In Honor Of Sandy Hook

Like most of us in the past few days I am at a loss of words for the heinous acts that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. As a teacher you never imagine that your duties would include shielding your students from bullets and evil. My heart goes out to the families of those teachers and administrators who became heroes after Fridays events. Those heroes include not only the teachers whose lives were taken too quickly but also the teachers who protected those students and live to tell about it. I pray for the families of the 20 little boys and girls who won’t be opening their gifts this holiday season but rather, gaining their wings. My heart is very heavy.

When I step into my classroom tomorrow my main goal for the day is making sure that each and every one of my students feel safe and cared for. Some may know of the events and some may not. I only hope that if the topic is brought up that I can find the right words to assure them that everything will be alright. I can only begin to imagine the hugs, kisses, and I love you’s that will be given tomorrow morning when parents send their children off to school. As the students walk into the building this week, I hope they know just how much they are cared for and loved.

In honor of those lives that were taken, Made2Style will be silent this week.

For Sandy Hook


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