Painting a Bathroom Vanity

Today I come to you with a really great update that anyone can do with enough time and patience. Yes, two things that many people don’t have enough of  but as a DIYer it is a necessity! Like I’ve said time and time again one of the easiest ways to update anything is to add some paint to it. So when the BFF and her hubs bought a house that had those dreaded honey wood bathroom vanities in it (sorry for those people who are into them), we unscrewed those doors and primed them as fast as we could! There were two bathrooms that we were working with so we first took all the doors off and gave them a light sanding and then wiped them clean.

The first thing we did was prime all of the doors and then the frame of the vanities. We used the Zinsser cover stain primer with the gold label to make sure that the paint had something to stick to. In order to get around the edges we propped the doors on top of paint cans. Once one side was dry we flipped them and painted the other side.

Once everything was dry it was time to start painting. We painted the smaller vanity one color (Benjamin Moore Black Satin) and the other bathroom another color (of course paint spilled over the label and covered the name!!) We also added Floetrol to the paint to avoid brush marks since it prolongs drying time. The technique we used to paint was a brush (Purdys are great brushes) in the creases and edges and a small roller for all the flat parts. Two coats on each side.

For the vanities we did the same technique, roller for the flat surfaces and brush for the edges, smaller spaces.

Look at my BFF all hard at work in the action shot…she’s a quick learner!

Once everything was all dried (48 hrs.) the doors were placed back on and looking good!

*I wasn’t able to take pictures of the smaller vanity because the bathroom was being worked on when I took pictures the other day but when I remember my camera I will update the post!

Have you painted anything recently that made a big impact? Have you subscribed to Made2Style yet? Do you like that shameful plug I just threw in there!


12 thoughts on “Painting a Bathroom Vanity

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  2. I’m about to try this DIY project on my mother’s cabinets. I’m hesitant to begin because I’m confused about the products you used. The Zinsser product is oil-based according to what I have been able to figure out and what I’ve been told. On the other hand the Floetrol is for latex paints. Does this mean you used latex paint and not oil-based? Please help 🙂

    • Hi Rachel,

      Sorry for the confusion! So the primer was oil-based but the paint I used was latex so I was able to add the Floetrol to it. The paint containers were covered in paint so I wasn’t able to share what I used but I do know it was a BM bathroom/kitchen paint. Does that help?

    • It’s more brown! There was a massive spill in the garage and all the paint cans were covered so we lost the name of the paint! So annoying since I felt it was the perfect color!!

  3. What about the side closest to the toilet that has that fake wood on it, were you able to paint that too? I am so doing this to my bathroom when hunting season takes my boys all to the woods.

  4. Looks great. I have 2 questions.

    1. The BM Kitchen/Bathroom paint – was it high gloss? semi gloss?

    2. Did you not finish with a clear/satin polyurethane? Given the abuse a powder room vanity takes from young kiddos, I would think this would be required. No?


    • Hi Kevin!
      So we used semi-gloss paint and believe it or not we didn’t finish with a polyurethane. These vanities were done as a quick fix since they were planning on demoing the bathrooms and replacing everything!

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