Pantry Organization II

Operation organization is in full swing! One of the first rooms that I started working on was the kitchen.  I love to cook and I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen so I wanted to start integrating my things.  The first portion of the kitchen I wanted to work on was the pantry.  I knew there was going to be a lot of purging…I wasn’t aware of how much purging there was going to be! Here is the before shot:

Pantry MakeoverLooks like your typical pantry…stuffed! I worked shelf by shelf going through all the products and seeing what could be kept and what was getting tossed.  There were a ton of expired products in there! Of course there were a few products that made their way to the back and haven’t seen the light of day for…well let’s do the math…

Pantry Makeover

 1997-2014…17 years. Yup, scary stuff! 

So I went through and divided up what was staying and what was going. Here is the going pile:

Pantry MakeoverAnd the stay pile:

Pantry Makeover

Once everything was out, I wiped down each shelf and lined them all with shelf liners.


The next step was taking all of my things and adding them to the pile and then putting them in the pantry.  With the use of baskets and canisters I decided to assign each shelf a purpose. Here is the after! 

Pantry Organization

The first shelf is all canned goods and condiment products. The second shelf is all pasta/grains.

Pantry Organization

Pantry OrganizationPantry Organization

For the third shelf I placed all baking supplies there. And the last shelf is cereals, snacks, and a few boxed products like crackers and extras. The canisters are all from Ikea and the majority of the baskets were from Michaels that I already had. 

Pantry Organization

One jar of Nutella is never enough! 

Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

And who doesn’t love a snack basket?

Pantry Organization

So there you have it, all OCD’d out! Just how I like it!

Pantry Organization

And believe it or not this makeover took place awhile ago (hence the peonies in that one shot, oh how I miss you!) and this photo above was taken just yesterday! Just goes to show if you have a home for everything it makes it so much easier to keep it organized! 

And here are some before and after shots of all the cabinets that hold the dishes and pots/pans. There were a ton of things that were super old and have made their way to the yard sale pile!
















The kitchen still needs a lot of work but I think it’s one of those spaces where a few little updates will make a huge impact for the time/money being! Here is what the space currently looks like:


My ideas consist of 

-removing the paneling

-getting rid of the yellow paint 

-adding a backsplash 

-changing the countertop (maybe Rustoleums Granite Kit?)

-replace the kitchen chairs! 

-redoing the kitchen table 

-change the molding around the sliding doors

-new stove!! 

See just a few changes haha! I mean if I had all the money in the world that list could go on and on but for now small steps! 



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