Kitchen Refresh

Happy Monday! It’s snowing here in the northeast once again…shocker! I guess I can’t complain since it is giving me the opportunity to finally get this post up. About 2 months ago we decided to give the kitchen a little refresh.  The top half of the walls were yellow and the bottom half had good old 1970’s wood paneling. The cabinets are dark wood and with a dark kitchen table and chairs this kitchen needed some brightening up! We decided to paint the wood paneling white and get rid of the yellow walls. 

Here are some pictures of what it looked like.

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2Style

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2Style

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleWhen thinking about what color was going to replace the yellow I knew I wanted to do some type of mocha.  Not brown, but a cream color with a hint of cocoa if that makes sense.  After checking different samples I fell in love with Mocha Cream by Benjamin Moore. 

2221 Now before we even started the painting process we decided we wanted to add a beefier, better looking piece of trim to the top of the paneling.  The trim that was there was your simple basic kind.


After purchasing the chair rail molding and recruiting our friend to do the work we had some wood paneling that I could work with!

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2Style

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleKitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleThe next step was priming the paneling.  Since it is so dark and we are going white the only thing to do is use the tried and true Zinsser Oil-Based Primer. Here is the paneling after one coat. The radiator got some paint too!

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleKitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleAfter two coats.

Kitchen Refresh @ Made2Style

The paneling then got its fresh coat of white and the walls got their two coats of Mocha Cream. Let’s take a look at the before once more.Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleAnd now the after…Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleKitchen Refresh @ Made2Style
Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleKitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleI’m so happy we sold the black island that was in the corner and replaced it with this smaller and much simpler one.Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleWe also moved where we keep the recyclables so the garbage area isn’t so cluttered.Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleEven the cats’ area got a little makeover.Kitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleKitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleKitchen Refresh @ Made2StyleWe love the way it turned out! We quickly realized that we want to put up some crown molding in there to really complete the look. I also have been on the hunt for new chairs for what seems like forever now! It’s insane how expensive kitchen chairs can be.  Once Spring rolls around and yard sales start popping up I’m hoping to get my hands on a set. 

Don’t you just love how paint can transform a space!



Top 10 Instagrams

Inspiration can be found everywhere nowadays.  Magazines, TV Shows, Pinterest and more recently, Instagram. More and more I have been noticing how many times I screen shot an image from Instagram and upload it to one of my boards on Pinterest. While I love reading blogs and seeing the entire process of something through the text there is something to be said about beautiful images.  Photography has always been a love of mine and having a place to share my day to day images is so much fun as well. Along with posting my own I love perusing my feed and getting inspired, or laughing my ass off to some funny meme! I thought I would share my top 10 favorite Instagrams with you guys. Let me tell you, this was actually quite hard because I have a ton of favorites but these accounts are ones that I personally look forward to seeing on my feed!

Humans of New York
Brandon is the man behind the lens of Humans of New York. This account shows us a glimpse into the lives of strangers in New York. I always enjoy reading the short stories that accompany the picture.

 The Fat Jewish
Umm, yeah. This guy cracks me up to no end. If you are someone who gets easily offended then you won’t want to follow him ha! 

Feel Good Foodie
What I love about this account is that unlike other healthy food accounts, they not only post photos but they list the entire recipe below it!


 Lyzabeth Lopez 
This chick is such an inspiration! Her body is sick and her workout videos give you amazing ideas for yourself at the gym! If your tired of the same old gym routine then I would definitely check her out! 

Dress Your Face
Tamanna Roashan is not of this world! She’s the amazing woman behind the brand Dress Your Face.  An international celebrity hair and makeup artist, she blows my mind with every post.  Her Bollywood bridal look and cut crease eye is so perfect.  She has completely inspired me to continue to better my craft.

Salon Couture
The ladies behind this NY based hair salon have got some serious talent! I love seeing all the beautiful dimensions of color and crazy skillful techniques while scrolling through my feed! I want to change my hair color everyday just following this account! If you’re looking to change your do I suggest following them for some great inspiration! 

I follow a ton of nail art accounts but something about this girl has me so inspired.  She completely steps out of the box with her creations.  And her videos are so helpful and makes me think I could actually do it! 



This account is full of great outfit posts.  Not only does it inspire my wardrobe but it’s introduced me to some of my favorite fashion bloggers! 


 Coastal Interiors
UGH! I love the images from this account. It makes me want to move to some remote island and decorate my ocean view home. The design is so airy and simplistic.

The Interior Queen
So much beauty in one account! Having a serious love for interior design makes me want to quit my day job and follow this passion every time I see an image on my feed from the queen! There is so much texture and ideas in these photos. 

