{Dare To DIY} Be Thankful

So every year right around the holidays some of my favorite bloggers get together and host a little series called Dare To DIY and I swear I get way too excited for this! So the start of the series begins today and the dare this week is “Be Thankful.” In the past I did this project and last year I made this banner.  My idea for this year was to make something that wasn’t just for the holiday but rather something I can keep up all year long.  I came up with making a print to frame that says Always Be Thankful. I could have just printed the saying and framed it but that would be too simple. Instead I grabbed my gold leaf pen and some sheets of gold and got to working! The fonts used here are Emerald Isle and Allura.


 I printed the text on cardstock and created a 5×7 border that I could cut around to fit in the frame. Next I used my gold leaf glue pen and traced around the letters.


Then I took the sheet and placed it right on top and with a small paint brush I tapped and brushed the paper onto the letters. 



I purposely printed in that gold yellow color because I knew the gold leaf wouldn’t catch all around so where there are open spaces the color is still almost similar.  It would look a bit ridiculous if I had printed in black! I just love the shimmer that comes off of the print! 


I just cut the print out on the lines I had on it and popped it in the frame.  

Gold Leafing Print

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{Mani Monday} Halloween Nails

It’s the most terrifying time of the year!! Halloween is fast approaching and I can’t wait! As a teacher I love seeing the adorable and hilarious costumes the students come in with but of course I also love dressing up myself.  This year I decided to be a deer for the holiday.  I posted a picture on my Instagram of my makeup after I tried it out. Here’s another sneak peek ;)


I still haven’t completely figured out the costume portion yet although I did DIY the ears and antlers using a headband.  Hopefully I can pull it all together the day of. Now for those who aren’t too big on getting dressed up there is always the alternative of giving yourself some fun Halloween nails! I am no stranger to nail art, in fact I almost find it impossible to paint my nails without adding some kind of flare to them! I’ve even started a hashtag on Instagram for all my nail creations, #M2SNails.  Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve done!


 I also had some fun with some Halloween nails! 



Now you should know that I was never ever good at doing my own nails..honestly I was terrible! I had polish all over the place and I had no patience to let my nails dry so they always ended up getting ruined! Now with that said I loved having my nails done so I always went to the salon until I was tired of spending the money.  Regular manicures were a waste since I use my hands so much so I always went with gel manicures which cost more.  I decided that like everything else if I put my mind to it I could do it.  Sure enough after practicing enough I started getting the hang of it. I got myself a gel manicure kit and a UV light and now I give myself my own manis! The one tool that I have found to be the most helpful when doing any type of nail art is my dotting tool.  I purchased it at Sally’s but you can easily find one on Amazon. In the first Halloween nail picture I used only the dotting tool and did all the images free hand. For the second set of nails I dipped a straw in red nail polish and then blew through it to get that splattered effect! I made sure to tape around my nails so the clean-up wasn’t so bad.

So I challenge you to give it a try and have some fun with your nails! I thought I would share some really fun Halloween inspiration nail looks! Unfortunately, the majority of these pictures just lead me to a site featuring them and not the direct link but I tried to include as many that were watermarked as I could…just click the photo to bring you to the original artist! 

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If you don’t think you’re brave enough to try on your own you can always show your manicurist and have them try! 

Do you think you’ll Halloween up your nails? 

Fall Wreath 2014

The time has come once again to pretty up the door! I’m not sure where this need to make a new wreath every year has come from but I’ll take it! I love the idea of trying to one up myself each year and I think I may have done just that! For the past few years my wreaths all had burlap incorporated in them, until this year. I almost don’t believe it myself! Here’s a look at the past wreaths I’ve made:


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

 Can we take a moment to look at wreath #1? That was my first wreath.  Clearly I’ve learned a thing or two about how to make a wreath! That poor thing is so naked! 

