Desk Decor: Gold Polka Dot Bowl

Summer is dwindling down and school is just around the corner. Whether you’re starting your first year of college, a returning senior, or even a teacher yourself, this transition is never an easy one. The one thing we all share in common is we’re all heading back to something and the one thing that makes this time as simple as can be is staying organized. 
Just this past week I went into my classroom to get it all prepared for the upcoming school year. I was able to get my hands on a much larger desk than I have had in the past and while organizing the space I thought about what I would need to help me with my day to day workload.  The majority of desks need your standard stapler, tape dispenser, paper tray and so on and let me tell you the world of desk accessories has really grown! There are so many pretty things out there these days and you no longer need to go to places like Staples for wire mesh organizers! Case in point: I needed a container to hold my binder clips and while any office supply store would carry such a thing I hit up the kitchen section of my local Target for a little dipping bowl and prettied it up with nothing but a gold pen.DSC02433I just began painting gold dots all around the outside of the bowl and then a few on the inside.
DSC02434DSC02435It literally took me no time at all and now it sits so pretty.DSC02439DSC02440DSC02437Thinking outside the box always has its rewards! 

DIY Gold Polka Dot Bowl

Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Blend Eyeshadow

Beauty Tip Tuesday Banner

Happy Tuesday everyone! So I’ve decided to start a little series here called Beauty Tip Tuesday.  The premise is to obviously share some great beauty tips that will help your beauty routine.  I will try my best to post something each Tuesday. This week is all about the proper way to blend your eyeshadow! When applying more than one color to your lid (you should always have a transition color) the key to a flawless look is to blend the two together.  The way you hold your brush can make or break the amount of time it takes to blend! Naturally when we are applying makeup we hold our brushes/pencils facing upward. This makes the process of blending quite difficult.

How To Properly Blend Your Eyeshadow I Made2Style

When blending you want to go back and fourth across your crease in windshield wiper motions.  When you hold your brush upward like in the above photo, the top of the bristles are not going to allow the shadow to blend. It will only create a line of shadow across your eye.

To get the blending look there are two ways to hold your brush. The first way is facing downward.How To Properly Blend Your Eyeshadow I Made2StyleThis helps to blend the shadow by using the bristles on the side. The most optimal way to blend your shadow and to assure your blending it above the crease and also below would be to hold it straight on.
How To Properly Blend Your Eyeshadow I Made2Style
This will allow the shadow on your lid to blend with your crease color and also allow your crease color to seamlessly blend into your brow shadow!

I’m sure you’ve probably never really taken the time to think about how you hold your brushes but a little adjustment like this can make a big difference! Comment below and let me know what you think or if you have any questions you’d want me to cover on the next Beauty Tip Tuesday! In the meantime I’m going to go do something about these pores! Geez

Chipotle Shrimp Bowl

There is nothing like taking a bunch of fresh ingredients and toss them into a tasty bowl. This bowl does just that and also packs a good punch.  It’s one of my favorite go to meals and if you’re a fan of spicy food then you will love this! I’ve taken some tasty flavors and combined them to create a simple, quick and delicious meal you will love!

Chipotle Shrimp
 Ingredients include:

1lb. shrimp (peeled and deveined)
1 can of chipotles in sauce
1 can of black beans
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 tsp. chili powder
a packet of frozen corn
cherry tomatoes
2 avocados
lime (for juice)


1. Throw the can of chipotles with sauce into a blender/food processor and liquify. Toss the sauce into a ziplock bag with your shrimp to marinate. Doesn’t need to marinate long at all. 
Chipotle Shrimp
2. In a small saucepan, put your corn, can of beans (rinsed), cumin and chili powder and cook on medium high.Chipotle Shrimp3.Cut up your avocados, cherry tomatoes and cilantro.
4. Take the shrimp out of the bag and cook through.
5. Toss everything into a bowl and squeeze the juice of one lime into it.

I usually throw it all on top of a bed of brown rice to make it a bit more hearty but if you want something light then you can just eat it as is!
Chipotle ShrimpIf you want to see more recipes you can check the tab at the top or if you’re on Instagram you can follow me HERE and check out the hashtag #M2Sinthekitchen for some inspiration! 

Kitchen Table Makeover

Ah kitchen tables.  I always go back and fourth with my feelings for them.  In my old apartment I ended up tossing the one I had because I found that I never actually ate at it. It just became the place where all my crap went.  When I moved into the house I was delighted to find a table with some medieval looking chairs to go with it (pure sarcasm.)  The table itself was not terrible but the chairs had to go.  A year later I am finally taking care of that! 

