DIY Iron-on Onesies

A friend and co-worker of mine is working on baby number 2 who is due in just a few weeks. Of course I immediately started to think about a sweet gift I could put together for her. When my BFF was preggers with her daughter I had made these cute little felt animals that were attached to some onesies with a small sew on snap. I thought to do the same thing this time but rather than animals I got a little more creative. Oh and did I mention she’s having a boy!

The bow tie and tie were the easiest of the three. I used these clip art images to trace over:

Once I had them cut out I them traced them onto black felt, cut them out and then used hemming tape to iron them onto the onesie. Easy Peasy!

Now the skull and bones were a whole other story!! I started out by finding an image to work with ( I found the image on my iPad and then placed paper on top and just traced it since I don’t have a printer).

First I worked with the skull head and traced it onto the felt and then did the bones separate.

I cut the eyes, nose and mouth freehand with black felt. I then decided to cut all the same shapes again in black to give it a layered look. This is where things started to get complicated! I thought I could use fabric glue but the glue I had didn’t really work well and so I ended up pulling out my needle and thread and sewing the eyes, nose, mouth and bones on. I then sewed the top white layer to the back black layer. Once I had it all together I used the hemming tape to iron it onto the onesie. Since they were all iron-on they should all hold in the wash.

I’m not really happy with how it turned out but for the first time it’s not too shabby!

She loved them which in the end is all that matters! Can’t wait to see the little man in them!


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