Do you follow any of these accounts? What are some of your favorites? I’d love to follow along! 
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Gold Leaf Canvas & Gallery Wall

Thanks so much for all the great feedback on the vanity! Getting ready for work in the morning has certainly become so much easier and definitely a bit more glamorous ;)
After putting the vanity together I had a ton of empty wall space above it that desperately needed to be filled.  I had a bunch of prints that I loved and wanted to frame but I also wanted to try my hand at some original art work. Now I am no artist but I do enjoy a blank canvas and a paint brush. I wanted my canvas to have some texture but wasn’t sure what to use so I asked the art teacher at my school and she was awesome enough to give me some modeling paste.

Gold Leaf Canvas ArtThis stuff is like plaster! It’s so thick and did exactly what I was hoping it would! I simply  took a small paint brush and with no rhyme or reason just spread it all over the canvas.  I concentrated on laying it on thick.  I wanted there to be a decent amount of texture when it dried.
Gold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtAfter letting it dry (about 2 days) I whipped out my paints and got to it.  For this project the colors I wanted to work with were black, white, pink, and gold (all acrylic.)  I worked in layers when painting.  First with black, then pink, next white, and finally gold.  You can really get a good idea of the texture once I laid the black paint down.
Gold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtGold Leaf Canvas ArtTo add a little more texture I took an old stiff paint brush and ran in horizontally across the canvas creating a dragged look on the paint.
The next step was adding some gold leaf. Make sure your paint is dry before you do the next step. Using my gold leaf adhesive pen I drew in where I wanted there to be gold leaf. 
Gold Leaf Canvas Art I let the adhesive dry enough to be tacky and then laid the sheet of gold leaf on top. Then using a paint brush, I dabbed it down to adhere the gold leaf and swept away any excess.
Gold Leaf Canvas ArtI continued this in all the spots I wanted there to be some gold leaf. When I was finished I repeated the same steps on another canvas.  I kept the process the same but used more of some colors and less of others just to keep things similar but not matchy matchy. I also placed some gold leaf on the edges of the canvases to give it a finished look.

Gold Leaf Canvas Art The next step was putting up my little gallery wall.  I used this method to decide where everything would go. Recycled cereal boxes can come in real handy!

DSC_0340The majority of the frames were pretty light so I ended up just using command strips to hang them and nails for the ones that needed a little more reinforcement. Here’s it all finished!
DSC_0343DSC_0356DSC_0347Oh right, don’t mind the robe wearing crazy cat lady in the mirror! I still need to add a little something to the left of the canvases but for now the space finally feels complete!
Do you think you’ll try your hand at some original artwork?

DIY Makeup Vanity

Hope all you east coasters were able to stay warm during the so called “blizzard.” I enjoyed the extra days off building snowmen, making snow angels and even going sledding. Hopefully this is the last of winter and the flowers can start growing now. Ok fine, wishful thinking!

Today I am here to share a project I have been DYING to make! This one is strictly for the ladies! I’ve wanted a makeup vanity since forever! When I lived in my apartment there just wasn’t space for it and it wasn’t until we redid the guest room that I noticed the perfect spot to have one. Ladies, you are going to love this! The furniture itself is all from Ikea. The rest of the items needed can be purchased at your local hardware store. 

To create the storage part of my vanity I purchased two Ikea Alex 5 drawer units and one table top in high gloss white (47×23). After recruiting some help to put the drawers together, I had this. 

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Because of where the bed comes out to I couldn’t center it which is why it is pushed all the way against the wall. You can imagine how much that urks me but I have some ideas on filling that space to the right. Now the next part is the fun part. It requires a little bit of electrical work but I promise you can totally do it. Here is what you’ll need:
Ikea Stave Mirror
2 Ikea Musik Wall Lamps
2 Extension Cords
3 Packs of Crystal Clear Round Light Bulbs
Wireless Remote Light Switch or Power Strip
Wire Cutters (not shown)

Wire Caps (not shown)
Electrical Tape (not shown)

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Since the lights are meant to be hardwired we need to convert them to be plug ins. The first thing you need to do is remove the socket part of the extension cord.
With your wire cutters you’re just going to snip it right off.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Next, using the wire cutters or a wire stripping tool you need to remove some of the plastic coating and expose the wires inside. If you’re using your wire cutter be sure not to cut the wire, just the plastic coating.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleOn the back of the wall lamp you will notice three wires, black, white, and yellow. You will be using only the black and white wires. You can undo the yellow wire (that’s the ground wire) and toss it.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleOn your extension cord you will notice that one side (wire) is smooth and one side is rigid.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleTaking the white wire, you’re going to wrap it around the wire with the rigid side. Once it’s all wrapped, cap it with the wire cap.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleNext, take the black wire and wrap it around the wire with the smooth side. After this your lights should work once you plug them in! 

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2StyleOnce you’ve removed the yellow wire you can use some pliers to try to remove the piece of metal that is on the back.  Since you want your wall lamp to sit flush against your wall you’ll want it as flat as possible.

