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So it’s August…when did that happen?! I always feel like the summer flies by and with so much going on I’m trying to savor every moment. I’ve been so caught up with the move that I haven’t really had a chance to look back at where I was. It occurred to me that I never did a tour of my apartment so of course now that I’m gone I figured I’d finally get around to that! This was my first space that I didn’t have to share and was all my own. But anyone who did have the pleasure of living with me knows I didn’t hold back when I decorated! It was hard to leave this place mostly because it was here that I truly learned my style. There were moments of “what was I thinking,” but also moments of clarity. A ton of trial and error but in the end having that feeling that I can’t wait to be home. Nothing made me happier than when friends and family would come over and say how homey they felt being there. That was always my goal to make it feel homey, comfortable and at the same time represent my style. So here it is…my baby! I’ve attached links to projects that I’ve done within each space to help make it what it was.


Apt Tour

Apt TourApt TourApt TourApt TourStriped Walls

How To Gallery Wall

DIY Roman Shades

  Craft Storage


Apt TourApt TourApt Tour

Target Bar Cart Makeover

EAT Sign

Furniture Makeover (Miss Kelly) 

Fabric Covered Boxes


Apt Tour

Apt Tour


Apt Tour

Bookcase Redo

No Sew Pillow Covers

Gold Edge Frames

Ikea Hemnes Hack

Ikea Side Table Hack


Apt TourApt Tour


DIY Headboard

Gradient Canvas Art

Ribbon Trimmed Lampshade

Jewelry Holder

Glittered Vase

So oddly enough I don’t have any pictures of the bathroom other than what it looked like after packing up but no worries, it wasn’t anything special.  Here are some shots I took on moving day.  Pretty bittersweet! I decided to leave the roman shades because I knew I had no windows that they would work with and the person moving into the space really liked them so at least they will get used! She also bought my couch from me so that stayed behind as well. 


photo 1

And the truck on moving day…

photo 5

Now to figure out where this will all go in the house! 



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Wine Cork Initials & Place Card Holders

For my cousin’s bridal shower I decided to make some cork initials to add to the decor.  I’m lucky enough to have an uncle who owns a restaurant so getting a handful of wine corks was fairly easy.  If you are not so fortunate you can purchase some here or do what I would do and just start getting saucy every night! 

To start this project you will need corks (duh!) The amount of corks all depends on your letter but I would estimate around 60 corks per letter.  You’ll also need a hot glue guna print out of the letter, card stock and thick craft sticksI was going to be making an E (for Elizabeth) an F (for Frankie) and an ampersand. 

I started with printing out the letters that I needed and then tracing them on top of white card stock. By applying some pressure I was able to create a crease in the card stock which I then cut out.

Wine Cork Letters

I decided that I wanted the width of the letters to be 2 corks so I started hot gluing 2 corks together and testing out how I wanted them. I also alternated which side of the cork I was using.  I wanted there to be some variation in color.

Wine Cork LettersWine Cork Letters

Once I had all the twos together I started gluing them down onto the card stock shaped letter.

Wine Cork Letters

When I was finished I realized it needed more stability so this is where the craft sticks come in handy.  Just hot glue them onto the back. 

Wine Cork Letters

For the ampersand I happen to have a cork board in that shape so I used that and instead of wine corks I used a mixture of wine and champagne.  They took about 2 hours for all three but it was totally worth it! 

Wine Cork Letters

Wine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.com

Another quick project I did were the place card holders for the guests.  The supplies were pretty much the same thing.  I printed the cards myself and with a sharp knife (and careful eye) I sliced a line in the cork.

Cork Place Cards

Next I placed a dot of hot glue on the back bottom of the cork.  The point of that is so that when it hardens it will stop the cork from rolling over.

Cork Place Cards

Then just slide your card right in!

Cork Place Cards

Cork Place Cards


Now go grab yourself a nice glass of vino and get to drinkin’!!

Wine Themed Bridal Shower

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope this week is treating you well. First off I just wanted to say thank you to all the sweet comments I received about my move! I am super excited and have already started on a few projects that I can’t wait to share with you!

Today I wanted to share some photos from my cousins bridal shower that we threw for her last month.  She is a big lover of wine and had dreams of having a vineyard wedding but when all things were factored in it just wasn’t doable with the cost so we decided to throw her a wine themed shower! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this photo that I posted.