This year I decided that I wanted the wreath to have some different texture and that burlap wasn’t going to play a roll in it since every wreath I’ve made used burlap. I was recently making a tree on one of my bulletin boards at work by taking strips of craft paper and twisting it to created a crinkled effect.  That method is what sparked the idea for the wreath.  I ended up googling it and sure enough found tons of inspiration of wreaths that use craft paper. After hitting up Michael’s to get the goods I got to work.

I used brown craft paper but if you can’t get a hold of any you can always use brown paper bags found at your local grocery store.


Using pins to hold the paper into place I cut long strips and wrapped the entire wreath. 


Next I cut smaller strips (long enough to wrap around the form), twisted them, and then pinned it in place.



I continued this until the entire wreath form was covered.

Craft Paper Wreath2

Now, I could have just stopped there but what fun would that be? I grabbed my hot glue gun and started layering all the floral pieces.



And that’s as far as I got with the “in process” photos because once I really got into it I forgot to pick up the camera to take the pictures! But that’s ok because the final product is all you really need!



I didn’t want to make it too orangey and red so I kept it neutral with a little pop of orange. 

DSC_0383Fall Wreath5

DSC_0413 2

 I’m incredibly happy with how it came out!

Craft Paper Wreath

It’s a good thing we have so many doors because I’ve got quite a collection going here ;) 



Fall at Home

Happy Hump day! I say that with a lot of enthusiasm since this week is draaaaging! But I come to share some pictures of the casa and some “Fallness” I added. Yes, today Fallness is a word. It’s a good word. Nothing tickles my fancy more than decorating for seasons/holidays and Fall is no exception.  I kept things rather simple only because I’m still transitioning a lot of my stuff and trying to decide where I want things. I have about a million ideas in my head but have been limited to one space at a time which is definitely a challenge for me but it’s a good one, it keeps my ADHD under control! With that said, I’m inviting you inside to our living space where I kept the majority of the decor. It’s currently my favorite space since it’s one of the only finished spaces in the entire house. Of course nothing is truly ever finished to me because something can always change but for now it works! So let’s start with the entry way, it’s red. Red people. In case you aren’t aware, I hate red. When I lived at home and discovered HGTV I decided to paint my bedroom red and while it was the most awesome room ever it was also the year 2000 and now it’s not so it’s time to move on.  It’s on the list and I can’t wait until it’s gone but for now I embrace it. Why? Because love makes you do stupid things. Ok, enough chit-chat…




I’m planning on doing a full house tour soon.  I’m currently shopping around for a good wide angle lens. Once I get it I’ll be going picture crazy! Check back tomorrow where I’ll sharing this years Fall wreath! My favorite one so far! 

Outdoor Fall Decorating

The air is getting cooler, there is pot roast in the oven, I am dressing in layers, and there’s football on TV, must mean one thing…Fall is here!! And I love decorating for Fall! Well I love decorating period but Fall is so much fun too! Life has been pretty busy lately so I haven’t had a ton of time to decorate but now that I’m back into the rhythm of school and wedding season is starting to slow down I’m hoping to have more time to do some things around the house.  The one thing I did manage to get accomplished was adding some Fall flare to the front of the house.  I’ve always wanted a porch to decorate and now that I have one I certainly didn’t hold back! I was determined to have corn husks and hay stacks! Of course pumpkins and mums had to be in the equation but I was dead set on those corn husks. I was able to get a hold of all of it and I’m so happy with how it turned out.  The before shot was nothing but an empty space. There is no way it will go back to being so bare so even when the season/holidays are over there will certainly be something there to give it some pizzaz.  I also ordered a new light because well the one that was there was just way too old and it was time for an update. 


photo 2-3

Oh sweet stone mold how I loathe you! I’m hoping with the cold weather it will go away but if not you’ll find me out there scrubbing with some bleach.

And now for the Fall transformation!


I mixed some white and orange pumpkins with the hay stacks.  I also purchased one of those carveable pumpkins from Michaels and went to town on it.DSC_0453DSC_0449DSC_0451

The other side is full of mums. I used some left over wine crates I had from my cousins shower to help elevate some of the pots.


I even added a few pumpkins on the stairs leading to the front.


