Exterior Home

We’ve been itching to get cracking on the exterior of our house and this summer we finally did! Our plan initially was to redo our walkway because it was pretty much a hazard to walk on.  Of course like every project, you start with one idea and before you know it, you’re stoning the house!  Our whole plan started when we replaced our front door and thought, “Wow, this looks good and everything else is just, eh.” 

On top of redoing our walkway we also wanted to do something with our foundation and decided to stone it. Our mason was amazing! It’s pretty crazy to watch him carve and shape each stone to fit like a puzzle. We also chopped down a tree that was not very safe and since we were also purchasing new garage doors we continued the stone work along the side of the house! That was not in our initial plan but I’m so happy we did! Here are a slew of before, during, and after shots!

Exterior Home @ Made2StyleExterior Home @ Made2StyleDSC00560Exterior Home @ Made2Style DURINGDSC00592DSC00595DSC00586DSC00600DSC00573DSC00570DSC00581AFTER
DSC02985DSC02667DSC02991DSC02982DSC02981DSC02979DSC02976DSC02995DSC03027We used Connecticut field stone, mosaic cut for the stone all around and for our walkway we used our existing blue stone. This Fall we will transfer the big green bushes in the front and possibly plant something lower to the ground so the stone on the foundation can shine! We also have plans to redo our driveway and even though we say it won’t be for awhile you never know with us! 

Thanks for stopping by! xo


{DIY} Glitter Vase

This might be the easiest project to add a pop of glam to a plain old glass vase! Wanting to add some more gold accents to my space I took a round vase that I already had and added some fine gold glitter to it! This can be done on pretty much any vase, even mason jars! Oh the possibilities and colors!! All you need to accomplish this is a vase of your choice, painters tape, mod podge, a brush and any type of protective finish.

The first thing you need to do is decide where you would like the glitter to be and tape off the rest. You can always of course get crazy and glitter the whole thing, eliminating the tape altogether!



Next just brush on the glue to the section you want to glitterize. Yeah, I made that word up.


Sprinkle on the glitter and then tap the vase to remove the excess glitter.



Quickly peel the tape off before the glue dries so that you could keep a straight line and then add some new tape over all the exposed glass. Take the vase outside and spray a nice coat of your protective finish so that no glitter with sprinkle off.


Once it’s dry take your tape off and insert flowers! DSC_0054


The perfect touch of glam!

Home Invasion

Happy Holidays everyone!! For those of you that celebrated Christmas I hope Santa gave you all that you wanted and that you enjoyed your time with family and friends. This past week has been quite awful for me because I have been crazy sick! Today is the first day I really spent outside of my bedroom without a humidifier helping me breath. I’m still feeling pretty crappy but I’m trying my best not to let it get me down.

Now if that weren’t enough when I opened WordPress to start this post I saw a little box telling me that WordPress had created an update for my theme so I clicked the box for more info but instead it updated the theme pretty much changing everything so I had to redo my entire sidebar! An hour later here I am. As far as the blog change you’ll notice the top header is a bit different and the page is wider which I really like. The photos have this sort of fade to it but once you drag your mouse over them everything becomes clear (not a fan). Those seems to be the only noticeable changes. I’m not sold on it but until I have time to figure the whole thing out it’ll have to do!

Now, back to the title. Last week, I finally had an opportunity to go to a friend and co-workers house and I had to share pictures! Her house is like a little slice of cottage heaven. The best part, which you’ll notice is about 90% of the furniture in the house was purchased at different antique shops. Her and her husband manage to find the perfect pieces for their space and have painted them to fit to their style. There is old barn wood everywhere you turn. I hope you love it as much as I did!! We’ll start off upstairs to the bedrooms, nursery, and recently redone bathroom.





Next, the kids room.


Check out the barn wood valance! Even the bead board behind the beads is old wood that they came across.



Behind these glass doors is the sweetest little nursery ever!



Amazing what barn wood and stencils from Michael’s can do!


Another great find!

Another great find!


Next we move onto the newly redone bathroom. Check out that slab of gorgeous wood used on the vanity!



The medicine cabinet above the toilet is an old shutter window turned on its side.



Heading downstairs we’ll find the living room, dining room, and kitchen.




Such a sweet space. I love everything they have done to it. Especially the fact that all the furniture has a story to tell!

I wish you all a safe and wonderful New Year!!

