{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

You guys!! I’m so excited about this project! I love nothing more than having a vision and seeing it come to fruition. To say that this project was easy would be a lie. Not to say that it was hard to do but I kept going back and forth on my decisions so what should have been a quick makeover took a bit longer than expected. 

Just to give you an idea, in our dining room we have a hutch and a buffet. I redid our buffet here and here is a shot of what it currently looks like. In case you haven’t seen that post please know that those handles can’t be removed so alas I’m stuck with them.
{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover I knew right away that I didn’t want to do the same thing to the hutch but I needed something to marry the two pieces. The idea was cousins, not sisters. Here is the piece I was making over.

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover The plan was to go lighter with a cream color, wallpaper the inside, change the hardware, and just like with the hutch add mirrors to the bottom doors. I searched for wallpaper that mimicked the color of the buffet but ended up going a bit lighter. That ended up not working out and so I went back to the initial wallpaper and I love how it turned out! 

I decided to use chalk paint because it doesn’t require you to sand or prime! I chose Old White by Annie Sloan. The only prepping that needed to be done was closing up the existing holes from the hardware since the new hardware would need new holes. 

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Here is the wallpaper that I used and one more look at the before.{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

The After:

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover

{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Isn’t she a beauty! I love love how it turned out! I was nervous at first that the china and the paint color were too similar and everything was looking to monochromatic but the wallpaper really helps to break it up.
DSC02866{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Now that this piece is done there are only a few more things left to do before this room is complete. One of those being building a new dining room table! {Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Another favorite time of day to gaze at this piece is at night when I get to turn the lights on!
{Chalk Paint} Hutch Makeover Do you have a piece in your home you’d love to give a makeover to? Have you tried chalk paint yet? 

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Ikea Vittsjo Makeover

Happy Monday everyone! I’m sensing some spring in the air and I’m super excited! I’m currently on spring break and enjoying the time off. I’ve got quite the to do list and I’m slowly checking everything off starting with some things around the house.  One thing I’ve been wanting to do in our living room is add some shelving in a corner that was crying for a little love. I’ve always had my eyes on the Ikea Vittsjo shelving unit.  I’ve loved all the hacks I’ve seen and thought it would be perfect for the space! 

Up until about a week ago the area housed a bar cart.

Ikea Vittsjo Makeover

Ikea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo Makeover
I had plans to sell the bar cart but once I took everything off and cleaned it up I realized what a great piece it is and so it’s now making its home in the dining room, pics to come soon! 

For the shelves I purchase 2 of the Vittsjos.

Ikea Vittsjo Makeover

Unfortunately these shelves only come in black and thats not what I was looking for so out came the spray paint. I used Zinsser oil based primer and Rust-oleum Metallic paint with the gold top.  I assembled the pieces first before spraying. For each unit I used about 1 1/2 cans of primer (2 coats) and 2 cans of the metallic paint.  

Vittsjo Makeover

My best advice for this is once you think you’re all done bring the piece outside. Even though I was working inside the garage with the door open it was amazing how many spots I saw that I missed once I brought it out in pure daylight! There are a ton of sections that you are spraying so having someone else take a look can also help make sure you haven’t missed any spots! 

Once they were all sprayed I brought them inside. The majority of the unit has glass shelves except for the top and the bottom piece which are dark wood.  Since that wouldn’t go with the look I had going on I ordered some contact paper that looked like marble.  I ordered mine here

Ikea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo Makeover

I ordered one roll which was only able to cover two of the shelves so I had to order another roll for the two top shelves.  Since I don’t necessarily need the top pieces to put it together I grabbed my knick knacks and decorated the shelves.

Ikea Vittsjo Makeover

Ikea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo MakeoverIkea Vittsjo Makeover
I still have to add the tops on, change up some pictures in the frames and adding some more items. I’m thinking there is a trip to HomeGoods in my immediate future! 