The front turned out exactly how I envisioned it and looks equally as pretty once the sun goes down.



We are both obsessed with how the hammered glass on the new light reflects on the house!


As far as the inside goes I’m slowly putting some Fall touches here and there and will hopefully have a post on that soon as well as my Fall wreath! In the meantime here is a sneak peek…

FacetuneFor some more Fall decor ideas don’t forget to check out the tab at the top of the page! 


{Here Comes The Bride} Wedding Day Sign

Two weekends ago my cousin bit the dust and got married! Her wedding was so beautiful and so much fun! She had reached out to me and asked “Do you think you can make me a sign for one of the little boys to hold going down the aisle?” Of course I said, “I DO!”

This was a simple project that turned out super cute!! She wanted the sign to say “Uncle Frankie, Here Comes Your Bride.” To accomplish this I grabbed a wooden plaque from Michaels, a blue paint pen, a black paint pen (ended up using a Sharpie because the pen exploded), a cream acrylic paint, a brown stamp pad, and ribbon that matched the bridal party’s dresses.

{DIY} Here Comes The Bride Sign

I started by printing out the wording that I wanted to fit the plaque and then arranged the words on top.

IMG_5019 Next, using a pencil tip, I traced over the words with some pressure so that it would leave a crease in the wood.


IMG_5021Since I was going to be painting the wood I didn’t want to lose the wording so I went over it in pencil after tracing it and then started painting.


Once it was all painted I took a black sharpie and went over all the words except for bride which I used a blue paint pen for (you could use a blue sharpie as well.)


To give the wood an antique look I used a dry paint brush and a stamp pad.


Last but not least I stapled blue ribbon to the back of the sign.  Love the turnout!

DIY Custom Sign


Photography By Alfonso

DIY Shoe Organization

Happy Monday everyone! Today marks one of the last Mondays before I head back to work and let me tell you I am not ready for summer to be over! I usually hit a point where I’m ready to get back to my normal routine but not this year. I want summer to go on forever! So while I sit here and cry about it I figured I’d share a super easy and functional project I did a little while ago. A few months ago I was at my cousins house and had my mind blown when I looked into her closet and saw her shoes hanging from the wall off of a curtain rod. I mean a screwed into the wall curtain rod that held shoes? Genius! Here’s a photo of what it looked like just to give you a visual (this is a picture found online, not from her closet!)

Shoe Organization

When I was working on putting one of my closets together I bought some shoe cubbies but found that I had some empty space that wasn’t big enough to put another cubbie. I didn’t want the space to go to waste so I took a cue from my cousin and rather than drilling curtain rods into the wall I went out and grabbed some tension rods. I had the thought of staggering them to hold my shoes. Here is the space I had…


I bought 4 tension rods for the project.  I recommend measuring the width of the space you have when choosing tension rods since they come in a variety of sizes. I got mine at Target for about $4 each.


I started by placing the first rod as high as I could. I stuck it between the end of the shoe cubby and the wall. 


Next, I took one of my shoes and rested the heel on the rod and looked to see where the front of the shoe would sit. Once I did that I placed the other rod to hold the shoe up.


You could just put up the rods and have the heels hang like in that first picture (mimicking what my cousin also does) but the reason I chose to do it this way is because come Fall I may want to switch out these shoes and I own a lot of wedges that won’t hang and will need the front support. 

Here is how they turned out after I added the second row and the shoes!


Here are the shoe cubbies (Container Store


And the closet as a whole..


The shelves were already there.  I just moved them around to fit my needs and added the two hanging rods.  It still looks a little sparse but a majority of my clothes are still in boxes! I took out my summer essentials but before I know it Fall will be here and this whole closet will have to change again to fit those clothes! By the way those clear front containers are sold at Container Store but I found mine at Home Goods for much cheaper!

photo 2-1

photo 1-1


I also added a string of rope light inside all around the door to give the closet light at night. I attached it to a remote so I only have to push a button to turn it on! 


Anyone else have unused closet space that could house some shoes?