Hanging Frames

One thing that I have always had trouble with is hanging frames evenly.  Before painting my living room I had a mirror and canvas art on either side of the one bare window in the room and after I painted it I put the canvas back even though it didn’t go at all with the new color but I couldn’t take the bareness of the wall.  You’ll notice the mirror on the floor.  Way to heavy to attempt.I knew as soon as the first stroke of the paint hit the wall that I was gonna rely on my favorite frames to flank the window on the left and right.  My plan was three frames in a row on either side.  Let’s meet the guys.  I’m not really sure why I feel the need to make all my materials males or females and I certainly don’t know why I think these guys are guys.  Maybe it’s the strong dark lines?  They are from Ikea, naturally and I love them.  I have 5 others around my place.

I love the size of them and the thick white mat inside.  The photo size is 12×12 which is a hard to find as you can see in the photos in the top two pictures.  They don’t quite fit but I don’t mind. I wanted to get them in black so I made my way to Ikea and picked up 6 frames.  The first thing I had to do was decide how I wanted the frames spaced out and where they would start and end.  I couldn’t just start hammering holes in the wall so I decided to use large sheets of paper and trace the shape and use those to figure out where the frames would go.

I started on the right side first.

I loved the way it looked.  The first frame would start at the top of the window and end at the bottom.  Perfect…or so I thought.  Notice the problem? I can’t exactly match that look on the other side.  My plan for three frames on each side has now dropped to two.

Not too shabby.  When I placed the paper I measured the space between the window and frame and also the space from ceiling to top of first frame and of course the space between the two frames and made sure it matched on the other side.  The next step was the make a mark on the paper where I was going to place the nail.  I measured the frame to see where the nail would hook on, made my mark on the paper and hammered in my nails.

Last step was to hang the pictures.  I had taken an amazing trip to Hong Kong and wanted to incorporate photos that I had taken in the flower market so I had them printed on 12×12 in black and white.

For those with a keen eye and that know me very well you might notice that there is a glare on one of the frames from the, dare I say it, ceiling light!!! I had no choice but to put it on to take these pictures because I was taking pictures towards a window with bright light so the photos were extremely dark.  Just wanted to clear that up.  Didn’t want to give anyone the impression that I put my ceiling light on HA,HA. Hope you enjoyed and I hope you use this technique the next time you are hanging several frames. 


3 thoughts on “Hanging Frames

  1. That is some great planning! I totally just make a hundred holes in the wall until I get the right one and then patch them up afterwards 😛 I should try your method 🙂

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