Nursery Part I

The time has finally come! I’m so excited to start working on this baby’s nursery I can’t contain it! Since we decided not to find out the sex the space is going to be very gender neutral. So many people have asked me, knowing I love interior design, how I would work on the nursery without knowing the sex. Honestly, my whole house is gender neutral! I love to keep a clean palette and then add pops of color here and there. With so many options out there it’s been hard to decide but I created a mood board to help keep me on track of pieces I want to add to the space. Once the baby arrives we can always add some feminine touches or masculine ones. Gender Neutral Nursery Mood Board

One of my favorite things about this house is that it is the house my husband grew up in. We have been working little by little to make it our own and this space is no different. The room we will be turning into the nursery used to be my husbands childhood room. Up until recently it still looked like his childhood room since all of his bedroom furniture was still in there! Sadly it was also the space where things went to die. Don’t know where to put that box? Stick it in the bedroom. Too lazy to put all that wrapping paper up into the attic? Stick it in the bedroom for now. Catch my drift?

Our plan is to empty this space out and start from scratch. Our first order of business was selling all that furniture and clearing out as much as we could! Try not to judge…just think of this room like Monica Gellar’s closet.Baby V Nursery Part 1We were lucky enough to sell all the furniture, which was in great condition to a family with 2 little girls who will hopefully enjoy it for years to come.
Next up was removing all the old molding and ripping up the carpet. We aren’t ready to take the carpet away yet since we will be doing more work like adding new molding and painting. Rather than having to cover the beautiful hardwood underneath we’re keeping the carpet there but we wanted to clear out all the nail strips.Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1Baby V Nursery Part 1We are working step by step with this room so the next task is to move the A/C vent a bit father away from the wall  so the crown molding will fit and then to center the light fixture. If you scroll up you may notice how incredibly off center it is! Once the holes have been patched it will be time to paint!

Choosing a paint color was interesting. I knew the exact color I wanted, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, until I put a sample on the wall and was confused by how dark it was. Next to it I also tested Edgecomb Gray, our bedroom color, and then Balboa Mist. I posted this photo on Instagram and the right side seemed to be the popular vote.Baby V Nursery Part 1The problem? Those colors were not at all how they actually should look. To test it out I painted a strip of primer underneath the samples and once it dried I resampled the paint. Sure enough the colors were much more true to color. In the end, we chose Balboa Mist (left color but it actually looks like the color on the right) by Benjamin Moore. As much as I love Revere Pewter it was still reading a bit too dark for this space. The lesson learned here? Just because your walls look close to white you should still prime before testing out paints. 

Can’t wait to move on to the next step! Now to order and paint all the molding! 


{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

You guys!! I’m so excited about this project! I love nothing more than having a vision and seeing it come to fruition. To say that this project was easy would be a lie. Not to say that it was hard to do but I kept going back and forth on my decisions so what should have been a quick makeover took a bit longer than expected. 

Just to give you an idea, in our dining room we have a hutch and a buffet. I redid our buffet here and here is a shot of what it currently looks like. In case you haven’t seen that post please know that those handles can’t be removed so alas I’m stuck with them.
{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover I knew right away that I didn’t want to do the same thing to the hutch but I needed something to marry the two pieces. The idea was cousins, not sisters. Here is the piece I was making over.

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover The plan was to go lighter with a cream color, wallpaper the inside, change the hardware, and just like with the hutch add mirrors to the bottom doors. I searched for wallpaper that mimicked the color of the buffet but ended up going a bit lighter. That ended up not working out and so I went back to the initial wallpaper and I love how it turned out! 

I decided to use chalk paint because it doesn’t require you to sand or prime! I chose Old White by Annie Sloan. The only prepping that needed to be done was closing up the existing holes from the hardware since the new hardware would need new holes. 

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Here is the wallpaper that I used and one more look at the before.{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

The After:

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Isn’t she a beauty! I love love how it turned out! I was nervous at first that the china and the paint color were too similar and everything was looking to monochromatic but the wallpaper really helps to break it up.
DSC02866{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Now that this piece is done there are only a few more things left to do before this room is complete. One of those being building a new dining room table! {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Another favorite time of day to gaze at this piece is at night when I get to turn the lights on!
{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Do you have a piece in your home you’d love to give a makeover to? Have you tried chalk paint yet? 

Thanks so much for stopping by! xo
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Painting a Bathroom Vanity

Today I come to you with a really great update that anyone can do with enough time and patience. Yes, two things that many people don’t have enough of  but as a DIYer it is a necessity! Like I’ve said time and time again one of the easiest ways to update anything is to add some paint to it. So when the BFF and her hubs bought a house that had those dreaded honey wood bathroom vanities in it (sorry for those people who are into them), we unscrewed those doors and primed them as fast as we could! There were two bathrooms that we were working with so we first took all the doors off and gave them a light sanding and then wiped them clean.

The first thing we did was prime all of the doors and then the frame of the vanities. We used the Zinsser cover stain primer with the gold label to make sure that the paint had something to stick to. In order to get around the edges we propped the doors on top of paint cans. Once one side was dry we flipped them and painted the other side.

Once everything was dry it was time to start painting. We painted the smaller vanity one color (Benjamin Moore Black Satin) and the other bathroom another color (of course paint spilled over the label and covered the name!!) We also added Floetrol to the paint to avoid brush marks since it prolongs drying time. The technique we used to paint was a brush (Purdys are great brushes) in the creases and edges and a small roller for all the flat parts. Two coats on each side.