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Repeat these steps for the second light.
Using electrical tape to hold everything down and making your marks you can now screw in your pluggable lights! Just hang the mirror and then place your lights on either side. I plugged the cords into a power strip and just hit the red button when I want to turn the lights on. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. I’m so happy to finally have a place to organize all my hair and makeup products and tools.The drawer units allow for so much storage it’s crazy!  I’m not even close to being done organizing it all but I don’t mind spending all my time here! 

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

DIY Makeup Vanity @ Made2Style

Makeup Vanity

Do you love it as much as I do! The best part is how affordable it is. The mirror and lights will cost you less than $80 which is great considering similar mirrors and lights like this one go for $400! If you decide to make one, which you 100% should, I’d love to see it! 

I’m currently working on a little gallery wall to go above the vanity as well. Stay tune for that!



Guest Room Makeover

One by one we have been crossing off projects from our list. The first one to share is our guest room.  This room left very little to the imagination.  Green walls and dark brown curtains. Not exactly something that screamed please come in and take a load off in here.  I knew this would be the room that my old bedroom furniture would be going into so we needed to do a little fixing up. The plan was to paint the room and add all new trim (crown, base, and casings.) Here’s the room before we got started.


This happened to also be the room where we kept Luna when I first moved in to ease her into the new environment, hence the litter box.  We cleared everything out and pretty much sold the furniture that was in there since we didn’t have a use for them.  After chiseling off each of the outlet covers (OMG! There must have been about 5 layers of paint on them!), patching holes in the walls, and fixing up a tape line in the ceiling, we got to work.


The color I chose was Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan. I had it color matched by Benjamin Moore. I didn’t choose to prime because I didn’t want to do more work than needed. In other words, I was lazy. I did all the cutting while Frank rolled. Since we were going to be adding crown molding I didn’t go crazy making the line straight on top which was so nice!
After the room was all painted we were ready to have the trim installed. Luckily, we have a friend who is skilled in doing this. The problem with friends is we work on their time frame. So as you can imagine the room sat and sat and sat a little more. But the big day did finally come. All the trim that was around the doors and windows came down and the new trim went up!


And the rest of the room…don’t mind the patches, we noticed a few small holes we wanted to patch.



The next step was bringing in the furniture.



I’d love to say that since this photo has been taken the wreaths in the window have been taken down but I would be lying if I did.  The truth is it’s been way too cold to go out and take anything down so while Christmas is gone inside I can’t say the same for outside!DSC_0475Ah, much better. There is still more to be done like blinds for the windows and something above the bed. But my absolute most favorite part is the space to the left of the closet. That will be getting a little something special.  Something I have been wanting forever. I am putting in a vanity! A place to do my hair and makeup and if all goes well a place to set up my camera and start making some more beauty videos for you guys! I also have plans for the closet in the room as well but for now I’m enjoying walking by a room that finally looks like a bedroom! 

Linen Closet & More

So it’s been about 6 months that I’ve been meaning to write this post…oops! When I first moved in one of the first things I did was organized the closets in the house. Today I’m sharing 2 bathroom closets.  I couldn’t help but notice when I moved in that there was no set place to keep towels.  I found them all over the place and so I cleaned out one of the bathroom closets and made it a linen closet for us to keep all the towels.



 I started by emptying everything out and wiping it clean.

DSC_0374Then, using my favorite grip liner, I lined all the shelves including the floor in the closet.

DSC_0375DSC_0380DSC_0383After tossing a majority of the towels out because they had a moldy smell I wasn’t willing to try to remove, I bought some more of my favorite towels ever! These towels are amazing, they are super soft, thick, and wash really well. 

I also grabbed a few baskets and moved all of the first aid items in there since we technically don’t have a medicine cabinet. Here is how it looks now.

Closet Organization

Closet OrganizationCloset OrganizationCloset OrganizationCloset Organization

While I was at it I also cleaned out another closet in our downstairs bathroom and decided to utilize it for all the cleaning supplies and paper items such as toilet paper/paper towels. Sorry for the grainy iPhone pictures.

IMG_5369 IMG_5368


Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Closet Organization

I love the feeling an organized closet gives me.  Just having a place for things to go makes life so much easier! Anyone make a resolution this year to be more organize? Starting with your closets could just be the way to get the ball rolling! 

