Beauty Tip Tuesday: Natural Looking Curls

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Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s that time of the week were we talk all things beauty! Today I’m sharing a little tip you can add to your routine when curling your hair. It’ll give your curls a fuller more natural look and it’s literally the easiest thing you never thought to do!

How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2Style

I’ve mentioned in this video how to curl your hair, making sure you start at the root rather than at the bottom of your hair. Today’s tip is about alternating your curls. Ideally, we curl away from our face but in order to create a natural look with your curls as well as more body something you can do is curl away and then curl towards the face.

Starting with the hair framing your face curl the hair away from your face.

How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2StyleThen take the next piece and curl it towards your face.How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2StyleBy alternating you are allowing the curls to look more natural. When you curl them in the same direction they often tend to stick together and create one big curl. This avoids that from happening! Secrets out! Just remember, the hair that is framing your face should be curled away and then alternate after that. When the clamp is in the front you’re curling away. When the clamp is in the back you’re curling towards.How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2StyleThere are sooo many different ways to curl your hair and achieve different looks! This is just one of many and will make a difference the next time you curl! You can also try it with a curling wand for beautiful beachy waves. Give it a try the next time you curl your hair! How To Get Natural Curls @ Made2Style







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