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{Flashback Friday} Christmas Center Piece

It has been a crazy busy week for me and I’m so happy that it’s Friday! I’ve just about finished all of my holiday decorating and I can’t wait to share some of the cute crafts I did this year! With the holidays here I thought today’s throwback would be a Christmas one! I’m bringing back a post I did on some cute Christmas center pieces. Come back on Monday where I will be decking the halls for the last installment of the Dare to DIY series and if that weren’t enough I’ll be back that same day with another post on a great handmade gift! I’ve teamed up with 8 other amazing bloggers to bring you 9 Handmade Christmas Gifts which is hosted by Tamsyn from Max and Me. If you haven’t checked out her blog you must and you have to check out little Max (cutest thing ever!) Cheers to an amazing weekend!!


After decorating my living room there was one piece that was pretty bare and that was my coffee table.  I had this over the top idea of a runner with garland draped all across with beautiful glowing candles until I remembered that I have a kitty who will easily find it as a play toy.  Then while at Joann’s fabric store picking up some burlap and I came across some vases that were 4 bucks and I had a great idea!  I hit up the floral isle and grabbed some faux garland that was 60% off and some berries also 60% off and headed home. I laid out all my material and started getting to work on putting everything together.


The first thing I did was measure out the burlap that I wanted to wrap around the vases.  I knew I wanted the larger vase to have a wider cut then the smaller vases so I kept that in mind.  I just wrapped the fabric around and marked where I needed it cut.  I made sure to leave a little extra because I used a straight pin to hold it in place.

Then I pulled out my wire cutters and snipped off pieces of garland to put in the vase.  Each vase got about 7 pieces.

After that was done I just began placing everything inside the vases.  I used flameless candles and a pencil to help me push things down.

I placed the berries inside and then the greenery. When that was finished I wrapped the burlap around and that was all.  Once I cut the pieces off of the garland it took me minutes to finish up.  They sit beautifully on my coffee table now!



{Handmade} Paper Mache Bowls

A few weeks ago I was working with my students on a project that we do with our Iroquois unit. They learn all about the False Face Society and the students make their own masks using paper mache. While helping out the kiddos I had an idea to make some bowls using this technique.  I’ve seen an image or two online of small bowls that are too cute not to try! The first thing I had to do was find a form to create my shape around.  In my classroom I had the students use balloons but I wanted more of a rounded shape rather than oval. While at Michael’s I found a plastic ball in the toy section and I also found a half circle foam form. In order to accomplish this you will need the following:

1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of flour
mod podge or any liquid glue newspaper cut into strips
(I used the Penny Saver, the paper is a bit thicker)
round form
saran wrap
(in whatever colors you prefer)

1. I started out with my foam half circle and sliced a piece off the top so that the bowl would sit flat.

DSC_0033DSC_00372. Next I wrapped it in saran wrap.
I do this so that when the newspaper is all dry it can peel right off of the form.


3. Then I made the glue solution.
1/2 c. water
1/2 c. flour
About 2 tablespoons of glue…I just eyeballed it

DSC_00404. Once my strips were cut (1 1/2″ x 5″) I dipped them into the mixture, took off excess mixture, and began laying it all around the form.
I made sure to overlap and create about 3-4 layers of paper. Make sure to smooth out the paper as much as possible.


DSC_00495. Once it is all dried (I waited 24 hrs.) just release from the form and cut the top all around so it is even.


6. Now you can paint your bowls in any color that you would like and follow it up with a sealer!

I decided to prime my bowls in white so that the print wouldn’t show (not sure if this is necessary) and then I spray painted the insides of both the bowls gold. Once it was dry I flipped them over and spray painted the outsides. Black, for one, and white, for the other.


I am happy with the way they turned out but if I do it again (which I plan on) here’s what I might do differently:

1. I might try using smaller strips of paper to help eliminate the “bumpiness”.
2. I will use acrylic paint instead of spray paint (only to see how the finish is…I kinda wish the bottom black one was more matte) Also the foam shaped bowl lost it’s shape and became a bit more oval after spraying but the ball bowl stayed true to form. Not sure if the wetness from the paint was the cause.
3. I would love to try to do the inside of the bowls with gold leaf!
4. I used a water-based polyacrylic spray to seal the bowls but it left this bubble look inside which I don’t care for so next time I will brush the sealer on.

