Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Blend Eyeshadow

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Happy Tuesday everyone! So I’ve decided to start a little series here called Beauty Tip Tuesday.  The premise is to obviously share some great beauty tips that will help your beauty routine.  I will try my best to post something each Tuesday. This week is all about the proper way to blend your eyeshadow! When applying more than one color to your lid (you should always have a transition color) the key to a flawless look is to blend the two together.  The way you hold your brush can make or break the amount of time it takes to blend! Naturally when we are applying makeup we hold our brushes/pencils facing upward. This makes the process of blending quite difficult.

How To Properly Blend Your Eyeshadow I Made2Style

When blending you want to go back and fourth across your crease in windshield wiper motions.  When you hold your brush upward like in the above photo, the top of the bristles are not going to allow the shadow to blend. It will only create a line of shadow across your eye.

To get the blending look there are two ways to hold your brush. The first way is facing downward.How To Properly Blend Your Eyeshadow I Made2StyleThis helps to blend the shadow by using the bristles on the side. The most optimal way to blend your shadow and to assure your blending it above the crease and also below would be to hold it straight on.
How To Properly Blend Your Eyeshadow I Made2Style
This will allow the shadow on your lid to blend with your crease color and also allow your crease color to seamlessly blend into your brow shadow!

I’m sure you’ve probably never really taken the time to think about how you hold your brushes but a little adjustment like this can make a big difference! Comment below and let me know what you think or if you have any questions you’d want me to cover on the next Beauty Tip Tuesday! In the meantime I’m going to go do something about these pores! Geez


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