Crafty Gifts

Happy New Year everyone! I’m finally starting to get back to reality and back into the swing of things. Of course work starts up again in just a few days which kind of stinks but I’ve still got some time to enjoy this winter break.  I wanted to share with you some awesome gifts that two of my students made me this year for the holidays.  I love how well these kiddies know me and know how much I love a good craft and there is nothing sweeter to me than a homemade gift. 

The first gift came from my sweetheart student Olivia. She made me a paper mache bowl!! She also filled it with some clementines and used Christmas wrapping paper as the paper. I absolutely love it!! I certainly know how messy it was for her to do this so I am very appreciative of it.




The next gift might be the coolest, “PIN” worthy gift anyone has ever made me! My awesomely amazing student Jolie made me rose pens out of…what for it…Duct Tape!



DSC_0045How insanely cool is this?? She found a video on Youtube and used colored duct tape on the end of a pen. Completely gorgeous and functional! My kind of craft 😉  If your interested in trying this out I found a video that has a tutorial hereDid I mention these ladies are only 8 years old! So proud of my little crafters!

On another note, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you may remember back a few months ago when I posted this picture of this gorgeous buffet that I found at my local thrift store for $175.


Well, my friend Beth snagged it right up and even negotiated a cheaper price! She also gave it a makeover by sanding, priming and painting it and I am obsessed with it!!


She did such a great job on it and I am so happy someone I know was able to buy it because it’s a gorgeous piece!

Have a great first weekend of 2013!



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