help keep me on track of pieces I want to add to the space. Once the baby arrives we can always add some feminine touches or masculine ones. Gender Neutral Nursery Mood Board

One of my favorite things about this house is that it is the house my husband grew up in. We have been working little by little to make it our own and this space is no different. The room we will be turning into the nursery used to be my husbands childhood room. Up until recently it still looked like his childhood room since all of his bedroom furniture was still in there! Sadly it was also the space where things went to die. Don’t know where to put that box? Stick it in the bedroom. Too lazy to put all that wrapping paper up into the attic? Stick it in the bedroom for now. Catch my drift?

Our plan is to empty this space out and start from scratch. Our first order of business was selling all that furniture and clearing out as much as we could! Try not to judge…just think of this room like Monica Gellar’s closet.Baby V Nursery Part 1We were lucky enough to sell all the furniture, which was in great condition to a family with 2 little girls who will hopefully enjoy it for years to come.
Next up was removing all the old molding and ripping up the carpet. We aren’t ready to take the carpet away yet since we will be doing more work like adding new molding and painting. Rather than having to cover the beautiful hardwood underneath we’re keeping the carpet there but we wanted to clear out all the nail strips.Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1We are working step by step with this room so the next task is to move the A/C vent a bit father away from the wall  so the crown molding will fit and then to center the light fixture. If you scroll up you may notice how incredibly off center it is! Once the holes have been patched it will be time to paint!

Choosing a paint color was interesting. I knew the exact color I wanted, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, until I put a sample on the wall and was confused by how dark it was. Next to it I also tested Edgecomb Gray, our bedroom color, and then Balboa Mist. I posted this photo on Instagram and the right side seemed to be the popular vote.Baby V Nursery Part 1The problem? Those colors were not at all how they actually should look. To test it out I painted a strip of primer underneath the samples and once it dried I resampled the paint. Sure enough the colors were much more true to color. In the end, we chose Balboa Mist (left color but it actually looks like the color on the right) by Benjamin Moore. As much as I love Revere Pewter it was still reading a bit too dark for this space. The lesson learned here? Just because your walls look close to white you should still prime before testing out paints. 

Can’t wait to move on to the next step! Now to order and paint all the molding! 


Buffalo Plaid Christmas Chargers + Tablescape

During this time of year I love to browse through Pinterest for some inspiration. While going through my holiday pins I came across this photo which for whatever reason just stood out to me! Buffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeSource
I loved the combination of the buffalo plaid print and the natural elements. It totally inspired me to create my tablescape with that print in mind and the first thing I thought of was buffalo plaid chargers! These were something I had never seen before so I knew I’d have to make them. I went to Michaels and got a hold of some cheap silver chargers which were on sale for $1 each and I ordered this fabric from

I gathered all the materials I would need which was simply the chargers, the fabric, spray adhesive, and scissors.Buffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeKeep in mind, when ordering fabric it will depend on how many chargers you’re looking to cover. I ordered way too much because I didn’t measure. It’s a good thing I love the print! In order to get started I quickly cut out a square shape around the charger and then drew a circle about 2 inches away from the charger and then cut it out.
Buffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeFor the next part I took the chargers outside and sprayed the entire front and just the edges of the back with the spray adhesive. I laid the fabric down and pressed it with my hands smoothing it out and then turned it around and smoothed out the edges.Buffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeTo keep the print going I ordered these napkins as well. I absolutely love how the table came out! Buffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeBuffalo Plaid Charger + TablescapeThe table is all ready to go for hosting Christmas! Now to work on the menu! 

Master Bedroom Makeover

Today I am finally sharing our master bedroom makeover! This room was a work in progress. My plan wasn’t to make a drastic change over night but doing a little here and a little there until my vision came to fruition. My hope was to have it completed by our wedding and it worked out perfectly! Clearly I am way behind on sharing so today I’ve got a ton of before and afters. Let’s start with what this room looked like B.C. ( B.C. clearly standing for Before CindyDSC_0074IMG_0870So dissecting this picture we’ve got, a blue comforter, 2 measly little lamps, all dark wood furniture, and let’s call a spade a spade, poop brown walls. I didn’t mind the darker walls but brown? 
We lived with the wall color for quite awhile. The first thing I did was try my best to lighten the room with new bedding, lamps, and soft fabric. 


