{Dare To DIY} Entertain

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your holiday was full of delicious food, great company, and good shopping! This 5 day weekend has been jam packed over here! From Thanksgiving to prepping and priming our bathroom to putting up our tree and all the Christmas decor I feel like I haven’t had a second to breath and today I’m right back to work.  The countdown to the holiday break has already started! 

Today I’m here to share my super easy centerpiece I used for the Thanksgiving table as part of the Dare to DIY series! My parents host Thanksgiving every year and there is always a pretty big turnout.  This year there were roughly 25 of us.  With a chef for a father and a family that loves to cook and bake you can only imagine how much food we have! Everyone likes to bring something to the gathering and as much as I love to cook/bake, I leave that up to all of them.  My job for Thanksgiving every year is to set the table. You can click here and here to see how I’ve set the table in the past.  

Since there are so many of us I’m not about to go out and buy all new plates and chargers each year so I always use what we have and just play around with the middle.  This year I decided to make a fun centerpiece with some single wine crates.  I had one from my cousins wine theme wedding shower, you can check that out here.  I grabbed some pine cones, pumpkins and floral pieces from Michaels to help put it all together along with some candle holders.


I wanted the crate to have a richer color so I added a little stain to it to darken it up.


 I just dipped an old rag into the stain and rubbed it on and them wiped off any excess.


 Next I started placing my pieces inside.



I realized that the majority of the items were going to get lost in the crate just like these pine cones so in order to lift them I added some styrofoam I had laying around from a package I received and them covered it with the burlap.



At this point my creative juices started flowing so I don’t have any pictures but I just messed around with placing in the pumpkins and pine cones and then stuck in the flowers/leaves around all of it. Here’s what it looked like when I was finished!


My awesome cousins wife ended up getting me 2 smaller crates so I made 2 more without the candles.  And here is the table!





You can head on over to Decor and the Dog to check out some more ways to entertain with holiday season! Thanks for stopping by!


14 thoughts on “{Dare To DIY} Entertain

  1. This is so pretty Cindy!! I love the stain color you used and also that you re-use from year to year. I do that too. I just adds that extra bit of challenge for your creativity, right 🙂 I love the elevated candles and your whole table is just so pretty!!

    • Thanks Jess! She actually went to her local wine shop and asked them and they were more than willing to give them to her! I imagine they get a ton of crate that they have to toss anyway!

  2. so pretty! love the wine crate, and the candles in wine glasses is a great touch–every holiday table needs candlelight!

  3. Super pretty tablescape! I love the centerpieces and how low they are. You can actually talk to people across the table!

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