Wine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.com These corks came in super handy for my contribution to the party.  I was in charge of place cards and help with decor.  I decided to make their initials out of cork (E for Elizabeth and F for Frankie.) For now I’m just going to be sharing pictures of the party but I will be posting tutorials on these projects later.

10458040_10152490334597230_5498998305254534838_nunnamed-3Wine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comOne of my other cousins created this amazing cake with her own two hands! She is insanely talented! 

Wine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.com

Wine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.com

As a gift from the bridal party, we got her a basket of wine “firsts”.  Each bottle has a little poem with instructions on when it should be opened. 

Wine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.comWine Themed Bridal Shower l Made2Style.com

The shower was a complete success and I will be back to share how I made those letters! Better start drinkin’ up! 

New Beginnings!

Hellooo friends!! So yeah, I’ve totally dropped off the face of the blogging world. But all that matters now is that I’m back and man do I have some great things coming your way!! Let’s start off with some fantastic news…I moved!!! I’m so beyond excited! It was definitely time to move on. While I loved my apartment I hit a point where I did all that I could do to it.  I had so many ideas of things that I want to do but I just didn’t have the space.  I think that had a lot to do with why I’ve vanished off the web…just wasn’t motivated anymore.

Any who…last week I packed up my place and moved out! It was very bittersweet for me.  I loved that space so much.  For anyone that doesn’t know, the house/apt I lived in is owned by the school I work for so the good news is one of my friends/colleagues is moving into the space and you better believe we had some some serious conversations with the maintenance guys about what will happen if they paint over my stripes! As sad as it was to leave I was super excited because I moved in with my love! Also very stressful since I am bringing Luna into a house with 2 other cats! That’s a story for another post (Yes, that’s 3 cats altogether…I’m officially the crazy cat lady!)

As far as the house goes it is best described as a raised ranch. It is the house he grew up in so it goes without saying there are still many things in this house that were around when he was a wee little boy.  We’re hoping to change all of that! We’re talking wood paneling to green shag rugs. It’s very ‘come on knock on our door’ if you know what I mean! The bones of this house are awesome though and I’ve got some great ideas! 

I’m currently working on the kitchen and mixing my stuff with his and deciding what to keep and what to toss.  Like that 1970’s Mickey Mouse mug and matching plate? Yeah, that goes in the yard sale pile ;) 

I hope you guys are as excited as I am. I can’t wait to turn this house into our home! 


{Beauty} Filling In Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrows have been getting a lot of attention lately, or none at all depending how you look at it! I am one of those women who grew up with some Peter Gallagher eyebrows on my face.  When I was old enough to get my hands on some tweezers it was over, they barely existed.  I have photos to prove it but I will spare you.  It took quite a while to finally grow them back to a point where they looked normal but there are still areas where the hair is pretty sparse and no matter what, it won’t grow back. 

I was pretty content with the way they were for the most part but it wasn’t until I really got into makeup and especially makeup artistry that I realized just how important eyebrows are.  The way I have come to look at eyebrows is like having the most amazing outfit on with no accessories! Eyebrows frame the face and complete any look you are going for.  You can’t have flawless face with great makeup and ratchet eyebrows! 

Eyebrow Tutorial

There is a big misconception on filling in eyebrows.  Many woman hear that and immediately freak and think they are going to look like they have their eyebrows tattooed on.  That is simply not the case.  There are so many great products out there and easy techniques to help you achieve the look you’re going for.  I am a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Not only are her products amazing but she is a huge supporter of makeup artists.  The 3 products of hers that I love are the Brow Wiz, which is a eyebrow pencil.

Eyebrow Tutorial

The Brow Duo which is a powder.

Eyebrow Tutorial

And her newest product which is my absolute favorite right now, the Dipbrow Pomade.

Eyebrow Tutorial

All of these products can be found in Sephora or on the ABH Website but I would recommend going to Sephora so you can test the products and see which colors match yours best.  Now let’s get down to some technique on how to fill in your brows because you are all going to be brave and give this a try! 

Here’s a shot of me with one eyebrow filled in and the other not just so you can compare.  See, looks natural right? Would you know that I filled it in if I didn’t tell you?

Eyebrow Tutorial

To begin, I dip my brush (I use this short angled one) in the Dipbrow pomade and then rub most of the product off on the cap so that it’s not overwhelming when I place it on my brow.  You can always go back and add more but a little goes a long way. I start by creating a line on the bottom from the beginning of the brow to about the arch.