Here is what the view of the front side of the room looked like.DSC01182DSC01174The next change I made was painting the walls. I chose Edgecomb Gray to really lighten the room. Master Makeover dsc01243dsc01246 Ah, much better! We also needed to paint the ceiling since it had quite a few amount of stains but rather than going with the basic white I chose a color to add in order to avoid the room being too neutral. We went with BM Gray Cashmere and it turned out amazing! Master Makeover Next up was replacing and adding pieces to the room. On top of changing the curtains I added a new mirror above the
dresser, a new tv stand, rug, and added some art work to the wall. The biggest improvement in the room after all that was our new bed! We didn’t purchase all of these things at once just a little at a time but sometimes a space takes awhile to create and I am so happy with how it is today! Here’s another before shot and then our after…IMG_6726Master MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverMaster MakeoverOf course there are still a few things I’d love to add like a bench at the end of our bed and some type of artwork/frames to the right of our tv. We usually have a stand up mirror there but it comes and goes so I would love to find something for that little space. We also would love to eventually replace the dresser and bedside tables but we haven’t fallen in love with anything yet.  I’ve listed as many sources of items as I could below in case anything in this room gave you the heart eyes! 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Bed – Wayfair (Color Not Available)
Bedding – Bloomingdales 

Rug – Rugs USA
Curtains – Kohls (Similar Here)
Mirror – Home Goods
Artwork – Home Goods
Round Mirrors – T.J Maxx (Similar Here)
Mirrored Frames – Target 
TV Stand – Home Goods
Lamps – Target (Similar Here)

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

You guys!! I’m so excited about this project! I love nothing more than having a vision and seeing it come to fruition. To say that this project was easy would be a lie. Not to say that it was hard to do but I kept going back and forth on my decisions so what should have been a quick makeover took a bit longer than expected. 

Just to give you an idea, in our dining room we have a hutch and a buffet. I redid our buffet here and here is a shot of what it currently looks like. In case you haven’t seen that post please know that those handles can’t be removed so alas I’m stuck with them.
{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover I knew right away that I didn’t want to do the same thing to the hutch but I needed something to marry the two pieces. The idea was cousins, not sisters. Here is the piece I was making over.

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover The plan was to go lighter with a cream color, wallpaper the inside, change the hardware, and just like with the hutch add mirrors to the bottom doors. I searched for wallpaper that mimicked the color of the buffet but ended up going a bit lighter. That ended up not working out and so I went back to the initial wallpaper and I love how it turned out! 

I decided to use chalk paint because it doesn’t require you to sand or prime! I chose Old White by Annie Sloan. The only prepping that needed to be done was closing up the existing holes from the hardware since the new hardware would need new holes. 

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Here is the wallpaper that I used and one more look at the before.{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

The After:

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Isn’t she a beauty! I love love how it turned out! I was nervous at first that the china and the paint color were too similar and everything was looking to monochromatic but the wallpaper really helps to break it up.
DSC02866{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Now that this piece is done there are only a few more things left to do before this room is complete. One of those being building a new dining room table! {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Another favorite time of day to gaze at this piece is at night when I get to turn the lights on!
{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Do you have a piece in your home you’d love to give a makeover to? Have you tried chalk paint yet? 

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Hallway Bathroom Makeover {Part I}

Disclaimer: This project was worked on almost 2 years ago and for some reason unknown to me I have never posted about it! So here we go!