Table Setting {Thanksgiving Edition}

Normally this post would  come before the actual festivities but things just aren’t going the way they should over here! Black Friday has always been the day I take out all my Christmas decorations but as of right now I am in sweats catching up on my DVR’s shows fighting a cold that is making me feel like crap.  I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you the Thanksgiving table I put together at my parent’s house.  It was by far my favorite table ever. Rather than going with the usual fall colored table that I normally do I went with a natural element look. I incorporated some burlap, twigs (which I spray painted gold), acorns, and little pumpkins which I painted white (since I couldn’t find any) and added hints of glitter too. Here are some photos of how it all turned out!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Flashback Friday {Sunburst Mirror}

{Each Friday I will be sharing past projects that I have completed for those who are new and also for those who just love a good project!}


I have finally completed the mirror!  It was so much easier this time around then the first attempt.  I knew I needed some type of lip for the dowels to rest on rather than just the edge of the embroidery hoop so I did some research and I found someone who also gave this whole sunburst mirror a try and used a floral ring and shims.  I wasn’t using shims but I could certainly use the floral ring.  For those of you who are asking what the hell is a shim, they are are long thick pieces of wood that can be used as spacers.  Think of the sticks that the hardware store gives you to mix the paint, just like that. Anyway, I ran out to Michaels and purchased myself a 12″ floral ring.

Since I had all my dowels spray painted already from my first try I just took them off the hoop, which not surprisingly came off very easily.  I decided that I didn’t want to do the straight go around but rather have it a bit staggered so I went around and made 16 of the dowels as long as I could.

I apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I was comfy on the floor and had a good system going on and was too lazy to grab my camera so I used my phone.  Now after those pieces were set in place I filled in 2 dowels in between each one going lower and lower. Here’s what it looked like when it was finished.

And the best part is how secure it is! I can spin it, flip it, throw it, those dowels aren’t going anywhere thanks to that snazzy floral ring and that makes me happy 🙂 All that I had left to do was glue down the mirror which I did using that Gorilla glue to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.  Speaking of hanging I found a claw tooth hook in the middle console of my car, I know, what’s that all about? I have no idea how it got there, honest but hey it worked.  I didn’t have the nails to make it hold so I just hot glued it on.  Normally I wouldn’t do that because of the weight but since this mirror barely weighs anything I took a chance I mean what’s the worst that could happen, it could fall break my TV, a dowel can come flying and stab more poor kitty…ok maybe I’ll hit the hardware store and secure it a little better! So now after I hung her up I took some pictures which looked great in my camera but totally different story when I uploaded the pictures because it came out blurry.  Next stop, camera store to fix my auto focus!

Here’s a shot I just took with three of my favorite things…(1) my kitty Luna who is reminding me of the evil step sisters from Cinderella in their dresses haha (2) Mr. Big from Sex and the City and (3) my sunburst mirror!

Oh and one last thing! Remember that embroidery hoop that I wanted to put on top of the mirror? You may notice its not there.  I wasn’t able to salvage the one I had and none of the Michaels that I have been to have anymore in the size I need so as soon as they are in I will attach it.  So happy to have finished it!

Here is what it looks like now after some add ins!


Tufting Know How

So I have done tutorials on making your own headboard but the first one I ever made was my own and that was way before I started this blog. The one I made for myself had tufted buttons. Since I am super lazy to pull out my external hard drive to find a picture of it here is a picture I took of Luna being fresh a few weeks ago with my headboard in the back.

Since I haven’t done a tutorial on how to tuft a headboard I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do so when my BFF asked me to make her one for her guest room.  We started out with the plywood cut to size. The headboard was for a queen size bed so we had it cut 60 x 30.

Since it was going to be the same amount of buttons as my current headboard (2 rows of 4 buttons) I went ahead and marked off where my holes would be.  I measured my first mark by going 5 1/4″ from the top down and then from the left I came in 12″ and matched my marks.

I continued to mark every 12″ until I had 4 marks and then I went down again another 5 1/4. Of course your holes for buttons may be completely different but this is what worked for what I had. Here is a diagram of what I did to help you better understand.

The next step was to use my drill to drill a hole in where the marks were. I tested the hole to make sure it was wide enough by fitting in my needle.

Once this was all done I just followed the same steps as here to upholster the board. You will need extra fabric and a cover button kit to make the buttons. Then you’re ready to start!

To tuft you will need:

pre-made buttons in same fabric
upholstery thread
upholstery needle
staple gun
duck tape

Start by cutting about 1 1/2′ of thread and threading it through the needle. Then place the needle into the first drilled hole from the back and come through the fabric.

Once the needle has poked through the front (make sure not to pull the thread all the way through!) you will then place the button through the needle.

Then turn the needle and place it through the same hole that the thread is coming through. (This is why it’s helpful to have a lot of thread in your needle.)

Once you get it through the other side pull the thread as tight as you can. To make the button “sink in” more you can push the button in while you pull the thread on the other side and then with your staple gun staple it down.

To secure it even more I place a piece of duck tape over it as well.

Then just continue the same process on all the other holes.

That’s it! You can refer back to this post on how to hang the board and while we did hang it up the bed wasn’t made and so I don’t have a final shot of it up but I will get it soon. Until then here’s a shot of the tufting!