Eyebrow Tutorial

Eyebrow Tutorial

Next, I do the same thing but this time on the top of my eyebrow.

Eyebrow Tutorial

After that you’ll want to create a line from your arch going down.  If you don’t have much of an arch but you want to create one this will allow you to do just so.  Sometimes you may notice that one eyebrow has an arch and the other is more rounded.  You can easily even them out but simply using your brush to create the shape.

Eyebrow Tutorial

Now it’s time to fill in the middle.  You can choose to use a powder, pencil or continue with the pomade.  The trick here to making it look natural is to take your brush and move it in the opposite direction of your hair growth.  In other words rather than filling in the space by going with the hair, fill it in by moving your brush towards your nose. 

When you fill in the space going with the hair you are only placing the product on top of the hair.  When you go in the opposite direction you are forcing the brush under the hair and directly onto the skin creating a much softer and natural look.


 When you fill in the front turn your brush vertically and make soft strokes to fill in any space you may have.

Eyebrow Tutorial

And there you have it! Pretty painless right? 

Eyebrow Tutorial

If your not sure about heading out and buying new products you can try using an eye shadow you may have that is close to your hair color, lighter is always better than darker!  If you give it a try don’t forget to snap a pic! You can share with me over on Instagram @ Cindy_Made2Style! 

As far as the products go, I am not being sponsored by anyone to talk about them I just love sharing my favorite products with you guys and what I find works best! The lashes I’m wearing in these photos are Pixie Lush by House of Lashes. If you have any questions or any requests for more posts like this just leave it in the comments below! 

Thanks for stopping by! xo



The Drama of the Kitchen Backsplash

Today I am going to share the drama that was my kitchen backsplash.  Let’s start with a little backstory shall we.  To do that I have to fill you in on my living situation.  I am a second grade teacher at a private school and the school I work for owns the house that I live in.  The house is actually broken into 4 separate apartments and I live in one of them.  I’m lucky enough that I get to pretty much do what I want in this space as far as painting and all that goes. When things go wrong all I have to do is contact the maintenance guys and they come over and fix it. It’s a pretty sweet deal. Now about 1 year ago I had asked if it would be at all possible to get a backsplash put in the kitchen.  At the time there was nothing on the walls. I dreamt of a beautiful glass subway tile but I knew that was way out of any budget I could be given so I found this cute glass mosaic tile at HD on sale for $5.99 sq/ft.


I was told yes but that it wouldn’t be right away, probably not for another month since the guys were working on a lot of projects.  Well, that month turned into “They won’t get to it until the summer,” which turned into “October is looking like it might be a better time for them,” which then became “After the winter break,”…catch my drift? It just kept being put off and I so badly wanted to just DIY it and submit my receipts but at the same time I didn’t want to piss anyone off. So January rolls around and it looks like the ball is starting to roll on the install! I get a text saying that they are at HD and they no longer carry the tile I wanted, bummer! So I went searching online and came across this tile.

photoIt had the glass but also some stone which I liked.  So in my mind this was the tile I was going to be getting. Fast forward another month or so and still no word on the install.  Then I get an email saying to go to the tile store at the bottom of my street…”there’s a tile store at the bottom of my street?” and pick the tile for my backsplash.  This. is. so. exhausting. I wasn’t married to the glass and stone and in all honesty could care less what went up, it’s an apartment, I just wanted something! So I went in the store and apparently they were expecting me and I was told that I was given a generous budget. Hmm, someone must have been feeling bad for making me wait so long. So when they asked what I wanted I asked, “Do you have any glass subway tiles within my budget?” and they pulled out these gorgina 2″ x 16″ tiles.


So I chose the color I wanted and left feeling very happy. I guess waiting almost a year was worth it!

