{Beauty} How To Make Your Curls Last

Happy Friday everyone! I hope most of you managed to make it through the week without  being hit with some nasty illness or without getting any frostbite from this crazy cold weather! I wish I could say I am pumped for the weekend but alas I will be spending the majority of it writing report cards! Hopefully I will have some time to have fun but enough of my pity party I’m sharing another beauty video with you guys today! I seriously enjoyed the first one and got amazing feedback! I loved all of you that tagged me in photos of your awesome curls!! Today’s video is all about how to help keep your curls lasting longer for all those pin straight hair folks out there! Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to upgrade to HD when the video starts by hitting the little gear on the bottom right!

How To Make Curls Last

If the video doesn’t work for you, you can go directly to YouTube to view! 


You can find the curl clips HERE 




7 thoughts on “{Beauty} How To Make Your Curls Last

  1. You are freaking adorable! I literally gasped out loud at the end at the hair from the back shot hahah! It makes so much sense to let the hair cool in the curl. I am guilty of curling from the bottom up. I have had a major hair revelation in the past week. I have these clips and I am trying this.

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