I still am pretty happy with how they turned out and how cute to just hold your jewelry or keys or any type of knick knacks!



Wouldn’t you love to received this as a gift?

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DIY Iron-on Onesies

A friend and co-worker of mine is working on baby number 2 who is due in just a few weeks. Of course I immediately started to think about a sweet gift I could put together for her. When my BFF was preggers with her daughter I had made these cute little felt animals that were attached to some onesies with a small sew on snap. I thought to do the same thing this time but rather than animals I got a little more creative. Oh and did I mention she’s having a boy!

The bow tie and tie were the easiest of the three. I used these clip art images to trace over:

Once I had them cut out I them traced them onto black felt, cut them out and then used hemming tape to iron them onto the onesie. Easy Peasy!

Now the skull and bones were a whole other story!! I started out by finding an image to work with ( I found the image on my iPad and then placed paper on top and just traced it since I don’t have a printer).

First I worked with the skull head and traced it onto the felt and then did the bones separate.

I cut the eyes, nose and mouth freehand with black felt. I then decided to cut all the same shapes again in black to give it a layered look. This is where things started to get complicated! I thought I could use fabric glue but the glue I had didn’t really work well and so I ended up pulling out my needle and thread and sewing the eyes, nose, mouth and bones on. I then sewed the top white layer to the back black layer. Once I had it all together I used the hemming tape to iron it onto the onesie. Since they were all iron-on they should all hold in the wash.

I’m not really happy with how it turned out but for the first time it’s not too shabby!

She loved them which in the end is all that matters! Can’t wait to see the little man in them!

Table Setting {Thanksgiving Edition}

Normally this post would  come before the actual festivities but things just aren’t going the way they should over here! Black Friday has always been the day I take out all my Christmas decorations but as of right now I am in sweats catching up on my DVR’s shows fighting a cold that is making me feel like crap.  I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you the Thanksgiving table I put together at my parent’s house.  It was by far my favorite table ever. Rather than going with the usual fall colored table that I normally do I went with a natural element look. I incorporated some burlap, twigs (which I spray painted gold), acorns, and little pumpkins which I painted white (since I couldn’t find any) and added hints of glitter too. Here are some photos of how it all turned out!

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

Being Thankful

With Thanksgiving just days away it’s a good time to remind yourself to be thankful for what you have.  While I love decorating for Fall as seen by my wreath, table decor, felt pumpkin, and Fall mantel. I thought I would create a little Thanksgiving project that can stay up all year round! I’ve joined the Dare to DIY challenge hosted by some pretty awesome bloggers and this project was perfect for the first challenge which is to create a project that would remind you to be grateful this holiday season.

In my entryway I have a photo gallery and there was a frame just dying for something to go inside.  The problem I found, and not until I brought it home, is that it is 8 x 12 and that is not a common print size for photos so it’s been empty for quite some time.

But not anymore!

I’ve seen tons of prints on Pinterest and elsewhere that are done directly on fabric so I decided to do a little printing on some burlap. The first thing I did was decide the size I wanted the burlap to be.  I didn’t want it to be the same size as the frame so I cut some paper as a tracer for the size the fabric would be.

Then I cut my burlap, using this method.

Once I had it cut to size I simply attached it to a standard 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper by stapling it. Most tutorials use freezer paper and an iron but I wasn’t about to go out and buy freezer paper just for a little piece and since I am using burlap I knew the staples wouldn’t make a hole that was too visible.  If I were working with linen or another type of fabric I may have used the freezer paper.

Then I just fed it through the printer with the print I created on Print Shop.



I tore some pieces of burlap to create some fringe on the ends and then placed it in the frame and hung it.

So what are you thankful for this year? Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I’m excited to put together the table and of course I’ll be sharing it with you guys! If you follow me on Instagram then you may already have an idea of something I will be doing!