I must say the one thing I promised myself was that I wouldn’t allow the table to get full of clutter and I have lived up to it because it is always free of crap. In fact several people have said that since I’ve moved in it’s the first time they’ve seen what the kitchen table looks like! I guess I wasn’t the only one with that issue! 
Kitchen Refresh @ Made2Style

We actually use this table everyday. Frank comes home for lunch everyday and this is where we eat so keeping in mind that other than being a piece in the room I needed to make sure that the top got some good protection when redoing it.
The first step was getting new chairs. I love the look of tables with wood tops and white legs so that’s what I was going to try to achieve.  I donated the chairs to Good Will and purchased these 4 chairs from Target.
f64ef0ca8bddfe2094798db646a5d5cdI had decided that the table top stain would be Weather Oak so those yellowy chair seats wouldn’t really work.  As soon as the chairs arrived I sanded the seats down with my palm sander and restained them with the Weathered Oak. You can see below the 3 seats I sanded and the one I hadn’t done yet.

Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleThen I applied the stain and then the wax to seal it all in.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleOk so chairs are done now it’s time to get to the table! I worked on it outside since I would be using the sander. Here is the table.
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleThis table top clearly needs some TLC.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleI’m going to let you in on a little secret product that will save your life doing this and that’s Rock Miracle. It seriously is a miracle! You guys this stripper is better than anything you’ll see at Chippendales! And just like the real deal you need to make sure you wear protection!
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleA throw away brush will be helpful for you to apply the product on and make sure that your putty knife is flexible so when you’re scraping off the varnish you don’t dent the wood.
I read about a few strippers online and most of them required you to apply the stripper and let it sit for awhile, sometimes for hours. Not this stuff! I put it on and by the time I was done applying it I started scraping it off. It started to eat away at the varnish immediately and I found it easier to scrape off when it was still wet rather than let it dry.
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleYou’ll want to toss the varnish away in a metal or glass can. It will eat away at plastic so don’t even try it. After one pass I applied another layer and scraped it away.  I did this 4 times until all the varnish and a few layers of stain were removed.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleNext step was to start sanding down to the bare wood. I used a medium grit and then a fine grit to smooth it all out.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleI love the different tones within the wood.  I brushed on a thick coating of the Weathered Oak stain and left it on for 10 minutes and then wiped it off.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleAfter giving it 24 hrs to dry I applied the protective wax and buffed off. Once done I flipped the table over to start working on the legs.
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleI was planning on priming so I didn’t go crazy sanding but some areas really needed it.

Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleAfter smoothing it all out I put on 2 coats of Zinsser oil based primer and then Benjamin Moore paint in White.Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleOk…let’s take a look back at the before so you can appreciate the after. I AM OBSESSED!!
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleAFTER:Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleThere are so many things I love about this table.  The chairs alone make such a dramatic difference. The chair backs are so much lower than what we had that you have more sight of the kitchen and even the view outside the sliding door. The fact that it’s so much lighter brightens the room and it feels like we gained more space in the kitchen even thought we didn’t. And let’s talk about the tabletop, it so much!
Kitchen Table Makeover via Made2StyleKitchen Table Makeover

There’s nothing like making something old look brand new! 


Tray Table Makeover

About 5 years ago I attended what is called the Ultimate Family Yard Sale. It’s held on an airport lot and people can rent tables to sell their stuff or you can go to buy.  I had gone one year to check it out and then ended up coming back the next year to rent a table.  When I was walking around scoping out the tables a tray table totally caught my eye.  It turned out the table was not for sale it was just there to hold items that were.  Lucky for me, I’m a smooth talker and convinced the woman to sell it to me. I had so many ideas for it but like a lot of the furniture pieces I own it made its way into the pile and I forgot all about it.  Fast forward to now. I was looking for a little side table to place next to the upholstered chair in our living room and the tray table came to mind.  I knew it would need a little freshening up so I gave it a fresh paint job and a new top.

Tray Table Makeover

I used Zinsser oil based primer to start with.Tray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverTray Table Makeover

Then I used Rustoleum’s Champagne as the color. 

Tray Table MakeoverTray Table Makeover

The bamboo base in the tray was not really working for me so I went to my local glass and mirror shop and had a mirror cut to size. Easy peasy! Glad to have finally put the table to use!
Tray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverTray Table MakeoverIf you missed the post on how I painted that fabric chair from pink to blue you can check it out HERE!
Do you hoard furniture like myself? No? Just me huh…great. ;)

{HOW TO} Painting Upholstery

You read it right! It is possible.  I myself was skeptical about the whole putting paint on fabric and it actually working but I am here to tell you that it is possible! The key to making it work is water and fabric medium.  The fabric medium is what softens the paint so that your fabric doesn’t become super stiff and the water helps to be able to spread the paint evenly along the fabric.

Let’s take a peek at my victim.

Painting Upholstery

This chair was not mine to begin with and it also happens to have a matching partner so since I had no attachment to it and there was another just like it I was willing to give this whole painting thing a try.  What’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work and I’d have to toss it? Sounds good to me.