Now, just when you think the story is over there’s more to it. So let me show you what the area looks like. This is a super old and dark photo I was lucky enough to find since I never took a “before” shot.

photo-5 When I was told the guys would be coming to do the tiles I had said that I wanted them staggered like bricks to the head maintenance guy.  The day of the install came and I was sooo excited all day and when I got home I opened the door and felt a big whomp whomp.  This was what I saw…

photo-4Why are the stacked? Who stacks tiles? I was pretty disappointed.  I had an image of what I thought it was going to be and it wasn’t that at all.  I decided I wasn’t going to judge it until it was all done. Nor was I going to complain about free tiles! I started to find that the more I stared at it the more I was beginning to like it.  I even went on Pinterest and searched stacked tiles and the photos that came up helped me feel a lot better about it.  I feels very modern to me now and once the grout was put in and I put all my stuff back I found that I actually love it.  It’s completely different from the ordinary and not what you would expect and that is what I love about it.  The guys said after searching online they read that long glass tiles should be stacked rather than staggered. It took forever to happen but now I finally have something to look at other then a white wall! 






I find it to be a very clean look. What are your thoughts? 

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

I remember in my rebellious stage of life I had this “I hate trendy things” attitude and now that couldn’t be any further from the truth! I love trends, I love following them, I love being a part of them, I love all things trendy! There I said it! One of the biggest trends happening for what feels like forever is the trend of GOLD! I get way too excited for anything gold and my trigger finger can literally spray paint anything gold that comes my way! That was clearly the case when it came to my next project.  I have been ogling the absolutely gorgeous bar carts from Social Society forever now but with the price tags of no less than $500 it just wasn’t happening.  Then of course Target came to the rescue with their Threshold bar cart.  

Target Bar CartThere were so many things I loved about it.  It’s simplicity, clean lines, size, shape…it was perfect in almost every way.  Even the price was something I could deal with ($130) although I did wait for quite awhile to purchase it hoping it would go on clearance…never happened.  I decided to buy it before I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of one anymore.  Now there were 2 things I just wasn’t feeling about it and that was the brass finish and the dark wood shelves.  But alas I am the girl who makes the best out of what she has and that’s exactly what I did! There is nothing that a can of spray paint can’t fix, right?  With Brittany’s helpful post about finding the perfect gold spray paint I decided to go with this brand. 

I removed the shelves, which easily unscrewed from underneath, taped the wheels and got to priming and painting. Here is how it looked before.

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

And then the process of the makeover. I started with one thin coat of primer.

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

Then the second thin coat. I used Zinsser’s oil based primer.{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart HackAnd then I continued in with the gorgeous gold. 2 thin coats, allowing for drying time in between coats. Here’s a shot of what that started to look like.  I love the gold color. It definitely lives up to its description of warm honey gold.

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

Now before we move on I had to decide what I would do with the shelves.  I had a million ideas running through my head.  Find a pretty print and decoupage it onto the shelves (no)…paint the shelves (no)…add glass (maybe) but then I realized that you would see the brackets on the sides that held the shelves in place.  So I decided what is more glam than mirrored tops! I went to my local glass and mirror shop and had them cut me some mirrors to size.  The shelves themselves (say that 5 times fast) had 1/4″ pieces of wood on each corner to screw into the bracket.  The guys just removed those pieces and glued the mirror on top of the existing shelves.  The mirror was 1/4″ itself so I didn’t end up losing any height and the shelves sit perfectly flush with the cart. WIN! And without further ado here is what she looked like when I put the mirrors in! 

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

And where she sits now in my kitchen…

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart HackKeep in mind that I do not have a kitchen table in my kitchen.  I got rid of it when I realized I was only using it to hoard junk and I replaced it with this beauty! Because of this I didn’t want to clutter the top with glasses and bottles and what not.  I also went out to TJ Maxx and scored this awesome nailhead trimmed linen bar stool chair.  I justified spending the dough on it because it is also the perfect height for when I need to do clients makeup in my home. Since I have a traveling chair I need something for my own space right?? Ha, I can convince myself of many things! Anyway, the chair sits right next to the stool and offers a great little space for guests to sit while I prepare dinner! photo-2

I am also not a huge coffee drinker (despite having worked at Starbucks for 8 years) so having the coffee maker on the bottom shelf doesn’t bother me. 

photo 2-1

photo 1-1


And in the bigger scheme of things…

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack

So there you have it! I am pretty in love with this little area.  And good news, the bar cart has finally gone on clearance! The last I saw it was down to $90! My Target has sold out of it and sadly it is still full price online but maybe if you’re lucky you can get your hands on one! The mirrored tops came out to $20 each so altogether it cost me $170.  Way better than the $500 price tags I was seeing!! 

{Gold & Mirrored} Target Bar Cart Hack