Chalk Painted Buffet Makeover (RH Inspired)

For the longest time I have been wanting to try out chalk paint.  I have a serious love of redoing furniture.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many pieces I am hoarding with the intention of doing over. Many of which I have sanded and primed! If you’ve painted a piece of furniture before then you know how time consuming and exhausting sanding and priming can be.  This my friends is what drew me into wanting to try Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.  I have heard so many wonderful things about it like, “no need to sand,” and “no priming needed”. Those words are music to my ears. So when I had a piece I was looking to redo I bit the bullet and bought some chalk paint.  I did a little research online as to what colors would give me the look I was trying to achieve.  I wanted a sort of grayish brown Restoration Hardware look. After settling on what colors would work I made my purchase.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

I went with a quart of French Linen as the base, sample sizes of Pure White and Paris Grey for dry brushing, and the Dark Wax to seal it all.  The reason I only purchased sample sizes for what I needed to dry brush is because what you will learn as soon as you open this paint is that it is crazy thick and a little goes a very very long way! It may be pricey but it is totally worth it!

So here is the piece itself before being touched.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

If you’re anything like me then you can clearly see the potential here.  The shape of this piece is what really drew me in and as soon as I saw the squares within the doors I knew I wanted to put some mirrors in there to update it.  Unfortunately, when I went to unscrew the hideous hardware I was completely taken by surprise to learn that they can’t be removed! When I opened the door to find the screw on the other side I only found that there was no screw. It seems that the door was half build, the handles went on, and then the other half of the door went on blocking the screw.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2StyleChalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

This certainly didn’t stop me from continuing but I’m not gonna say I didn’t cry a bit over it! I do have some options just not sure what to do quite yet. Anyway to get started I simply wiped the entire piece down with a wet rag and then dried it. That was all I did to prep the piece before painting.  Using my trusty Purdy brush, I got to work.  The great thing about this paint is it’s really fool proof. For most flat surfaces I would use a small roller but there is no need, you can totally do it with a brush.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

Here is what the piece looked like after one full coat.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

You can see how opaque this paint is…it’s amazing! It’s super thick and you can also add water to it to thin it out and make it go even further.  I barely used a fourth of the quart to do this whole piece! After leaving it to dry for 24hrs I went in and did a second coat, allowed that to dry for a day and then went in with a small chip brush and my sample colors to dry brush.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2StyleI began with Paris Grey by simply dipping the brush in the paint and rubbing the excess off on a paper plate.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2StyleChalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

You can click this link to watch a hyper lapse video of the technique of Dry Brushing. If you can’t view it I simply just rubbed the brush up and down in each section. Remember that you don’t want to have globs of paint on the brush, you almost want to remove the paint from the brush before applying it to the furniture piece. Here’s what it looked like after going in with Paris Grey and then Pure White.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

You can tell the difference if you look at the inside square which is the base color and has no dry brushing done to it. Here are some more shots.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2StyleA little before and after. The Paris Grey created an almost like haze on it whereas the Pure White really stood out. 

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2StyleChalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2StyleThe next part is adding the wax. Now after doing some research online I read that it’s best to seal your piece with clear wax first and then go in with the dark wax after but I am a rebel and didn’t want to do that! I felt that the clear wax wouldn’t allow the dark wax to really seal its beautiful color into the piece so no clear wax here.  I purchased a wax brush online, I highly recommended doing so.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

I just dipped the brush into the can and just like with the dry brushing wiped off the excess onto a paper plate. Once you get used to doing it you might start skipping the plate part and applying directly on the piece. 

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

Now as far as technique goes I just went with the grain of the wood in an up and down or side to side motion, depending on the wood. I started on a side that wouldn’t be seen much just to test it out.  Here is a shot of the start of it.

Chalk Paint Buffet Makeover @ Made2Style

You can see how the dry brush strokes come through.  It made such a difference and I am in love with it.  The reason the door is missing is because I had brought it to a glass and mirror shop to have the mirrors cut. Once the wax was applied I went in with an old t-shirt and buffed it out. The more you buff the shinier it gets. I attached the mirrors using special glue and now it’s all done! 


The sun was shining into the room when I took this next picture so the color looks a little more warm than the other pictures. 





As far as the handles go I do have the option of sawing them off. If you look closely at the back of the door picture I posted you can see where the back of the door was attached which leads me to believe that the door is hollow and by a simple knock you can hear that it is hollow. If I saw the handles off then the plan would be to knock the piece that is still in the door in and it would fall inside the door…make sense? The problem with this plan is that there is no guarantee that the piece will fall in and if it doesn’t then I’m screwed (pun intended!) If anyone has any advice I will gladly take it! These handles make me sad and I will try anything to replace them! 


I purchased some mercury lamps to go on either side and am currently redoing the frame of a mirror I had to hang above it.  The frame was black so I’m trying to lighten it up a bit, not quite happy with it yet but it’s getting there.

DSC_0420 2

So if you’re looking to redo a piece I highly suggest trying chalk paint! I purchased mine from The Purple Painted Lady, it came super quick and they are very knowledgable in these products! 

IMG_9784The color came out exactly like I hoped it would. Do you think you’ll give it a try?

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