The chair itself worked fine in the corner but the color was not working with the rest of the living room.  While the space is pretty neutral there are a few pops of blue throughout the room so I wanted to keep that going with the chair.  The color I chose was wedgewood grey from Benjamin Moore.  To get started I brought the chair to a well ventilated area, the garage.  Here’s what you’ll need:

A large spray bottle
A quart of paint (latex, chalk, acrylic…doesn’t matter)
3  8 oz. bottles of Fabric Medium (found at any craft store)
Measuring Cup
Paint Brush

You will be doing 3 coats of the paint on the fabric letting each coat dry for 24hrs. This is not something you will complete in one afternoon.  The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure the fabric is clean of dirt, dust or anything else.

Painting Upholstery

First Coat:
Mix 1 part paint with 1 part fabric medium
Mix 1 part water to 1 part paint mixture
In other words: if you used 1/2 cup of paint and 1/2 cup of medium you will now add 1 cup of water

The mixture will be super thin and that is what you want.  Think of it as more of a stain than anything else. Now this is where you’ll want to grab your water bottle. Before you begin painting the fabric you will need to spray the section your working on heavily with the water. The reason for this is it allows the paint to absorb easily and spread better rather than the fabric just soaking up the paint in blotches. 

Painting Upholstery Painting Upholstery

Brush the paint mixture on in the direction that the fabric goes. You can go against the fabric in order to really work it in just make sure that the last stroke you do in the section you brush in the right direction. Continue to spray the water and brush on the paint. Here is what the chair was looking like after the first coat on half the chair.

Painting Upholstery

After you do the entire piece allow 24hrs for it to dry. Before you start the next coat you can go in with sandpaper (220 grit) and smooth over any parts that might be hard.  It won’t dust or anything the fabric will just soften a bit.

Second Coat
Use the same exact mixture as you did for the first coat.

You’re going to follow the same directions as you did for the first coat. Spray area with water and then brush on in sections. Here’s it after the second coat. I chose not to waste paint on the part where the cushion would cover it.

Painting Upholstery

Third Coat
Mix 1 part paint with 1 part fabric medium
Drop of water

Your paint mixture will be a bit thicker this time around.  You will continue to spray the fabric with water before you brush the paint on.  Once you’ve done the entire piece you’re done! All that’s left to do is let it dry. To say that the fabric is as soft as it was prior to painting would be a lie but it is not terrible.  I would describe the fabric as feeling a bit like a canvas texture.

Here is what I learned from doing this:
1. The color you choose may become a bit lighter due to the white colored fabric medium you add to it.
2. Don’t be afraid to brush in all directions to allow the fabric to absorb the paint.
3. It looks worse before it gets better.
4. The color will become much more opaque the longer it sits and dries.
5. Corners and edges will become hard and stiff so make sure you sand those areas well to avoid that.
6. The hardest part is spraying the chair with the water. Your forearm will burn! 

Here’s what it looks like back in its space. I added a few other items to help bring it alive! 

Painting UpholsteryPainting UpholsteryPainting UpholsteryPainting UpholsteryPainting UpholsteryI honestly had zero faith in this actually working but I’m telling you it does! Is it plush and perfect? No. But it is definitely a piece of furniture I feel confident in having people sit on including myself. 

Here are some shots of the rest of the living room since I’ve never posted the space in its entirety.


unnamed-3DSC_0381Painting UpholsteryDSC01165DSC01167DSC01169

And let’s get back to why you’re here in the first place!Painting Upholstery

So do you think you’ll give that old chair you have a little paint job? Let me know if you do!
Come back later this week when I share how I brought the tray table next to the chair to life!


White Peach Sangria

Thank you all so much for the comments, emails and texts on our engagement! We have yet to make any official wedding plans as we are still enjoying the engagement for as long as we can! I’m currently working on a few projects around the house that I wanted to complete before the end of summer and now that we are nearing the end of July I know the time will fly! I must say though, it has been a fantastic summer so far! A few weeks ago on the 4th of July we went up to our friends house by the lake and enjoyed a great day of food, friends and fireworks.  Something else I did that day was have the most amazing sangria! When we talked about throwing a BBQ at the house last week I knew I had to recreate it so we reached out and got the recipe and I thought I would share it with you guys.  I mean you really can’t go wrong with a chilled glass of white wine and fruit! I should warn you though, this drink is dangerous.  It goes down real smooth and is beyond delicious! I made mine the day before so the fruit would have time to really release its juices into the liquor. Here’s what you’ll need:

4 bottles of Moscato wine
4 cans (48 ounces) of lemon-lime soda
1 cup Brandy
1 cup Peach Schnapps
2 fresh peaches (pitted and sliced)
2 mangos (peeled, seeded, and sliced)
1/2 pineapple (cut into chunks)
1 container of strawberries
1 container of raspberries

To make life easier you could always buy the pre-cut mangos and pineapples to save you some time.

White Peach SangriaWhite Peach SangriaWhite Peach Sangria

In a one gallon beverage dispenser add all your fruit and then pour in your liquor. 

White Peach SangriaGive it a little mix, store it in the fridge, and when your ready, enjoy! It’s great for BBQ’s, any outdoor party or even a fun ladies night! 
White Peach SangriaThink maybe now is a good time to throw a party? ;)