{Dare To DIY} Be Thankful

So every year right around the holidays some of my favorite bloggers get together and host a little series called Dare To DIY and I swear I get way too excited for this! So the start of the series begins today and the dare this week is “Be Thankful.” In the past I did this project and last year I made this banner.  My idea for this year was to make something that wasn’t just for the holiday but rather something I can keep up all year long.  I came up with making a print to frame that says Always Be Thankful. I could have just printed the saying and framed it but that would be too simple. Instead I grabbed my gold leaf pen and some sheets of gold and got to working! The fonts used here are Emerald Isle and Allura.


 I printed the text on cardstock and created a 5×7 border that I could cut around to fit in the frame. Next I used my gold leaf glue pen and traced around the letters.


Then I took the sheet and placed it right on top and with a small paint brush I tapped and brushed the paper onto the letters. 



I purposely printed in that gold yellow color because I knew the gold leaf wouldn’t catch all around so where there are open spaces the color is still almost similar.  It would look a bit ridiculous if I had printed in black! I just love the shimmer that comes off of the print! 


I just cut the print out on the lines I had on it and popped it in the frame.  

Gold Leafing Print

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8 thoughts on “{Dare To DIY} Be Thankful

  1. I’ve never used gold leaf either – but this project is so great, I may have to try it. Great idea to go beyond the print out. And I do love a project that has staying power. This one will be great all year.

    Thanks so much for linking up again!

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