For the vanities we did the same technique, roller for the flat surfaces and brush for the edges, smaller spaces.

Look at my BFF all hard at work in the action shot…she’s a quick learner!

Once everything was all dried (48 hrs.) the doors were placed back on and looking good!

*I wasn’t able to take pictures of the smaller vanity because the bathroom was being worked on when I took pictures the other day but when I remember my camera I will update the post!

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Art of the Dot

I love clothing. More importantly, I love clothing that makes you feel confident and happy and stylish. I love following trends but also making my own rules. I love mixing expensive pieces with department store bargains. I love stripes. I love bold colors. I love vintage finds and accessories. I love shoes and right now, I love polka dots!

If you haven’t taken a second to notice, polka dots are everywhere. I’m not sure if it’s the simplicity of the dots or the innocence they portray but I love them. They make me smile and feel carefree and yet somehow bring together a bit of sophistication if worn correctly. Here are a few shots of some fun pieces that are floating around.







Don’t you love it?! If you’ve never worn polka dots before I challenge you to buy something and you’ll see just how carefree it can make you feel! Now, while I can go on and on about clothes and accessories and all things that make a woman feel pretty there is a project somewhere in all of this and guess what it has to do with?….have you figured it out? It’s Polka Dots!!

You see, at one point this summer I was checking out some of my favorite thrift stores when I made a purchase at one of them. To be honest, I don’t remember what it was, all I remember was that when I got home I realized that my change did not match the total cost. The next day I went back to get my money and LOOONG story short I ended up taking home a cute bamboo tray for hardly anything.

This tray has been sitting on my desk waiting for a makeover but I just wasn’t inspired by anything until a few dots entered my life. It is often said that a woman’s home is a direct reflection of her wardrobe. Ok, maybe that isn’t often said and maybe I heard it once or made it up but I swear it’s true. If you are someone who can take risks with their wardrobe then why not with the way you decorate your home. So with that said it was time for me to dot this baby up!

The first thing I did was wrap the handles up in painters tape so that they wouldn’t get paint on them and then took it outside (a well ventilated area). I primed (without sanding…watch out this chick is dangerous!) and painted it in a glossy white.

Once it was dry (I waited 24 hours) I brought it inside and went on a search for the perfect dot. I decided to use a pencil eraser. The only problem was that all the pencils I had had erasers that were used up. Apparently I make tons of mistakes!!

Lucky for me one of the erasers was flat enough that it made the perfect circle and why yes, it was Papa Smurf that saved the day. Isn’t that always the case?  So I grabbed my black acrylic paint and made a little puddle on my paper and dipped the eraser in and lightly tapped it on the tray.

{My advice would be to practice first on paper. I found that adding a good amount of paint and a quick tap insured a perfect dot. If you take too much paint off before the tap then you end up with only an outlined dot}

There was no rhyme or reason to the placement of the dots. I just tried to space them as evenly as possible. Once all the dots were done I took it outside again and sprayed it with a water based polyacrylic that I have to seal it.

{A little before and after shot shall we…}

It’s PRESH (short for precious)! It was a simple upgrade that made a bold yet dainty statement!

Here are some Instagram shots I took of some other ways I have let polka dots into my life:

Polka dot nails using Essie’s Wicked and a pointed q-tip with a white polish!

A fun pair of rain boots a friend of mine bought me years ago that are making their return!

Are you crushing on polka dots or any other fun trends?

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Fun Canvas Art

You can find them in every home. Those dreadful gray fuse boxes. Most people are lucky enough to have them in their garage or somewhere in a closet or basement but not this girl! My fuse box is located in a visible spot and I purchased a canvas board for it probably about 6 months ago when they were on sale at Michael’s. I wasn’t in a huge rush to cover it because I keep a plant in front of it and I didn’t want to just blob paint on a canvas until I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted.  About a few months ago I decided that I wanted the canvas to have a saying on it. I knew I would use my projector to help me get the words on the canvas but now the question was: what did I want it to say?

The space where the fuse box is located is where I do most of my projects. It’s a very light, airy, and bright space. For the most part most of my place is very neutral but this area is where I have my pink roman shades and so I wanted the canvas to have something fun on it. I decided that no matter what it said it was going to be black and gold because I love how glamorous black and gold are together. Once I had made that decision I knew I wanted some type of fun girly saying so off to my Pinterest “Words” board I went. I narrowed it down to two. The first one was “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins,” but I went with option two which was…”I’m so glam I sweat glitter.” It makes me laugh and reminds me that even though I can handle a power drill like no other I’m still a girly girl. I contemplated making it say “I’m so crafty I sweat glitter” but decided to leave it as is.

I wanted it to have some texture so I purchased wrinkled scrap paper, modge podged it on (I only did the bottom layer and modge podged on top of the overlaps not all the paper) then used the projector to trace the saying that I recreated in print shop.

Once this was done I used a black paint pen that I have to go all around the letters to make it easier to paint with my brush.

With my brush and black acrylic paint I just painted all around.

Here’s what the space looked like before and after:

My favorite part is the texture on the canvas and of course the awesome saying!

Do you have a favorite saying or maybe a favorite board on Pinterest? Ever catch yourself sweating glitter? Between 2nd graders, crafting and makeup I can probably start my own glitter line!!

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