Beauty Tip Tuesday: Adding Pops of Color

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Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the week so far! Today I wanted to share a fun tip on adding pops of color to your eyes.  I recently filmed a video using green eyeshadow but sometimes it’s hard to commit to brushing a shadow color on your lid.  I know how comforting it is to stick with neutral colors which is why I wanted to share another way you can add color that may be less scary! 

Something I love to do if I want to add some color to my eyes is use a colored eye pencil and/or colored mascara! I’ve always used colored pencils, from purple to blue to green.  More recently I started using colored mascara and I love it! Depending on the color you use you can be as bold or as subtle as you want to be.  Down below is a shot of one eye using NYX Slim Eye Pencil in Sapphire. 


NYX might have the best colored pencils out there! Not only are they super inexpensive but they have amazing staying power! I think I own every color that they make! 

If colored pencils aren’t your thing something else you might want to consider trying is colored mascara. In the photo below I am wearing Benefit’s They’re Real mascara in Beyond Blue with a simple black kohl eye pencil.  This mascara is so much fun and you don’t really notice it until you get close up! 

Here’s another shot looking straight on. The eye on the left is a black liner with blue mascara and the eye on the right is a blue eye liner with black mascara. You could even try blue eye liner with blue mascara! 


I’ve seen all sorts of different colored mascara’s from high end to drugstore so if you want to add a little hint of color you could always give these a try! 



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