If you live in a house that hasn’t been updated since the 70’s then there is a very good chance you’re rocking a bathroom with some type of unflattering colored tile.  At least that is what was happening over here.  Not only does our hall bath have some awesome yellow tile but at one point it had some metallic wallpaper, and not the trendy kind 😉 The wallpaper had been taken down and that’s pretty much the state it had been in until we decided to fix it up.  On top of not being the best looking bathroom it also was not a functioning one either.  Here is what it looked like right before we got in there and tackled it.
Let’s start with that vanity…I mean, fit for Big Bird or what!

Hall Bathroom Makeover @Made2Style

 You can see some remnant of the wallpaper still stuck to the side of the mirror here.

Hall Bathroom Makeover @Made2StyleHall Bathroom Makeover @Made2StyleHall Bathroom Makeover @Made2Style

Random medicine cabinet in the middle of the wall.

Hall Bathroom Makeover @Made2Style

Yup, the wallpaper went all the way onto the ceiling as well.Hall Bathroom Makeover @Made2StyleHall Bathroom Makeover @Made2Style

That toilet paper dispenser eerily reminded me of the toilet paper roll mirror I made. 
Hall Bathroom Makeover @Made2StyleNow we weren’t doing a full reno but our list of to do’s consisted of 
1. Replacing the vanity
2. Replacing the toilet
3. Skim coating the walls
4. Painting walls and ceiling
5. Adding crown molding
6. Framing out mirror
7. Clean/replace grout on floor tile
8. Remove medicine cabinet behind door and patch existing hole
9. Replace recessed light with hanging pendent
10. replace faceplates/outlet covers

Unfortunately removing the yellow tile was not on our list. Hence this post being called Part 1.   We also thought that by taking the tile down it would mean we would have to replace all the sheetrock but after seeing how skilled our handyman was at skim coating we quickly realized that we wouldn’t need new sheetrock so we removed what we could outside of the bath/shower. We definitely plan to get rid of it but for now we need to work with what we have and that’s yellow tile.

As far as painting the walls the only color I could think of to do that would work with the yellow tile is gray. After looking at a few colors we settled with Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.  We put a sample on the wall and loved it, it looked like the perfect gray for the room. That was until we painted the room and realized that the gray was really green gray, insert rolling eyes. After replacing everything here is what we have going on today, but first a before.

Hall Bathroom Makeover @Made2Style

And now…for now.Hall Bathroom MakeoverHall Bathroom MakeoverI love the way the colors and molding came out. Although the gray is not what I thought it would be, once all the yellow is gone the color will look that much better. Enlight1And this vanity, ugh! I love this vanity! Hall Bathroom MakeoverHall Bathroom MakeoverThe idea we have for part 2 is to get rid of all the yellow tile in the shower and replace it with white subway tile. Outside of the tub we want to put up some board and batten. Hopefully when we get it done it won’t take me 2 years to post about it! 

{Stool Makeover} Gold Dipped Legs

The school year is off to a great start! I must say I’ve got a cute class or at least they have me believing that! The verdict is still out 😉 While putting my classroom together over the summer I came across a stool that someone was tossing and I am all about turning trash to treasure so naturally I did a little makeover!

Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2Style

Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2Style

I started by giving the top a light sanding since there were some worn out spots.  I also followed it up with some wood filler in between the pieces of wood since I felt that the paint would fall inside those cracks and not allow for a smooth finish.

Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleI had a quart of primer that I began brushing on and it took me about 5 minutes before I realized I was crazy and went and got some spray paint of the primer instead.  With there being so many sides to tackle with the legs it was very hard brushing the primer on and spraying it made it soo much eaiser! When I had sprayed some paint over a part the I had brushed for whatever reason this happened…
Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2Style

I mean really? Since the paint was still wet I used a paper towel to wipe as much off as I could and then sanded the rest off and re-painted. Point of this? Not every project runs smoothly!Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleStool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleNext I used what I had for paint and even mixed some colors to make sure I had enough.

Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleI would recommend using spray paint for this but I didn’t want to spend any money on this project so I was all about using what I had.
Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleStool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleI left the bottoms free of the blue paint because I wanted to paint those gold. To make sure the gold went up the same length on all legs I simply cut a piece of paper and marked how high it was and then added painter’s tape all around.Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleStool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleThen with some gold spray paint I sprayed the bottoms! Of course I don’t remember what I used #bloggerfail
Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2Style
And here it is in its new home!

Stool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleStool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2StyleStool Makeover - Gold Dipped Legs I Made2Style

Hopefully I can get around to updating my classroom photos! In the meantime you can check out the last time I posted some photos here!

Kitchen Table Makeover

Ah kitchen tables.  I always go back and fourth with my feelings for them.  In my old apartment I ended up tossing the one I had because I found that I never actually ate at it. It just became the place where all my crap went.  When I moved into the house I was delighted to find a table with some medieval looking chairs to go with it (pure sarcasm.)  The table itself was not terrible but the chairs had to go.  A year later I am finally taking care of that! 

I must say the one thing I promised myself was that I wouldn’t allow the table to get full of clutter and I have lived up to it because it is always free of crap. In fact several people have said that since I’ve moved in it’s the first time they’ve seen what the kitchen table looks like! I guess I wasn’t the only one with that issue! 
Kitchen Refresh @ Made2Style

We actually use this table everyday. Frank comes home for lunch everyday and this is where we eat so keeping in mind that other than being a piece in the room I needed to make sure that the top got some good protection when redoing it.
The first step was getting new chairs. I love the look of tables with wood tops and white legs so that’s what I was going to try to achieve.  I donated the chairs to Good Will and purchased these 4 chairs from Target.
f64ef0ca8bddfe2094798db646a5d5cdI had decided that the table top stain would be Weather Oak so those yellowy chair seats wouldn’t really work.  As soon as the chairs arrived I sanded the seats down with my palm sander and restained them with the Weathered Oak. You can see below the 3 seats I sanded and the one I hadn’t done yet.

Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleThen I applied the stain and then the wax to seal it all in.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleOk so chairs are done now it’s time to get to the table! I worked on it outside since I would be using the sander. Here is the table.
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleThis table top clearly needs some TLC.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleI’m going to let you in on a little secret product that will save your life doing this and that’s Rock Miracle. It seriously is a miracle! You guys this stripper is better than anything you’ll see at Chippendales! And just like the real deal you need to make sure you wear protection!
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleA throw away brush will be helpful for you to apply the product on and make sure that your putty knife is flexible so when you’re scraping off the varnish you don’t dent the wood.
I read about a few strippers online and most of them required you to apply the stripper and let it sit for awhile, sometimes for hours. Not this stuff! I put it on and by the time I was done applying it I started scraping it off. It started to eat away at the varnish immediately and I found it easier to scrape off when it was still wet rather than let it dry.
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleYou’ll want to toss the varnish away in a metal or glass can. It will eat away at plastic so don’t even try it. After one pass I applied another layer and scraped it away.  I did this 4 times until all the varnish and a few layers of stain were removed.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleNext step was to start sanding down to the bare wood. I used a medium grit and then a fine grit to smooth it all out.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleI love the different tones within the wood.  I brushed on a thick coating of the Weathered Oak stain and left it on for 10 minutes and then wiped it off.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleAfter giving it 24 hrs to dry I applied the protective wax and buffed off. Once done I flipped the table over to start working on the legs.
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleI was planning on priming so I didn’t go crazy sanding but some areas really needed it.

Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleAfter smoothing it all out I put on 2 coats of Zinsser oil based primer and then Benjamin Moore paint in White.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleOk…let’s take a look back at the before so you can appreciate the after. I AM OBSESSED!!
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleAFTER:Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleThere are so many things I love about this table.  The chairs alone make such a dramatic difference. The chair backs are so much lower than what we had that you have more sight of the kitchen and even the view outside the sliding door. The fact that it’s so much lighter brightens the room and it feels like we gained more space in the kitchen even thought we didn’t. And let’s talk about the tabletop, it so much!
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover

There’s nothing like making something old look brand new!